Kimmi Vents to Her Sister About Kiuwha | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Kimmi Vents to Her Sister About Kiuwha | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Don’t you normally
have Monster? Yeah, he’s coming. Maurice is still actively
trying to get them to move here. Them? Kiowa, her husband, and
Monster moved to Huntsville so that they all can be in
the same place at one time, which, by definition,
we all want. However, what I don’t
want is the drama. Because, you know, Kiowa
has never being nice to me. Is there a reason she
has a problem with you? She says she was upset
because we started dating and they weren’t quite finished. I said, except
you were finished. You were finished. She wasn’t quite finished. And it never once came back
to, “I heard you say this,” “I heard you did this.” I’ve never done nothing to her. When she came here so
we can have a meeting, and to be honest, most of it,
she acted like she didn’t even know she did nothing to me. She was like, well,
what did I do? Well, how did you remember that? Oh, y’all remember all
kinds of old stuff. If you’re going to
hold onto old stuff– and I said, it’s not old. This was last month that
you were talking about me. I don’t talk about her. I don’t talk to her. I don’t talk poorly
in front of Monster. Girl, she called me all kinds
of names to my husband– to my husband. Do you think that my husband
isn’t going to say that to me? And most of it is because he
gives her this much leash. And she takes advantage
of it because she knows he doesn’t
want to piss her off because he wants Monster. Monster. Kiowa has been disrespectful
to me from the day we met. And in order for
us to move forward, I think I need to feel
that she’s genuine. I am done with the disrespect. I absolutely feel like
I deserve an apology.

80 thoughts on “Kimmi Vents to Her Sister About Kiuwha | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Why are these two women communicating? It sounds like this man is enjoying being the center of these two women. Is he still having some kind of relationship with the ex outside of the child they have together! Hmmm🧐 I’m a private detective on this case🤫

  2. Frustration comes out of leading a loveless life , when you are in love , you are living a great life , because love is great

  3. I totally agree with Kimmie.
    Moving the whole family to huntsville will be a major issue for them because Kiuwha doesn't respect Kimmie……and that's a major issue 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. It's going to keep going on with the disrespect as long as he allows her to get away w/it. He has to put a stop to it.

  5. I really don’t feel sorry for Kimmie. They probably weren’t over in their relationship When she met her now husband. Karma comes baby.

  6. Kim get over it. You were the other woman. By talking about her now might just make them both cheat on their spouses!! Don't hold your breath for that apology.

  7. Kiuwha has a problem with the wrong person. Maurice is the one who owed her something not Kimmie. I think she is miserable and still wants Maurice even though she is married to someone else and to use their child to control him is wrong. Kimmie don't let her take your joy. She will not apologize because she is not sorry for what she is doing. She is coming for Kimmie because she can't stand that they are so happy. If she gets to Kimmie she may get her to leave Maurice or she is just trying to put a wedge between them and mess up their marriage. Let her stay where she is and be miserable with her new husband. Maurice will have to find another solution to getting more time with his son.

  8. I think kimmi should let it go and focus on her husband and her stepchild and be cordial with his mom if and when she sees her!

  9. Sorry to say this but Kimmie's married to going to end because "Monster's" mother is jealous of her. Let's face it, when some women see that their ex has moved on and the the new wife is prettier, has a BETTER FIGURE, and is not into drama then the digs and negativity will rear it's ugly head.

  10. They weren't done she knows it so she knows he will cheat so now she scurred. Maurice knows they weren't done and tgats why he doesn't mind doing all that lmao. I bet the ex isn't with her husband that'll prolly come up later.

  11. So monsters mother and her husband can just up and move depending on finances of monsters dad?? That doesn’t sound like two stable adults

  12. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Maurice and Kimmie knew they were cheating, that's why Maurice tips toe around the ex-wife and allows her to disrespect him and Kimmie. He knew what they were doing and in many ways, he understands why she has an attitude. He isn't stupid. They're just playing innocent for the cameras.
    The shenanigans before is probably why they took so long to get married. Two established people didn't need to wait over 7 yrs to get married. There was mess to clean up

  13. What makes her think that his ex going to apologize to her. When his ex respond that she felt she didnt do anything wrong to her when they were sitting at that table

  14. Everyone wants the husband to do something about the Ex-wife. He has no control over either lady. The husband is the issue. The Ex-wife should remain where she is and not allow the Ex-husband to influence where she lives. He has done something to influence the conflict. When the Ex-wife said they were not done, that man was playing games. The man is the issue in this negative environment.

  15. How can Kimmie want the the respect of a wife but didn’t respect his first wife during his first marriage? Not after but during!

  16. I feel bad for Kimmie. The ex definitely still has feelings for him. Also when the sitdown was done why wasn't her husband there as well. I wonder if the exes husband has issues with this situation and how comfortable he is just moving his life without a conversation because she said yes once the situation was offered to her.

  17. You date a man while he’s still married, then you’re dating a married man!! It’s not grey area with that. They were not officially done, until the divorce was final!

  18. 🙄Oh lord, I guess we can expect her to attempt to drag this situation with the whole wanting an apology. Whether she deserves one or not, who knows, because I know how sketchy folks can be about dating married people before the divorce and/or sexual relationship is done. It’s not like Kimmie and Maurice will admit on tv if things overlapped. So the same way the ex has to get over kimmie being in the picture, kimmie has to get over thinking she’s the lady of the manor, and can force the ex-lady of the manor to bow to her with an apology.

