LaTisha and Marsau’s Major Argument | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

Hey. How are you? I had to sit here and take
care of your husband for you. Take care of him for what? Hey. It’s that day. You had the
vasectomy done today? Really? That’s what kind
of surgery you had? Lord, have mercy. Why you didn’t text
me and let me know? We’ve been talking about
this for a long time. Two weeks ago though. No we’ve been talking
about this before then. I know, what I’m saying is– Why did you have
to get it done. Ma, can you do
me a favor please? I just want to know, because
that don’t sound right Marcel. Ma, let me let me talk
to him for a second. OK, well you need
to talk to him. Mom. Or I will. I can’t believe this. Like, I’m really, really upset. Because that’s major. Like, how would you feel if
went and had something done without confirming with you? If you snuck and
had your tubes tied? Yes. You might, you might
get a new present. That’s not funny at all. That’s not funny at all. Babe, it’s the medicine. Your appointment was
today at what time? Who even– who took you? Martel took me. OK, well who picked you up? Not my wife. Because you did
not confirm with me. Marcel and I have
been distant lately. And the fact that he had
a vasectomy done today and didn’t remind
me is clear that we have a communication problem. And that worries me. So my thing is, is that
if somebody tell you that, oh your husband’s
been cheating on you. And they announce for
the past three months you’ve been hanging out late. Saying that you’re
working on stuff. T I promise you, you don’t
want to have this conversation. You have abandoned me. Like I feel like
you’re not showing me any attention, any affection,
or anything at home. I’ve been trying to
balance all this stuff and still make sure
you’re taken care of. Make sure the kids
are taken care of. But I’m the one that’s not
getting anything in return right now from you. That’s because you’re
always busy doing all this other stuff. I told you at the beginning– So does that
make it OK for you not to show me any attention? No baby, just
because you decided that, hey, I want
to go out better myself doesn’t mean
the world stops. We still have bills, we
still have investments. We still got uptown. We still got black. We’ve still got hotel bills. We’ve still got scope. We still got
infinity properties. All these things– And we still have each other. We should be the
core of everything. OK, you know that sounds good. That sounds like a Facebook
quote, and I like it. No, that’s serious. That sounds like something– That’s why when I told
you, Marcel I like flowers. I was like, I wish you
would give me flowers more. And you was like OK babe,
I’ll make that happen. That have not even happened. There’s a thing
called flowers, and there’s a thing
called mortgage. And there’s a thing called
making your wife feel special. Making your wife feel like
you’re thinking about her. You know how I do it? And making your wife
feel like you want her. You know how I do it?
You know how to do it? – How, why?
– I work my ass off. Work is not everything. No babe, but right
now it is though. You have to
balance that Marcel. Man, that stuff sounds
good what you saying. You feel like just because
you are out there working, you make money–
– No I don’t. You have done nothing else. No, that’s not
what I feel like. Well that’s what
you’re saying. I feel like if I’m
not out there working, then won’t nothing happen. Yes, that’s part
of the things too. But, also I am too. OK, you know when
you’re saying this stuff– You can’t just be
working all the time and you can’t make time
to eat dinner with us. Play games with us.
Like that’s not OK. Yeah, you’re right. No, no. That’s not OK.

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