Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Out Media For Trump’s Birther Lies | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Out Media For Trump’s Birther Lies | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Out Media For Trump’s Birther Lies | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Lawrence O'Donnell I wish you were at the POTUS news conference the day after the mid terms. I would have loved seeing you being tossed out on your ear!

  2. It was a news cycle that the media created because its inherently "racist". Over the course of American history it's done more to demonize communities, than any medium. Simply because it causes society to disseminate negative information in a massive wave. Fox news network is a prime example of that ability.

  3. BananAmeriKKKa

    The whole world is sooooooo… tired to laugh at how corrupted is your politics

    Will there be any person outside of AmeriKKKa to be SOOOOO STUPID to ever TRUST an American again ????????


    Wake up

    The whole world is watching your downfall


  4. A win is a win whether it was 100 votes or a million votes.
    And the House was a given, but you did not get what the Democrats wanted, the Senate.
    BTW Bye bye Mueller… and another Supreme Court Judge coming.

  5. Hey, O'Donnell. How about your birth right. ? Knowing your Mother was also your Fathers Little sister ?? What's ON your Birth certificate?? Under Mother ??

  6. you can't gerrymander state elections. gerrymandrring is only helpful in the electoral college. anyone wanting to argue this please look up the definition.

  7. The party of lies, manipulation and misinformation (GOP) defends itself using lies, manipulation and misinformation and has its "fans" who will fight and lie for their team because they think of everything like it is a team sport. They buy into it so much that the GOP can do no wrong and buy into everything they say and do, because its "their team", and we all know how deplorable the worst of the football fans can be.

  8. Jeff THAT IS EXACTLY THE REASON –the republicans can`t win a FAIR election —they have become a racist lying disgusting unamerican (russian) party under Trump

  9. The may say the economy is good. But the average American…meaning most Americans…DO NOT AGREE with that assessment. It's only good for the rich.

  10. Why did obama and Michelle allow birther conspiracy to go on for so long? Even in 2016, there was still news conf about his birth certificate. They could just show his original birth certificate to quite the conspiracy immediately.

  11. The economy is good because of the old administration, that was the tail END of it, wait and see when the new year comes and everything in going to collapse, just Like it was in 2006-2008.

  12. I blame the media still for focusing on trump. Not the good guys like Ari, Lawrence, Joy and Rachel, but pretty much everyone else, including other msnbc anchors. Everyone, except the aforementioned, seems to take trump's bait, taking it personally and thereafter obsessing about him, at least on air. All the audience hears is trump, trump and some more trump.

  13. Hey if any of you are thinkin of working for the dems "don't do it"!!! I spent 3 weeks on the Kavanaugh deal and got stiffed for my money!!!! My feet are killin me and my hands are full of blisters from those friggin signs!!! Be careful or you will get cheated too!!!!

  14. so true lawrence but it is kinda founded that you don't talk smack about the pres even some africans i know still won't talk smack even though it needs to be done some of us our not so PC i think this man has to go by any means possible do our laws protect this pos so much our constitution is going to get shredded? that's why i like your show you do say what needs to be said, get this POS outta office please and tnx and hurry

  15. Trump needs to realize the base is hooked forever. No need for reinforcement. This is the time to lure in some liberals and independents! But of course Trump is too stupid to do it. Remember he lost the popular vote by over 3 millions!

  16. You cannot forgive those who don't apologize and who refuse to ask for forgiveness. I'm capable of forgiving nearly anyone for anything, IF they are brave enough to give a sincere apology and make a sincere request for forgiveness….but, pride and defense of ego usually prevent many from being able to do that…that is why pride is the deadliest of all sins. And Trump is the classic example of that on steroids.

  17. Fact is that trump has shown to be a liar , manipulator and con man. Why are the news stations continuing to ALL point and discuss his lies at length ?? Trump is manipulating them with glittery objects causing them to not follow up on important issues. No follow up on migrant kids in camps ?? They are still there. Sanctions he placed on Venezuela? Those people are continuing to starve. Veterans ? Any more funding or med centers or are some still closed? How are individ states doing with opioid crisis since trump talked about fed funding but never did it ? How many lives destroyed? How many died? Deregulated coal mine safety standards to increase profits for his friends that own the coal mines. How many have died or been injured? Has rate of blacking disease increased ??

