LaTisha Visits a Speech Therapist | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network
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LaTisha Visits a Speech Therapist | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Tell me a little
bit about your family. OK. I grew up in a small
city in Alabama. It’s called Bessemer, Alabama. And growing up, education
wasn’t a major factor in our household. The reason I’m here
today is because I really want to work on improving
my communication skills and try to seek the
help that I need. And I guess, maybe because my
husband, he’s from up north, so he often say you know, you
have like a lazy tongue when you’re talking. So I’m like OK. I don’t know about that,
but it’s just like, for example, when
I’m able to hear certain words like I can’t like
get my mouth to like say it. It is difficult. It’s hard. You know, I am so upset
with myself that I waited so long to seek help in this area. I lost myself. After college once I actually
got married and I had my child I just forgot about me. So it’s just important
for me at this stage to say see Tisha, it’s time
to put yourself back in front and improve areas that you want
to get better in your life. You know Leticia, I think
what you’re dealing with is just speech that is
characteristic of just a regional southern dialect. OK. But sometimes when
you move into a more professional role you want to
be able to code switch between. Does it seem overwhelming? Uh, no. I mean yes. It does seem like it’s
going to be a lot, but at least I’m getting help. And I want to assure
you of one thing. Speech is not intelligence. Yeah and I have tied
those two together. That’s why it’s just been so me
being quiet in front of people because I’m like,
well I don’t want to sound like I’m uneducated. Because a lot of times I mean– maybe I just put that on myself. I feel like if you can’t
speak properly then people are going
to automatically assume that you’re uneducated. If I’m not able
to articulate then it’s like a waste of my time.
– Sure. That’s how I’ve
been looking at it. Yeah. It makes me happy to
hear that communication does not equal intelligence. Because I have my
MBA in finance, but because of my
communication I’ve always felt not smart enough.

64 thoughts on “LaTisha Visits a Speech Therapist | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I, too, deal with the inability to communicate properly (in my opinion). Seeing someone else seek assistance just encouraged me to do the same! Thank you!

  2. I have the same issue. Certain words can be hard to say sometimes. Also, you don’t want to say anything because you may sound uneducated or you may feel uncomfortable talking around new people. Judgement is the worst and lacking self confidence in your speech is even worse.

  3. Beautiful. Strong. Educated. Feminine. Soft Nice Looking Hair. Genuine. Petite. So Beautiful. She is an inspiration to all women. Wow. I am in love with her so much. Im not colorstruck but anorexic ghetto Mel.

  4. Yes! I grew up in the inner-city and I had a very difficult time conjugating and articulating, because everybody around me spoke improperly. In addition to that, I also spoke with a lisp. I bought a grammar book to learn proper english, and I read a lot of books out loud to help with my pronunciation and lisp. All of this has been working very well for me!

  5. LaTisha you are a beautiful, smart, well spoken young woman 🌼🌼🌼. You speak well enough for me and most people to understand, but if you feel speech therapy will improve what you think you need, then go for it sweetie.

  6. Sometimes I feel as though LaTisha is in an "emotionally abusive" relationship……there's no such thing as a "lazy tongue". SHE SPEAKS FINE! and has excellent communication skills!!!

  7. The speech therapist said exactly what I was thinking. She doesn't have a speech problem. It's just a regional dialect. I feel bad for her that others made her think she had a speech problem.

  8. I think she has a hearing problem which affects her speech. When I record myself talking it sounds just like Tisha. I hate to hear my voice recorded because when I talk it I hear something different. It’s hard to explain. She is not dumb and she doesn’t have a lazy tongue, she definitely has a southern drawl and a speech impediment.

  9. I’m glad that LaTisha is bringing awareness to this issue which many people from all over the world go through. Kudos for your bravery!

  10. Latisha does not have a speech impediment. As the speech language pathologist stated, she has a regional dialect and that is ok. People should not assume that she is uneducated because of the way she communicates.

  11. Nothings wrong with her speech. In terms of accents, the therapist’s accent is more pronounced than hers. Serious OWN?!!!! I don’t like this. I almost feel this should be protested.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks nothing is wrong with the way she speaks. Speech is for understand and we understand you girl.

  13. What assessments do Speech and Language Therapists use to ascertain what types of words he/she has difficulty with? Does a southern dialect create additional issues?

  14. I’m glad she’s getting help for this, she also sounds a lot like her Mother, the kids hopefully
    speak more like their father.They are like sponges though…

  15. As an SLP , I was nervous when I saw the title. However, I was pleasantly surprised!So happy to see that this clip showcased a culturally competent speech therapist! 🙌🏾⭐️

  16. I'm from the south, she sounds so undereducated. just because u grow up in a certain region doesn't mean this has to be ur outcome. it definitely was not mine. her tongue is super lazy and she barely moves it when she speaks. I do not agree with this 'therapist', there are ppl in the south that enunciate and pronunciate their words correctly. lots of them. also, not everyone in other regions have stellar grammar…back off the south…thanks in advance. I have a friend from the south in the same line of work and she is dialect neutral as I am. ppl love stereotypes, but if its a regional thing then melody and her mom would sound the same way. melody sounds more like a chic from Bama. Tisha sounds more like a chic from extreme southern Poverty. there is a difference.

  17. I am so glad the therapist said speech does not equal intelligence. Growing up, people will try and correct me due to I am not pronouncing a word correctly or my sentences is not the correct grammar. This causes to have low self-esteem and always conscious not to say the wrong things. I’m proud of her for addressing this issue.

  18. She should consider a public speaking class or Toastmasters, it will help to build her confidence which I feel she is lacking.

  19. Her husband has to give her support and lift her up. She does not sound uneducated just so7nds like the south. But I am sure she will make improvements and he has to as a husband support uplift and be present!

  20. I’m happy for her, but I actually like her accent. I think that it is unique and fitting to her. You can definitely tell that she is educated by the way she structures her sentences when she speaks. But I understand her wanting to improve the way she pronounces her words.

  21. Latisha. I could show U what a lazy tongue is. I could also show U what an excited tongue does. An excited tongue goes HAM. Keep playing, Marsau. ~ Says the brother who’s absolutely crazy about & obsessed with black women

  22. Never lose your accent, patois or brogue about yourself. It’s what makes us unique. My accent is as thick as someone with type 11 diabetes but it’s also what brings a woman into my conversation and see it thru.

  23. Can she get a self esteem therapist? Her speech should be the least of her worries because we can understand her perfectly fine.

  24. If she thinks she sounds uneducated maybe she should go hear how they talk in new orleans and houston lol. She needs to wash out that low self esteem from within her.

  25. She sounds articulate to me. I’m from NYC and folks always say that my tone and pitch is all over the place because I’m black, talk fast and I use a lot of correct terms.🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. I totally know how she feel and where she's coming from. I'm a Florida girl with a very deep southern Georgia Alabama accent. She's actually from Alabama I'm just saying I know how she feels. Girl I get it.

  27. I feel so bad I actually thought that something was irritating about how slow she speaks. I never doubted her intellect. Glad she is taken steps for her growth,

  28. Why y'all on here lying?? Yes she has a southern accent but so does the speech therapist and if you listen carefully, the therapist pronounces and articulates her words clearly even with the southern accent. Tisha has a speech problem, to the point where some words she can't even pronounce correctly. Y'all need to stop jumping on the sympathy bandwagon and be honest. The other ladies on the show are from the south as well and they also speak clearly compared to Tisha.

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