Kevin Owens starts his career as a social media producer
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Kevin Owens starts his career as a social media producer

Introducing first the team of Sammy Zayne and Kevin Owens.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Always shoving these
phones in our face. I’m taking it now. Let’s do your thing. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>They don’t look worthy of being my children.>>[APPLAUSE]>>ISA.>>That’s the most terrifying
thing I’ve ever seen in my life.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Come on, let’s bring Joe out now. [MUSIC]>>Hey, I love this song. I love this song.>>No, you don’t.
>>I love this song. [MUSIC]>>Is testing right now [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC]>>Jump, jump!>>That looks so cool!>>Isn’t it cool when he does that?>>It’s cool when you’re there.>>It’s cool when he does it. Let’s turn this thing around.>>Hey, here I am. There we go. Hey, no.>>This guy.>>Not Bobby Lashley, boo!>>This guy, didn’t he give you vertigo?>>He did give you vertigo.>>Worst case of vertigo in history.>>There he is.>>Why does he have a bandana?>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Always with a bandana, this guy, always. [MUSIC]>>I’m gonna get out of the ring. He upsets me.>>[APPLAUSE]>>You know one thing can’t
stand about Bobby Lashley?>>He’s got his headband, constantly. Look at him, he’s show-boating constantly. He does this pose with the fingers. I don’t like his pose. What else? He came back to WWE and
now he thinks he’s special. He thinks he’s something special,
I see the sign, yeah. I’m telling them I don’t like Bob, help. Jeez. Rollin’s entrance scared me a little bit.>>He’s real dumb looking tonight.>>Disgusting.>>Yeah, I’m recording you. It’s, hey, hey, hey.>>You see, it’s got this-
>>Hey, hey. Braun Strowman, no,
bad monster, bad, no, stop. I’m trying to record something. Let me try to do it
without Roman seeing me. You see, you see the ice. But there’s also the fire
coming from under his smoke. It just doesn’t make any sense. Is he icy or is he hot and fiery? I think I just called him hot but
disregard that. I just don’t understand. I think I’m going to go with
I wanna go before he sees me. Yeah, yeah, it’s in the shot. Just be careful he doesn’t,
he’s switching. He’s looking. This is Sammy doing his
best to distract Gordon.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Hey, no! You don’t put it on the camera. It’s my camera!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What is he so serious for? Ref, move.>>[APPLAUSE] All right, I have to wrestle now. Enough of this crap. Leave me alone, social media.

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  2. I can imagine the Social Media Producer in the back crying while this is happening, "Kevin stole my phone" and they're like "No, he gave you a break and is making better content than you could ever make, shut up and go get me a coffee"

  3. KO brought my attention back to the WWE. His "pipe bomb" from the last Raw (Maybe SmackDown?) is receiving a lot of attention right now. Haven't been able to find it on YouTube yet…

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