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Lady Don – Ranarangam || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Kittu, we had to close down the tiffin center.
Then we had to close down the girls’ hostel. We even lost the sarpanch elections.
How bad our fate is. Basically, we’re ill fated.
– We’re epically ill fated. – I don’t think it is epic. Let me tell you a fable – I love fables.
– You know, a guy in Nizamabad won lottery? If we were in that guy’s place,
not only would we not have bought the lottery ticket we instead would’ve got caught by the loan sharks.
That’s how ill fated we are. When would we get lucky?
– While on our death beds, maybe. I mean, there are two ways to make money.
– Yeah, I know too. One is by becoming lucky enough to win lottery
and two is by threatening people. We anyway aren’t lucky. But you can do the second one.
– How can someone as small as me threaten someone? Have you gone blind, idiot?
– You can scare away people with your voice? Are you sure? – Yes, I am!
– We anyway tried many things. Why not try this too? We’ll ask Yadgiri to tag along aswell. Greetings, ma’am. No one is buying my land.
I want you to use clout and sell my land. Land issue, huh? I expect commission.
– I’m cool with it. – Where is the land location? You know Hussain Sagar, right? Next to it..
– You mean Chintal? Land rates are really high there!
– Not Chintal. It is a place which many people visit. From there, you can take a boat ride to the Buddha.
– You mean Lumbini Park? Yes! All my ancestors have been watchmen there.
We also own a shanty there. But my dad eloped with someone, so my mom became deranged.
– So have you, haven’t you? Of course, not! We’ve lived there for over 25 years
and according to the law, we can now lay claim to it. No doubt, he is deranged than his mother.
– Please, help me sell my land. I’ll pay you how much ever you want as fees.
– How did you earn the money to pay me any fees? Well, I blackmail all the couples who come there.
So, I’ve saved up enough. Man, this guy is so cunning.
Fine, I’ll take care of your problem. I’ve a doubt. You’re a don, yet you’ve no security.
What if your enemies attack you? Nice quetion! I’ve hired a kid named Kittu.
He likes planting bombs under chairs. You mean, under this chair too?
– Yes. All his bombs go off after 5 minutes. I guess I’ll leave then.
– If you’ve any more land issues, sit and talk. Well, no, ma’am. I’m good.
– Get lost! Where is she looking at? Is she asleep? Excuse me? – Yes?
– Please, take off the shades. I can’t see your expressions. I’m sorry.
So, yeah, how may I help you? Well..
– Are your in-laws making you do extra chores? If that was the issue, I’d have complained to my hubby.
– So, you’ve a problem with your hubby, is it? You’re so intelligent.
– No wonder I’ve become a don. While cooking chicken, I also play PubG.
He’s turning off wifi right when I’m winning the chicken dinner. Maybe he doesn’t like you playing PubG.
– He too plays daily. – So, you kill him often in the game? Yes, I am, but that isn’t the major reason.
At times, I add salt to milk instead of sugar and decoction to dishes instead of chilli powder.
– You get confused only at times, right? Well, I get confused almost every time.
– I get it. Let’s kill your hubby. I’ll charge only Rs. 70K. No, ma’am, I don’t look good without my Sindoor.
– You’ve a point. How about we kidnap him for Rs. 50K? No. Just issue him a warning.
– Just a warning? That’d cost Rs. 30K. My assistant will call your hubby up and warn him.
– But, aren’t you the don? I don’t involve in such trifles.
I deal only murders. Pay the amount to him. Ma’am, I suspect my milkman.
– Why? Is he flirting with your wife? No one would want to flirt with her.
I suspect he isn’t selling us cow milk. What makes you say so?
– Initially, the milk had milk skin. But now there is none at all. Then change the milkman.
– I can’t. He is a goon. And I am the don!
Give me his name and I’ll kidnap him. I don’t want you to kidnap him. Kidnap his cow.
– What? – Kidnap his cow. What do you mean?
– I like that cow. I’d only want to drink its milk. You think it is some joke?
How can we kidnap something as big as a cow? Didn’t you just say you’re the don?
– What a pain this guy is. Screw Kittu for suggesting me
to try this business. Why don’t you buy the cow from him instead?
– It’d cost Rs. 100K. Getting it kidnapped is cheaper. You say this makes more sense?
Fine. We’ll be on it. Pay Rs. 20K for this. Can you recognize the cow?
– Why won’t we? We know what cows look like. The cow I want has one horn red in color
and the other green in color. Get me only that cow. Sure, as you please. Pay Rs. 20K before leaving.
– I will. Kittu! Come here, boy. What sort of business is this?
We’re being asked to kidnap cows and all. How will we become MLAs and MPs
if it goes on like this? I’m getting so vexed. Now I understood your fable.
I’m feeling a little under the weather. Can I leave? Something big needs to be done. Yeah, I’ll have a word. Won’t be a problem.
– Excuse me.. Excuse me.. Which guy is the don here?
– The don here isn’t a guy. It is a girl. Is there a girl so courageous around here?
– You’ll be stunned when you see here. Why? Is she so ugly?
– Don’t you dare! The don is inside. Go meet her. Excuse me, is that a new gun?
– No. The don asked me to drill holes. Drill holes?
What sort of a don is she? You don’t look as ugly as he said you were.
– Don’t you dare mess around! Now, state your business. I need a woman.
– You think I’m some broker? No, you didn’t get me..
– I got you. You just want a woman. Cut it! I visited a prospective bride’s home.
I liked the girl a lot. And unluckily for her, she liked me too.
– Good then. Get married soon. Is it that you want money?
– No. Her mom asked me how old I was. I told her my actual age.
– Now her mom thinks you’re too old? Now, you want me to kidnap the girl.
– No. Kindap her mother. Why? Do you got feelings for her mom?
I mean, you’re old but not too old for her mom, I guess. Your height is short, so is your thinking.
– Trying to be funny, huh? Anyways, make the payment and I’ll get the job done.
– Boss will take care of all the payments. Who is your boss?
– Deva! – And I’m Devi. You don’t know who Deva is?
– You’re hyping him up a lot. – Deva! This lady doesn’t know you. Just have a word with her.
– Sure. You think I’ll be threatened? ‘I’m hearing your name a lot off late.
Heard you just started your own business.’ ‘Do come and meet me tomorrow. Let’s talk.’
– Sure, sir. I’ll be there. Nice to see that Deva admires your courage.
He doesn’t like people easily. Now I know why the girl rejected you.
– Why? Because you move around with Deva.
– I’m sparing you as Deva likes you. I’m sparing you as you’re Deva’s aide
– I’ll see your end. – And I’ll see you tomorrow. Hello, people! Sharwanand’s new movie,
‘Ranarangam’ will be out on the 15th. Do watch it in theatres! And I hope you liked this video.
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  2. Why are we listening to Andhra and Rayalseema slang frequently these days in your latest videos? Better to stick to our Telangana slang.. If people come to hyd to live, let them speak our slang, not us adjusting with their slang

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