La Peste Negra 🏰 Los TRAPOS SUCIOS de la Edad Media (Parte 3)

You are watching the 3rd Part of “The
Dirty Rags of the Middle Ages. ” Year 1347, Sicily (Italy). A small
Genoese ships fleet returned from doing the Crimean route, a zone located
to the south of Ukraine, in Europe. The sailors had been infected by an unknown disease … When the ships arrived in Sicily many had already died during the trip, or were dying. Europe, Africa and Asia still did not know what they were
about to face, one of the tragedies most brutal in the history of mankind …
The Black Death. The disease spread throughout Italy …
At that time Florence was one of the cities largest in Europe, a thriving city
and overflowing with people, perfect condition so that an epidemic like the Black Death
it would expand successfully … The authorities ordered the streets cleaned,
since they believed that the plague was spreading through the trash of these. But the narrow alleys
of the medieval cities were really very dirty. and anyway, nothing could
stop the expansion of the powerful Black Death
Once you were infected by the plague, there was no turning back … fate had
signed your death sentence. The symptoms of the contagion were very peculiar: Severe headaches.
A strong feeling of thirst that was insatiable. Tumors appeared, which were mainly formed
in the groin and armpits, and stretched across the rest of the body. At that time there was no logic scientific to understand the origin or how
It was contagious. Some believed that if someone stared at you
I could spread the disease to your eyes. Others thought he could get infected by
the breathing. Although they were not going wrong … Actually this epidemic was spread mainly
by the tea, or by just touching the clothes of the sick, or touching the things that these
they had touched. It also infected some animals,
as for example the rats, and it was not precisely necessary that these little bugs chewed you
to catch the plague … We know that hygiene at that time “shone through
his absence. “The fleas that fed of the blood of the infected rats could
transmit the disease. And I’ll tell you why: The flea sucks the blood
of the rat, the infected blood enters its stomach. In that blood there is a bacterium
that produces a protein that obstructs the flea stomach, as the blood coagulates,
the flea can not digest this blood. So leave the rat and look for a next victim,
maybe a human being … In the next bite, the flea will have to vomit all the blood
of your stomach. The bite becomes infected and It extends throughout the body, accusing failures
irreparable in the organs. Within 5 or 10 days of being infected, you died in an agonizing manner. Better not think about it much … At that time leeches were used to eliminate the poison from the body, but this
It did not work with the epidemic. Most of the doctors were Clergymen,
and they had more interest in spiritual healing, than in the body. The disease was considered
as a “divine punishment”. Some used a “typical medieval recipe”:
They cut a verse from the bible (from a bible of parchment paper), they did bits
very small, they dissolved it into wine, and they gave it to drink to the sick of the plague …
This was a widely used medieval remedy, and of course FULLY UNUSABLE !! Those who could afford it left
of Florence, and avoided any contact human. But others thought …
“You know what, tomorrow we could be dead, so let’s eat, drink and enjoy !! ”
And that they did … They ate and drank everything what they could, they also participated in impressive
orgies in which they had sex with everyone those who wanted … Days and nights passed
well … enjoying without any kind of moderation. Result? In a few weeks, TENS died
OF THOUSANDS of people. and this was just the beginning of the storm …
The Plague ravaged Italy, then spread to FRANCE, later to ENGLAND, and so on
it was opened, little by little, in Europe … Psychologically, people found it difficult to explain
and face this pandemic, and for a medieval mind, could only be interpreted
as “A punishment from God for the sins of the men”.
In 1350 many towns and villages in Europe they had already lost even HALF of their
population. Over the decades, the epidemic was still active. Migrations to
other countries and continents such as AFRICA AND ASIA helped the spread of this plague.
The Black Plague or also known as Plague Bubonic, it was extinguished around
of the year 1382. Taking the life of more than 75,000,000
of people. Also I will give you a fact, quite curious …
In 2011, German scientists resolved one of the great questions in history
of medicine What bacteria had caused the biggest epidemic in history?
They uncovered 50 skulls of the victims of the Black Death, they analyzed their teeth
and in these there was a small fraction of the bacteria that caused this epidemic in
the fourteenth century. The scientists used the samples from
recent outbreaks to compare them, and they took a big surprise!!
The DNA of the Black Death bacterium, is ALMOST IDENTICAL to the DNA of a modern epidemic,
known as YERSINIA PESTIS. There have been many outbreaks of the plague of the century
XIV, but none as deadly as the Black Death. Today the bacteria that caused it
still active … But calm down !! Do not panic!!… The survivors of the Black Death left immunized with time, and transmitted
said immunity to the next generation. Modern Europeans are descendants
of the survivors of the Black Death, for so we have some degree of immunity
to the bacterium YERSINIA PESTIS.

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