Kyle Markway Media Availability — 10/8/19
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Kyle Markway Media Availability — 10/8/19

(rooster crowing) – [Reporter] I don’t know how much film you guys watched yet on Georgia, but just what have you seen
from that defense so far? – They play hard. A lot of good players and they play hard and we got to match ’em on Saturday. – [Reporter] How was the bye week? Feel like you guys got better? – Yeah, it was a good… It was, it’s always good,
you know, just to go back and start focusing on
yourself a little bit and make some corrections that you’ve had in the first five games and
I feel like we did that. So it was a good week. – [Reporter] Do you guys get any pressure, I mean preparation in for Georgia during those three practices or was it– – We got a few periods in, yeah. – [Reporter] What kind of a challenge does this Georgia defense present you guys as sort of tight ends? – A problem we have is
sustaining our blocks. You know, sometimes we’re on the back side and we don’t hold our
blocks as long as we should and against these guys,
you got to hold on to ’em ’cause they’re going to chase
down a play, make a play, and we got to block ’em the whole time. – [Reporter] What stands out with kind of their edge guys? – They’re all good. You know, they got a starter, but once the starter comes out, second guy up, he’s good, too. So, the depth is real
strong in that position. – [Reporter] What was the
key to running the football a couple weeks ago against
Kentucky, you think? – I think running the
ball’s always a mindset. If you come in with a mindset
you’re going to run the ball, you’re going to be successful and I think we made it
a priority that week and it worked out for us. – [Reporter] The sense of
desperation that we saw when you played Alabama, kind of going all out to make plays, are you sensing it’s going to
be similar against Georgia, a team that’s comparable in talent? – Yeah, we need to have
that desperation every week. We can’t turn it on, turn it off. So we just need to be more
consistent in that play. – [Reporter] Being able to run the ball like you guys did against Kentucky, is this a better indication of what the identity of this
offense is trying to be? – Yeah. We work on running a lot and it opens a passing
game for the offense and it’s a key to our offense, for sure. – [Reporter] Is this the most, I guess, two tight end personnel that you’ve run during your time here, so far? – Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s an important
package for us this year and I think it’s been successful, so far. – [Reporter] How productive do you guys feel like you can
be with you and I think, Nick, on the field at the same time? – I love it, you know? It causes mismatches with
the linebackers and it’s, I think we can be one of
the best hunting groups in the nation. – [Reporter] What does having Nick open up kind of for you? – He’s, I don’t know, it doesn’t
really open up much, but he’s a good mismatch and having two linebackers cover us is, it bodes well for us. – [Reporter] How much is it talked about the lack of success
you’ve had against Georgia the last couple years? Prior to that you had a
tremendous amount of success over this decade against Georgia. I know it was before you got here, but how much do you all talk about wanting to kind of reestablish
the success against Georgia? – Yeah, I mean it’s a rival, you know. Like any other SEC East game, it’s important for us to
get on the winning side and it hasn’t been that
way in a couple years and we need to get back
to what they used to do against those guys. – [Reporter] At the start of the season did you foresee yourself
being as productive in the passing game as
you’ve ended up being or did it maybe even
surprise you a little bit? – No, I’ve always been confident
in my ability to open up in the passing game, but I’ve had more opportunities this year with the tight end situation and it’s worked out well. – [Reporter] Do you feel
like you’ve kind of, did you sort of go into it saying, “I’ve got these opportunities, “I’ve got to kind of make
the best of them,” or? – Yeah, I guess so, yeah. – [Reporter] How much do you guys practice with like artificial noise and stuff before a road game like that? – A lot. Today during punt period
we were focused on that, because you know it’s going to be loud and it’s going to be
hard to hear in there.

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