Khloe Kardashian Supposedly Hates Social Media Now – Lights Out with David Spade
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Khloe Kardashian Supposedly Hates Social Media Now – Lights Out with David Spade

-Now I stand. Now I stand.
-There you go. -Where were you?
-Now I stand. The Spade. The Spade. The Spade! -Get this out of here!
-Oh, shit. This show takes 20 minutes
to film. -Have fun. It goes fast.
-SPADE: No, I know. We… We’re almost over, but, uh… Glad you’re all here. HOLMES:
How much is that watch worth? Uh… I don’t know. A quill. (laughter) -A quillion?
-Yeah. It’s on layaway. I don’t know. -Uh…
-HOLMES: Nice watch. Let’s get to the unfun stuff. In social media news… -This is… Listen up, Hannah.
This is for you. -HART: Mm. Uh, Khloe Kardashian
thanked her fans for helping her hit a hundred million followers
on Instagram, but she followed it up
by posting a caption that read, “Unpopular opinion:
I think social media “has absolutely destroyed our generation’s ability
to be happy.” What the (bleep)
is she talking about? (laughter) -Jim?
-Well, it-it’s one thing to have
a hundred million followers and feel good about that,
but when all your sisters have, like, 150 million
and 140 million, -no wonder she’s so depressed.
-SPADE: Oh, that’s true. She’s like… Like-like, still a good career. Like, Tito Jackson
still had a good career. But… (cheering and applause) But it was more like he was envious
of members of his family. I imagine the documentary
about Tito isn’t as salacious. Like, Leaving 36 Jones Street,
Encino. Yeah. But this is–
She gets all these followers and then the first thing
she does is saying, “This makes us–” This is
like Ronald McDonald tweeting, “I don’t know
about all these trans fats.” -Tran. -Like, don’t bite
the hand that tweets you. I’m really glad
you put the word “fats” -on the end of that sentence.
-Yeah. I don’t endorse that add-on. Yeah. Are you okay? I am reeling. Uh, uh, I don’t know. I might be
the only millennial present. But I will ask, do you guys
have your phones on you? -I do. -No, I left it
in the dressing room. -I respect David and the show.
-Oh, this guy does. Do you? -(laughs)
-(applause) -So, like… -You said out
of respect for the show? -Yeah. I-I don’t have it on me. Wait, is that how you spot
a millennial? No, that’s how you spot somebody
who usually has -a lot of commentary
about millennials. -Oh. -Oh, really? -They’ve got their
phones on them all the time. Oh, d– millennials
don’t carry their phones -on ’em all the time?
-No, man. We’re-we’re trying
to escape this toxic web. -Oh, shit. -Right.
-You just– -You do it on your watches. Is
that what you do? -Yeah, yeah. Listen, I… I got to two million followers
yesterday, -and I didn’t make a huge fuss
about it. -(sputters) I… I had a quiet dinner. I had some friends over. Some relatives flew in. Hey, congratulations. -Yeah, we didn’t make a big deal
out of it. -Yeah. By the way, in other,
uh, Kardashian news– where would we be without it?–
uh, Kim thinks that, uh, taking away IG likes
would probably be beneficial for the mental health of people. Really? Right at the finish
line, when she’s winning. It’s like Jerry Rice going,
“Get rid of all the stats. I’m number one.
Let’s not count anymore.” I mean, I have to say
that I’m really loving this take -on the Canadian tuxedo that’s
happening over here. -I know. It’s all… -It’s a little denim-heavy.
-I mean… -It’s like a Canadian vampire
tuxedo. -Tuxedo. -Yeah.
-Something kind of… serious. I really like it. Oh, my God,
but how do I tell her? -Here you go.
-Oh. You can’t. You’re not allowed to like it. Don’t poke the bear. They-they actually–
they actually tried this. They trialed it in Australia. They took away all the likes. But what happens is
people can’t see your likes but you can still see
your likes. -Really? -Yeah,
that’s how it works. -Oh, oh. -I didn’t know that.
-So all it does is teach people to lie. -Like…
-Oh, yeah. “Oh, I got 5,000 likes
on that last picture.” And they’re like, “But you
only have 800 followers.” “(bleep)!” They weren’t ready
for the follow-up question.

49 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian Supposedly Hates Social Media Now – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. They tried to have this discussion on The View the other day and Chloe obviously saw it and tweeted before reading the scathing YouTube comments on the segment.

  2. From the perspective of someone (being me) who labeled the Kardashians as hoaxes famous for no reason, and that all of them lack intelligence. I would have to say I was wrong in doing so and that just because an opinion in someone's view is unpopular does not give it any less importance, it doesn't matter who states the opinion, people's unique perspectives and views on things should be cherished and valued in our society. Having a certain number of "fans", or "followers" has become a currency system in which: social status, economic prosperity, and the overall worth of a person is determined. To who we are as a society social media is a tool that restricts in a way that no technology ever could, it allows the subconscious filter and consciousness within a person to be ignored or batted aside. The real science behind this phenomenon is astounding. The point I am making is that the intelligence and awareness of a person is specific to who they are, and that just as I had labeled the Kardashians, social media not only encourages labeling, but it also makes it easier for people to care less about others, and it steals a part of a person's perspective that can never be regained. It is one of the many societal systems we worship as a country (in the US) that install predjudice in the minds of our peoples. Don't assume that the "support" of the fans is disregarded, merely understand that self-realization if the station you are at in life is something we as individuals are missing. That's pretty much all I wanted to say.

  3. Society wasn't decaying fast enough, bring in Social Media. Now Society is rotting from the inside as well as the outside, factions, tribalism, followers, likes, shaming, mob reactions without information, the Troglodytes. I'm glad I'll be dead soon and you all will be writhing around in your chaotic anarchy wondering how everything went to shit.

  4. Why is Hannah Hart on this show? These are actual seasoned comedians, not youtubers that made a career being drunk and cooking poorly.

  5. What is she talking about? Millennials are the ones that are attached to their phones day and night. They act like it's their child. Without it they crumble

  6. Well I’m thinking Chloe Kardashian may have said that because that’s how her fucking baby daddy got busted cheating right wasn’t it on Snapchat or some Insta story or some shit so she is speaking for her self on that one

  7. If a Kardashian had to take a log in the ass Everytime they said something stupid California would have no trees to burn. Solutions people I bring solutions.

  8. Chloe has a good point, although I'd argue that the combination of social media and the Kardashians are ruining society and people's happiness.

  9. I'm wondering Kim, how would banning social parasites who promote unrealistic (and in many cases unattainable – photoshop) body images and lifestyles from social media be beneficial to peoples' mental health?

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