  18. Karma is a Bth.👏👏👏👏👏👏
    It’s only that Pte. Obama knows how to deal with ignorance.
    As a very strong man of character, He never loose his cool.
    And that makes Trump so mad and jealous.

  19. Everyone should start calling the Republican Party the ‘Trump Party’ instead.
    Never let them forget that the old Republican Party is dead and gone.

    They’re the party of Trump and forever will be.

  20. Thank heavens for Lawrence O'Donnell. Someone with the integrity to call a lie a lie, and not go with the sheep mentality of the rest of the mainstream media, even at the risk of not having his contract renewed by MSNBC.

  21. Party in power (Republicans) are being out spent by party in opposition (Democrats) by 200% to 300% !! Are you kidding me?? Its advantage democrats! So much money, piles and piles of cash with the dems! Who funds them?

  22. MSNBC Oversight is as big a culprit to proliferating false narratives as is Trump. Even this week, MSNBC oversight has dictated the refusal to recognize Bernie Sanders, arguably the most popular US politician today, as a legitimate 2020 Presidential candidate… a complete ignorance to the truth… This activity sadly affirms the fake news narrative.

    MSNBC,… amazing front-end talent,… terrible oversight practices!

  23. Birther was Clinton's election deal against Obama , maybe true , maybe not , everyone involved is dead . Obama worked for the globalists any way , not exactly American interests .

  24. Lawrence how much funny money are you getting , hope it ain't from the demonrats, everything their involved with . Get a good fire proof suit or your balls are going to get burnt off . Hells spokesman , old you ain't got much time left

  25. Please don't make Pelosi as speaker of the house.. you gonna break democratic party into pieces, she is not going to get any support from progressive and independent which gave democrat the win for the house.. Please don't ruin this..!

  26. No body should fear Trump. He is nothing and will be dealt with soon. Media! Please keep firing away with the questions that concern us all. ENCOURAGE TRUMP TO TAKE AWAY YOUR PASSES TO PRESS CONFERENCES. THEN THERE WILL BE NONE. THERE WILL BE NOTHING FOR HIM TO BLAME LIES UPON.

  27. Even now the main stream media still give orange face stooges a platform to tell more lies by having them on their show especially CNN they higher all orange face reject to tell more lies to the American people you wonder why orange face is calling CNN fake news becas they highering all his stooges to spread fake news becas nothing what they saying is the truth

  28. My dad used to call this his 'ugly puppy' theory.
    If you have a puppy with a really bad attitude it will not get better by allowing it to stay around. What WILL change is that you start to think it is cute, allow it to stay while nipping and peeing anywhere it wants until it is too late.
    One day, though, its bad attitude will BITE you and draw blood- it will be a big coddled dog by then and you think you cannot disown it. Do you REALLY think that getting rid of TRUMP will be easy? Do you think an ELECTION will fix it- that doesn't work with Putin or Erdogan and TRUMP is using the same playbook- 1)hollow out the INSTITUTIONS and make the nation HATE JOURNALISTS.
    He has already turned the White House into a DOG HOUSE and he thinks it is HIS. He is PRACTICING on the FLORIDA election for his 2020 call of "election tampering" WHEN HE IS BLATANTLY CHEATING and he is anticipating a RETURN CALL FROM PUTIN for his own sham election.
    PS- the KREMLIN reports that TRUMP is meeting with PUTIN on SUNDAY (while he is TOO BUSY to go to the cemetery).

  29. And yet, MSNBC is blindly supporting the falsehood that the economy is great for everyone because they're doing well, and therefore was not a component of the Mid-Terms. For the vast majority of Americans, the economy has slowly worsened over the last 50 years, 1st causing them to need two incomes to get by, and then even that wasn't enough. Now most of the population can't survive a minor financial emergency. Most people are really struggling and need representatives who will serve them to effect their situation in life and death issues they're facing, like wages and healthcare, etc. Good time to stop automatically ridiculing progressive ideas, which, even though they may take back some of those tax cuts you guys are enjoying, must be implemented if you're to maintain the degree of comfort to which you've been accustomed. At least open your eyes and face the world in which your bubble is situated. It could get real prickly for the unaware.

  30. I like Lawrence, but simple fact check. He said that the GOP "could not hope for better economic numbers to run on", but the numbers under Clinton were much better.

