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Kiraak Pori Kirana Shop || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Harika, I’ve to go to the whole saler
tomorrow to get new stock. So, I want you to look after the store tomorrow.
Kittu will assit you. Good God, you gave us air to breathe,
water to drink and this store to run. I hope you will also see to it
that all items here get sold. Lord, see to it that all other stores
lose their clientele to us. Lord, see to it our store
goes on to become a super market. Why isn’t Kittu here yet? Kittu still isn’t here.
Maybe he is taking me for granted. I’ll deal with him. Hi, Harika! How are you?
– Why are you so late, Kittu? And don’t come up with your regular lame excuses.
You ditched your bicycle and came by walk? My mom has got diarrhoea and my dad has got fever
and my bicycle’s tire got punctured. That’s why I had to come by walk.
– Is it? But you seemed pretty happy while greeting me.
– Your dad instructed me to put on a happy face to impress customers.
– Impress customers, not me or my dad! Keep this lame reasons to yourself
and get to work. What a joker! Kittu, Appula Apparoa’s son is coming.
Did he clear his dues with us yet? Apparao’s family owes us Rs. 7000 in the last 7 months
and much more in the last 7 years. Wonder why your dad entertains them.
– They were our neighbours in our hometown. That’s why my dad entertains them.
But I know how to deal with him. 1kg pack of wheat flour, please.
– Sure. It costs Rs. 50. Add it to our outstanding bill.
– Your brother purchases milk from us each day your sister buys her stuff from us,
your mom buys groceries from us your dad and my dad are friends.
But not withstanding all those reasons you’ll have to pay upfront.
– Just a moment, please. Yeah, mom?
Yeah, I’m on my way! I’m coming. That is how you deal with such idiots! They deserve to be dealt this way
for they hardly ever paid us in ages. Exactly!
– Get back to work now. Hardly we had any customers since morning.
I wish a spendthrift walks in. We can fish money out of him. Fishing is good for business?
Your dad never told me this. If you want to keep your job,
keep your sarcasm to yourself. 2 pieces of Tamarind, 10 grams of pulses,
100 grams of oil.. 1 sachet of shampoo,
and few grains of dal? A piece of jaggery
and a slice of ginger aswell. A pinch of poison to go with it?
Pack all these. Pack them all in separate carry bags.
– Even one carry bag for them all is extra. You won’t even give me one carry bag?
How could you act so miserly? Carry bags have been banned.
Check out the notice. And why would you need a carry bag
for such a misely purchase? How may I help you?
– A kg of dal, quarter kg of nuts, and sugar worth Rs 10. Kittu, pack sugar worth Rs. 10 and a kg of dal..
Which type of dal is it? The one with thin grains.
– Green Gram, you mean? No, it isn’t that!
– Then what is it? Is it Black Gram?
– No, it is not. I can’t recollect it.
– You’re confused and you’re confusing me. I tried hard not to forget,
but because of you, I forgot again! I wanted to say..
Shit! I forgot that too! Kittu, what is his problem?
Why did he storm off like it was my fault? That is how customers are.
– Shut it! Like I give a damn! I want everything written in this list,
with the exact brands, packed. Okay, sir.
Kittu! Pack all these items. Yes, dear?
– ‘Are you at the grocery store?’ I’m at the grocery store of your choice.
– ‘Are you buying everything I asked for?’ Yes, just like you instructed.
– ‘Send me a selfie of you at the store.’ Why does she doubt me so much?
So, what’s up, dear? ‘Send me a selfie!’
– Okay. I will. Do you mind if I click a selfie?
– Go ahead. I’ve sent you the selfie.
– ‘I don’t see Kittu in the selfie.’ Kittu? You mean the guy who is pitch black
and looks disgusting as hell? My wife wants to have a word with you.
– Hi, ma’am. How are you? Long time no see. Are you still watching ‘My Hubby Sucks’?
– She chats with everyone. But still, she suspects me.
I’ll rather kill myself than stay with her. Kittu! Kittu put me in a spot of bother here.
– Yes, ma’am. I packed everything that you need. Yes, I bought them all.
Yeah! Kittu packed it for me. Screw my life!
Thank you, Kittu. Thank you! You are the reason we aren’t doing good business.
– His wife is my good friend. I need to ask dad to fire him. We ran out of these already? Who is this guy? He’s been hanging around for long.
How may I help you? I need a piece of information.
– We don’t sell that here. Go on.
– A girl stays in that house. I wanted to know a little about her.
– She is my good friend. What do you want to know? Which college does she attend?
– What is in it for me? I’ll buy a Frooti.
– Sure. Rs. 50, please. Cost of Frooti is Rs. 10, right?
– Don’t you want information about the girl? I get it.
– Kittu, get him a Frooti. She attends college in the next street.
She’s got a brother. Her dad is a cop. Her mom carries clout too. Why isn’t she coming out today?
– Because she’s gone out of station. She’s gone out of station? Why didn’t you tell me before?
– Because you didn’t ask me before. How may I help you?
– Hey, kiddo.. You got her scared. You even scare me.
Let alone a kid. I’m sorry. You want Gems?
How about this one? How to make her stop crying? Alright!
How about this one? Thank God!
Screw you, idiot! Greetings, people! What’s up!
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    So this is our take on how different people behave at kirana store do let us know about your opinion in the comment section 👇🏻😎

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