  19. It has been over 8 years since Maurice and the ex. The ex has a new husband. Maurice has a new wife. They both should have forgiven each other from their past marriage and moved forward. If either one of them still have feelings than it is not fair for their new spouses. It appears that it was infidelity in Maurice’s first marriage and maybe both of them cheated within their marriage. Where is the new husband? He should have been to the sit down as well.

  20. Well Kimmy u are a homewrecker. That's why she don't like u. No woman would like and respect u for helping to destroy their marriage. Get real.

  21. Yesss Kimmie! Let her know. I honestly thought that initial meeting with them would have went differently. It was like everyone just wanted to play nice.

  22. Ahh, I love how she said "finished" instead saying of they were still married and not finished with the divorced yet. I bet her sister would have said so were you dating him while he was still married? Oh but that's why she said finished. Siblings always tell half-truths. Smh.

  23. First off…that's not your husband…a man can't really marry more than one woman in his lifetime and be free spiritually stress free…it's called adultery..and if anybody disagrees then check your's what the Word your comments to God!

  24. Kimmi look like one of the pretty girls U ain’t know had hands. Her sister look like “I fight more than I date. Leggo!”

  25. I know he wants his son, but how far is he willing to go in accommodating his ex wife?! That kind of mess is going to create resentment for Kimmi. His ex wife is bitter, and jealous and now he has invited all of that closer to their home. He was so wrong in not discussing all of this with Kimmi before the decision was made. I hope their marriage is strong enough to handle all this.

  26. What is “quite done”? If he was in the midst of getting a divorce while dating his current wife, that says a lot! That means he was cheating on his ex wife with her. So she messed with a married man. That’s some dirty ish. They are both crap. Smh. Also him moving his ex wife, her husband down without speaking to his wife is wrong.

  27. I don't believe Kimmi was "friends" with Maurice while he was still legally married to Kiuwha.I'd believe it if Kimmi had a bond with Kiuwha and she associated with both Kiuwha and Maurice.It's evident that Kimmi was only associated with Maurice, which explains Kiuwha's hostility towards Kimmi. Frankly, Kimmi should've asked for a legalized divorce decree in her hand. Or she could've researched online to confirm that Kiuwha & Maurice were actually divorced. Divorce decrees are public record. She was foolish enough to listen to Maurice and believe him, but didn't bother to research.

  28. I'm glad those other couples haven't come in fully yet ….. they're not needed …. these Characters all have enough on their plates to carry an entire two Seasons (note to 'OWN' #NoNewCouplesPlease … # toomanycooksspoilthebroth)

  29. The husband needs to gain some backbone. He needs to stand up and BE A MAN!
    WILL SMITH got the women in Line when it came to his wife and ex wife. He let them know they Will get along! Them womem had no other choice but to do what Will Smith said!.To me that's being a MAN! Queens will only Listen to A KING!

  30. I’m trying to figure out, why they look so much a like, and both their names begin with a k. He’s not to creative……😂😂

  31. Girl move on!!! It is what it is??? Worry about important stuff that matters like your marriage. Your husband needs to take responsibility for his part. And not allowing her to address you in a negative way. Your husband and his ex might have some unfinished business to close. That have nothing to do with you.

  32. The woman said "she wasn't done with her husband" before Kimmie came around wagging her tail.

    I like Maurice, but men lie and he may have told Kimmie one thing, while still in the marriage with his wife.

  33. This situation is a mess because everyone isn’t keeping it real, and folks wanna look right instead of calling a thing a thing. We know why the ex is still sitting tight…. and Kimmie knows why too. I like Kimmie, but….. these discussions should have been had before they walked down the aisle because now she’s married and all uneasy with a situation that her husband isn’t going to let up on. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  34. Kim conversation and disposition sounds like a 19 yr old victim v.s. a 50 year old woman with intellect and reason, but had the NERVE to come out the gate talm' bout "I dont do foolishness"…chile' you ARE doing foolishness.

  35. Dear Maurice:
    Are you speaking up for and defending your wife while still playing a living fatherly role and asserting yourself? You know u can do both right…
    Dear Kiawuh or however it’s spelled sorry: I get it. I swear I do.. but Either u shading her and said things or u didn’t be real if u did I get it but playing blues clues… sis
    Kimmie: Maybe they weren’t done and ok girl Mad for a Reason whether it’s in the past or not she was a wife just like u could relate if he left u and the next chick dated him after I’m sure bc u love ya man SO much you can’t even imagine what you’d be feeling or how you’d be going off.. but you got this…

  36. That woman driving you crazy.You are going to be miserable with no peace at all.Yes who gives a child a name like that.You couldn't have entered into this thing the right way.Perhaps some one needs to seek forgiveness.And move on cause yall to old for this mess.We reap what we sow.Iam quite sure maurice talked to you about his relationship with his wife.And you had your say.Now it is biting you in the tail.

  37. If y’all want to hear the ex wife side of the story, go to her YouTube page she will tell everything there. Her YouTube is readjust your crown queen.

  38. Gday luv
    As a Elder first of all if 4 adults are going to raise Monster All should meet
    Maurice appears weak to me and needs to work on his communication skills with his new wife
    Ex wife still has feelings and is angry about her own self image
    Kimiie is a free spirit with a amazing body
    And his ex wife plus size that's the problem
    Kimmie is a newer in shape version of HERSELF.period
    Who names their kid monster
    Waiting crickets

  39. Hello this is grounds for separation?? He doesn't want2 fight4 joint custody he wants2 move his X wife around Boy Bye 👋

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  41. Maurice's ex wife is NEVER going to say she's sorry. And i feel a lil dominance issue between Maurice and that ex when he was a plus size, she had over him.👀🍿☕🍷

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