  31. This wave also happens because Mitch McConnell said we will plow through no matter what, while having hearings. It shows that hearing was condescending and patronizing and manipulative to women. Specially the judge was belligerent. for Lindsey Graham hissy fit to benefit the rich to be more powerful and above the law, for the pretenders Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Sussan Collins when they make it clear it's about taking away women VOICES not about abortion rights. For Paul Ryan who gave very passionate speech when one of them was shot in VA playing ball when school shooting or mass shooting happened other than "our thoughts and prayers are with the family " nothing, for Marc Rubio who said "the wouldn't" explainlantion was enough for him when we were betrayed on world stage. For Christians leaders who preaching us how abortion is wrong and its sin yet ignoring Jeff Sessions cage children using God's name therefore making it very obvious they are manipulating us for vote. Most conservative Christians women feel used for their believes and values by Republican party.

  32. Remember a year ago or so when Trump wanted voter information so he could figure out how each county voted or something like that .

  33. The blue wave ; its not as bad in texas and other repubelickkklan places as
    lawrence is illustrating because
    A lot of those voters still have accepted the even lower bar of patriotic ,legal and moral decency that came with donald T. RUMP.
    If progressives and democrats are having this hard of a time defeating the T. RUMP supporters,
    then consider the repubelickkklans
    replacing donald T. RUMP with a
    Mike Pence or better.
    The repugpubelickkklanzz know this and love it because mr. Orangutan have given them a lot of cover and more benefit of a doubt than rhey ever had in the minds of voters.

  34. Your right the media should never have followed this story, it’s something I’d expect for fox to follow it, but it was a racist stunt by a racist man.

  35. The news media still isn't calling him out on his worst behavior, such as when he trumps up false charges to revoke Jim Acosta's WH press pass.

  36. MSNBC finally got it, as the first network:
    Go feel-good! Go optimism! Go the-cup-is-half-full!

    Great. Thank you, MSNBC!

    Everybody is whining about the fear-mongerers on the right and over the cold and autocratic style of this guy who ursupated the "throne" in the White House. And holds what's left of the Republican Party hostage.

    But what is the more liberal-leaning press doing? They are panting behind each and every new scandal, each and every new lie coming out of the mouth of this guy, and HELP HIM SPREAD this un-culture of lying and fearmongering. And they are gravely concerned about what this guy is doing. Which also HELPS TO SPREAD FEAR.


    This government of lies is not overcome by negativity, it will be overcome by the better

    The liberal side should go much more positive. Should go inspirational. Should go optimistic.

    The most important thing in the next two years will not be to fight AGAINST all what Trump or Putin stands for, it will be to fight FOR all what America stands for as a shining example of freedom and optimism in the whole world.

    It is like it is with the shortcomings of our own character. If I FIGHT AGAINST my flaws, they will win. If I NOURISH my good character sides instead, the bad ones will automatically recede.

    We, out there in the world, those of us who love America, put our hope in you, the american people. You will have to prove again what you proved ten years ago, when Obama became President.

    This time the triumph will be even bigger, and way more important, because you AND THE WORLD will get rid of the worst government in the history of the United States.

    And you will have good government in place at the time in eight years, when your country will celebrate it's 250th birthday and we will celebrate it with you.

    You will get this right

    Wolfgang Drechsler
    Austria, European Union.

  37. The media was the main reason for his rise to power. All too happy to follow his nasty rallies and present it to be viewed, even while he was insulting them.
    They aided in bringing the Devil in our midst.
    You give the beast power as long you keep covering every fart he cracks.

  38. Yes – trump always complains about fake news and unfair journalism ! Why does the nexus call him out and Sarah schmuckabee that all he ever did was lie and be demeaning to Obama? Birther, not a citizen , fake birth certificate?
    He had great detectives?
    What about all his great plans and best people!
    Liar ! Liar!
    Lock him up ! Arrest the president ! Ice cube!

  39. Media begins redeeming itself WHEN, and only when it uses facts and investigative journalism to expose the monster they helped place in power.

