La sfida dei social network: Democrazia Digitale Vs Politica
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La sfida dei social network: Democrazia Digitale Vs Politica

in recent times we have witnessed
a flood of horror stories on the sites social go almost tilt facebook
instagrams have been hijacked by trolls Russian youtube is fighting against one
army of conspiracy theorists e twitter is finally coming to terms
with his problem of false news not even pinterest and sheltered from
abuses of the bad guys and almost every one case is finished the same way with the
boss of social platforms that yes they excuse and try to do better but
the problem of social sites are not the few bad apples that ruin the
fun and that have been designed to reward rotten apples a study done on a large number of tweets to try to understand what they do
become a viral tweet has discovered that the tweets that are most successful
they are not those with words of morality but those that include words of
moral emotionality among these, for example, there are words
how I hate shame blame remind you something well when it comes to politics
or share political posts and clear that those who will have more
success are those that use stronger words
for this if you go to see the profile of the political leaders who will have
the more followers are clearly those that leave no doubt in use
of words and therefore who precedes the message knows very well which way it stands
and it is very simple at the group on social because while in society
normal we would have signs of indignation when we press on the already violent ways
to say the things that normally come data from our parents or teachers
who it is when we find ourselves behind a computer these signs of dissent
in a certain way we do not warn them more and it is easier to express oneself in one
sometimes even violent way that normally we will not do social sites
media are built to meet the preferences
and the basic feelings of its users they understand what information they like to
each user so as to propose others things that i
Interesting to see this is a great one way to keep people online because
the time we spend online is more advertising
let’s go see their more money with but this system makes this kind of
platforms the main target for the scammers
people are naturally drawn from inflammatory news and
sensational regardless of the fact whether they are true or not
fraudsters conspiracy theorists trolls and fake news writers have
all had a huge success in the use these platforms to spread
false and visual contents exploiting the tribal instinct of people in 2016
were macaroni kids to do thousands of dollars publishing stories
false inflammatory on hillary clinton after the shooting of the school of
speaking in Florida, a youtuber became casually viral accusing the
students to pretend the tragedy is closed to be all paid actors
even the Russian trolls that intruded rowe in the presidential elections of the
United States did so by publishing low quality and highly content
emotional this was all done on social media average
content that they knew would be become viral in Italy these methods
they have been used effectively by who now governs social sites so far
media have promised to repress individual users who repeatedly violate
the caravans their guidelines but punishing individual actors does not change the
structure of incentives they have brought those people on social platforms
in the first place as long as i scammers will have free way
in using these platforms using the basic feelings of the
people that social sites will continue to reflect on the worst of the
human nature thanks to the next hello

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