Korean Model Shares How to Pose for Instagram!
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Korean Model Shares How to Pose for Instagram!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today. I’m gonna share some tips and tricks on how to pose for Instagram with the help of my friend Jellabee Jellabee is a model here in Korea and I actually got to meet her this year in jeju-do for the Dazed Dayz la la la vacay and She actually helped me take a lot of photos and I thought it would be great to Do this video with her because I’m really not a pro when it comes to taking photos on Instagram I’m usually very casual I just take a couple and pick my favorite and then just upload But she taught me some tips on how to look taller and to look natural While doing so. We decided to meet up in Ikseon dong which is one of my favorite neighborhoods here in Korea because of the Hanok and there are so many different cafes and cute restaurants that you can take many many photos You can probably take a hundred Ootds just in Ikseon dong and because all the restaurants and cafes are changing I’m pretty sure you could do Ikseon dong 365 if you wanted to do that challenge But I don’t know if you are looking for places to take photos while you’re here in Seoul I highly recommend you go to Ikseon dong and We just thought it would be the perfect place to film this because there are so many great backdrop To start off this video I wanted to talk about sit down shots. So I personally like to take photos on steps Benches just sitting down and looking casual maybe with a cup of coffee and a cake But we decided to start with a sit down shot. so here Jellabee basically said to stretch one leg out and fix the posture lay back a little bit so that you look a Lot longer, so thank you for that tip. Now. You can look taller while you’re sitting down one of the things I love looking for when I want to take an OOTD is To look for a cute backdrop and I also like taking photos in front of entrances cute doors So for the next shot we decided to go to Mir, which is basically everyone’s favorite cafe at the moment. This is a popular cafe in Korea right now. So in front of this door Finding hot places like this is really good for your Instagram engagement, especially if you tag the Instagram pages if the cafe or restaurant has it and if you geo tag the location because chances are a lot of people are researching the location to see how they can take photos there and also to see what kind of food and drinks that they serve. So usually my friends and I before we order we like to check and see what people are ordering just to see what we’ll recommend and Also to see what Instagram worthy so those are a few tips that I wanted to share To boost up Instagram engagement if you want to grow your following on Instagram. Jellabee and I love food and we bonded a lot over meals and coffee So before we eat though, we do like to take photos of each other holding the coffee or food So, I don’t know it’s really up to you. But I personally like doing this because it is personable My favorite thing about Ikseon dong are the alleys and I personally just love taking ootd’s While walking and turning back slightly in these alleys so that’s exactly what we did for the next shots I love looking for alleys like this The tip here is to start from the front and slowly walk away from the camera and have your photographer friend or family member I don’t know who takes your photos but I have them take as many as they can and You’ll have more options that way but yes as you walk away turn back a little bit to your left to your right Whatever your best side is and I just really love this shot. And I actually have a lot of these photos So now, you know! Recently on my feed I’m starting to see a lot of film camera effects A lot of people are buying disposable cameras and developing film Polaroids and apps like HUJI super popular But if you want to go all out look for locations that kind of fit that vibe So for this next shot we decided to go to an arcade The pose here is to look as natural as possible and to look as if you are actually playing the game I’m not a model. So I got a professional to help me film this video But I think both Jellabee and I could agree that our smile is the best accessory She does a lot of fierce and chic poses but for this shoot I didn’t notice that since we are comfortable with each other we ended up smiling more than anything and it just makes the whole Experience a lot more- it’s a lot more fun when you do it this way So yes smile more. I hope you guys found this video helpful. I had a lot of fun filming it and Editing it as well because I’m doing this talking portion later. Cuz if you guys watch the video my voice was gone for like I don’t even know three four weeks. So now that it’s somewhat like 80% back I thought it’s time to film the talking portion for this video. So thank you so much for watching make sure you check out Jellabee’s Instagram and I’ll make sure to link her channel down below as well and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye

100 thoughts on “Korean Model Shares How to Pose for Instagram!

  1. I can greatly pose in picture but the problem is i only have ugly outfits so yeah in the end still looking ugly ugh why

  2. Umm good thing i closed my Instagram for a while i will fix stuff in my life and take advice from ppl and then open my acc next year when i know thst i am done with SATs and i am in good college..

  3. You looked like eunbi (izone) when you smile. You guys can pass as sisters. Thanks for giving tips ㅋㅋ.. I'll try it with my sis

  4. for real for real tho, i love your personality, you have very positive and relaxed vibe so watching your videos is really enjoyable owo

  5. now i need a friend who actually wants to go out to take photos lol, im that annoying friend who keeps asking for photos and they get annoyed D:

  6. no one of my friends can taking pictures properly😪 even their selfie look sucks tho . it's only meee , only me the one who can take their picture properly so that's make their pictures so pretty while my pictures like trash😢😂😂

  7. this is suuuuper helpful!!! i really want to post more and better pictures to my instagram haha. also uhh where are your pants from?? there super cute😱

  8. 1st step: find someone to take photo for you lol
    I'm such a loner and like to travel alone so this is like not possible for me

  9. JELLABEE just perfect!
    she doesn't need to pose because any pose from her just adorable!!
    anyway joankim you look alot like kang mirae from my gangnam beauty drama~

  10. Friend: Go stand there
    Me: ok….now what wait how do i pose
    Friend: (keeps taking pictures)
    Me: tell me how to pose
    Friend: uUuuh idk sis

    then the pictures always ends up with me lookin' like an addict, my body seems dislocated, blurry and pictures of me talking midway

    Huhuhu so thank you for this 💗

  11. my friends SUCK at taking pictures so now i made them retake mine until i’m satisfied if they want their photos good

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