  40. Here's the scoop of your lives. Get to Florida Georgia and Arizona. Start in Florida where next week you can report on the Homeland. Security Voting Fraud sting will unfold next week. Its going around already that arrests will occur in broward county from a sting operation that was implemented under the cover of the hoax bombing investigation as dozens of Federal agents descended on broward county many of which were on a duel mission Its being reported that the ballots in that country was forensically marked and ears in the sky via AWACS patrolled the skies monitoring all communications traffic over the county to intercept all calls for monitoring. Wow. This is big .Ill leave it there and sit back and watch.

  41. I'll accept birther as a recent like. Whilst original sin and immaculate conception are some of the greatest historic lies plaguing many socities & nations.

  42. The incessant coverage was more to blame, but it also served 2 purposes: 1. It made money for media outlets; 2. It insured a continuing source of income going forward as Trump tweeted every day and the media could cover it without breaking a sweat.

    “Money, money, money, money,” indeed.

  43. About "birtherism": The US is, to my knowledge, the only country in the world to require native birth to aspire to the highest office in the land. The original intent was to prevent foreign-born (English) citizens from getting that privilege. In fact, a lot of the founders were suspicious of the federalist Alexander Hamilton, who seemed to be an authoritarian, from becoming POTUS. In some countries, like France, foreign-born citizens do run for president (Norwegian-born Eva Joly in 2007, and Norway isn't even in the EU!). Or even take Germany: nobody asked where Angela Merkel was born and raised (East Germany). Maybe now is the time for changing the native-born requirement for POTUS?

  44. Operation Mocking Bird these guy's sound just like CNN. Did you ever notice that. The same story over and over and over. Don't fall for this it's a propaganda tactic. Think for yourselves. And don't forget( If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.) Quote ; Barack Husain Obama

  45. Laurence was probably allowed to directly call him a liar because he and Rachel Maddow are the only ones on the network powerful enough to say what they feel, more or less.
    MSNBC's producers still have some control over their content though – Rachel Maddow was the only one on the network early on to suggest maybe Hillay Clinton wasn't a good candidate. And ever since then she's seemingly been forced to be nice to her.

  46. What blue wave? Obama promoted and visited 6 election state and won only 1 and lost 5.
    It's always a competing congress opposite the party in the white house.
    The Republican victory stopped dems from continuing to which hunt and tru impeachments.
    So red wave won.
    Republicans dominated every red state .

  47. Republicans lies because they have made it to be convenient for them. They have lied so much it has become normal to them. You wouldn't put up with your kids lying to you.

  48. I don't think Ari liked Lawrence blaming the media for allowing Trump to lie about Obama and not calling him out by the way he kept saying "hmm" while Lawrence was talking. Disagree all you want Ari, Lawrence is telling the truth. The media did not say one word about the lies Trump told on Obama

  49. I remember when the birther issue came out and I have neighbours who believed it not due to the idea that obama was born in kenya but that hawaii is not a US state.

  50. The economy is not good now and it wasn’t good under Obama. The stock market is good which is good for wall street and corporations, not most, everyday workers. Wages are going down. Stop with this lie.

  51. Say what you want as to why the Republicans were worried. It was trump. A low life thief with no morals. Why is there not more news from the people he has cheated over the years? Real people that he stole from over his life being a thief They are people, what trump supporters say Trump is supposedely helping

  52. Election officials admitted to counting duplicate votes, illegal votes and unverified votes. If that is the liberal truth then I want no part of them

  53. Lawrence O'Donnell has been telling the truth about Donald Trump since day one nobody else ever called this man a liar until Lawrence O'Donnell I have the highest respect for Donald that's what everybody thought but Lawrence O'Donnell says this man is a con artist and he was absolutely right thank you Lawrence O'Donnell that's what a good journalist can do for you freedom of speech that's what it's called that's what those sacrifice of those veterans in the fallen heroes did for us that's why it's called freedom of speech they did it


  55. Mueller A Republican and A Marine no less who received both a Purple Heart and bronze star, appointed to head FBI by Bush is now who republicans are afraid of? Really? Republicans afraid of a poster boy for Republican Party? Slander and eating their own. Wow. What happened to Republican Party?

  56. trump and his followers are divisionist that are laying the ground work for communist to take over. Their loyalty to trump and Putin are getting stronger. Diminished what our forefathers died for freedom.

  57. I love the Meme where Trump is pointing his finger @ O'bummer & says, "When I'm done, it will be like you never existed!"

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