Lawsuit Says Fortnite Allowed User Data To Be Sold On The Dark Web
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Lawsuit Says Fortnite Allowed User Data To Be Sold On The Dark Web

Fortnite has become one of the most popular
video games here in the United States with 80 million monthly users and over 200 million
registered users. But earlier this year, back in January, they
announced that they had suffered a massive data breach when hackers exploited a really
very obvious fatal flaw with their design. And now a class action lawsuit claims that
some of that data was later sold on the dark web that Fortnite creator Epic Games did not
do enough to warn consumers about the problem and I have Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions
with me. Scott, Fortnite, you and I have talked about
this a little bit in the past, I think when the original data breach occurred. Now we’ve got this lawsuit because people
are saying, listen, my data is out there now. My, my debit card, my credit card, you know,
possibly my address, you know, depending on how the signups worked here, this is not okay. And you, Epic Games did not do enough to tell
me that this happened. Right, exactly. We see a number of missteps here from Epic
Games according to the class action. And those missteps include, you know, this
security concern was released back in November of last year, but Epic didn’t actually do
anything about it and then we see a class action filed back in January when they say,
yeah, there was data breach. So they had a timeframe where they knew about
it and they didn’t fix it and then they fixed it. But all of these gamers out there, there are
more than 200 million registered Fortnite gamers. So it’s a huge audience out there, could have
been impacted. And these hackers used old unsecured servers
that were run by Epic to redirect these viewers. So what they would do is they’d go into a
forum and say, hey, buy or, or Fortnite you can get this new gun, costume, whatever. Click on this link, sign up now and you can
get this cool new, awesome Fortnite gadget. Well, when you clicked on that link, you hit
one of Epic servers and then got redirected into the hackers area and they took your,
their data and they were able to sign on to people’s accounts, get all this personal information
and then purchase things in game and oftentimes resell them to other gamers. So there was a, an immense amount of fraud
that took place according to this class action. And if Epic had just as soon as that, as soon
as that security flaw was released last year, fixed it and then notified everybody, hey,
this was released, don’t fall for this type of phishing or hacking scheme. They could have really limited the damage
that was done to their players. At least that’s what this class action alleges. And unfortunately it didn’t happen that way. We know, we see this in a lot of issues where
we have to talk about data breaches and, you know, information leaks and hacks and things
like that is that the companies typically don’t want to let people know right away. And part of the reason for that is just because
the company has to come out and admit, listen, we screwed up. We had this vulnerability that we did not
address, and companies don’t like to do that. They, you know, because it erodes consumer
confidence in the company. You know, whether it’s a Fortnite, Yahoo,
Facebook, Equifax, all of these things. If they had just come forward at the time
and admitted, listen, we’re not perfect. We had a big screw up, we fixed it. We will do our best to never let it happen
again. Here’s what you need to do. But nobody ever does that. Nobody ever takes that responsibility and
says, listen, we messed up. We’re going to make it right for you. And as a result, they get popped with these
lawsuits and rightfully so because they could have done something about it so much sooner,
including warning consumers that had even happened in the first place. Right, and when you, when you have notifications
of these data breaches, they know it happened. They should have done a much better outreach
to their gamers to better secure and educate their gamers so they don’t fall for these
tricks that are used by hackers and password phishers to get access to their accounts. If we saw some, some, some better, you know,
really outreach by Epic Games, I think we would have seen less of an impact from that
security breach. But either way, you know, it really negatively
impacted a lot of Fortnite users. But of course Fortnite is still hugely popular. So maybe Epic is just like trying to move
past it here and say this doesn’t happen. Please continue to spend, you know, $1 billion
a year on this game. Yeah, and that’s also, you know, another part
of the problem is just the fact that games today you, you have to put in your, your card
information. You know, you have to buy extra things if
you want to be super great at the game and it’s just kind of the evolution of gaming. It is disappointing, but it also again puts
consumers at enormous risk. For more information about this issue, if
you think you may have been affected, please follow the link in the description of this
video, go to Get all the info on this as well as plenty
of other stories. And of course while you’re there, make sure
you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Absolutely one of the best resources in this
country for American consumers. Scott Hardy with top class actions. Always a pleasure talking to you. Great talking to you too, Farron, thank you.

24 thoughts on “Lawsuit Says Fortnite Allowed User Data To Be Sold On The Dark Web

  1. To be honist, if you are that stupid then you DESERVE to get your shit taken. Its almost 2020 and this is 2008 type "hacking". Its not even hacking, its using programs to do this with absolutely no idea how to code, no idea how the system is made, they just get a program and use it, and you dont need the dark web to get these programs, you can probably google it, or look up a video on youtube and it will teach you how to do it… by saying not to do it.

  2. Epic's launcher got busted illegally taking data from Steam user accounts when installed on the same computer, plus Epic has been pissing off EVERYONE with their buyouts and exclusivity deals shenanigans. They've been a dangerous and sneaky company for years. Tim Sweeney is a liar and a backstabber.

    I doubt most of your viewers are gamers, so I will say this: microtransactions, loot boxes, and constant overmonerization in games has been heavily criticized and boycotted by a large chunk of gamers. The biggest problems are people not knowing what to be careful of or understanding all the manipulative tricks these game publishers(typically the development studios don't have much say over how their games are monetized; that's all left up to the publishers and CEOs) use to nickel and dime people, and to manipulate people with a predisposition to gambling and spending addiction. And unfortunately addiction is something else most people know next to nothing about.

  3. Well you get what you pay for when you hire a server engineer.
    Maybe they should pay them better and listen to them instead of treating them like their minimum-wage workers. It’s the engineers 🧠🔧and not the CEOs 🐷that make and break a company.

  4. Fuck epic, they still owe me a 100 dollars refund for a game that they released and then cancelled and gave away all their assets live, they are just scum greedy

  5. The data that you have accepted was issued to you by the United States government and other governments around the world. Are you really going to let them tell you who you are?

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