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Ken Instagram – SNL

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  1. I don't mean to be a downer but that's not a Ken doll(the first one), Ken has blue eyes and that doll has green eyes.

  2. wait one dollhouse minute…what have they done to Ken??? Ken used to have a simple hairdo, plus, he had hazel brown hair

  3. Do they still make Skipper, Barbie's little sister?  If so, there needs to be a third sketch.

  4. “Okay, well let’s schedule another meeting for Nevertober”
    “Wait, which day on Nevertober, cause I might have a thing”
    “The 36th, okay, we’ll see you there”

  5. i'm in for a Barbie book written by Victora (and also one written by the dude from the last vid)


  6. I find it strange how in this skit, Keenan’s name is “Travis”, but in the Barbie skit, his name is “Bernard”…

  7. Most people in the comments who think a dead body is under the Jacuzzi are missing a very key point in the story. After the party guests saw what was under there, they applauded Barbie. I doubt anyone would applaud murder (unless they're all crazy murderers), so we still have the timeless question: What is under that Jacuzzi??!! o_o

  8. JFC, tell me they did something to those Ken dolls. Ken always looked lame, but now he doesn't even look male. UGH. At least he used to have shoulders. No wonder Barbie goes for GI Joe…or would if they made Joe anymore!!

    And honestly, he looks like Skipper with a Captain Marvel haircut in the party shot.

  9. Ok, I have a thought.

    So, the girl from 4 years ago is under the jacuzzi, and the girl from 4 years ago IS barbie, but a early model that tried to warn the other barbies that they are all toys, but couldn't because a disformed version a barbie, killed her, and hid her under the jacuzzi, and then she had the other barbies commit suicide by telling them they are toys, so that she could get ken, but ken figured it out, and ran away, thinking he was safe, but little does ken know, barbie is after him.

    Jfc I have a dark mind wtf

  10. Caption 1 : Can't Wait 'til Barbie Comes Over, to listen to records!!
    Caption 2 : Life Is Almost As Sweet As A Macaroon, With Barbie!
    Caption 3 : I know 3 ways I like to Celebrate the Holidays, With Barbie !
    Me : Body by MACK Truck, Brains by Mattel.

  11. If they used Pete's captions, Ken would just come off as a self-absorbed bro whose sense of humor is speaking in the third person.

    If they used Hiedi's, he would come off as a shitposting boyfriend with a bunch of in jokes including adamantly pretending his gf's dog is actually a small raccoon.

    Either of these could work well, but this sketch can't without Donald Glover.

  12. This should have ended with an angry Travis walking over to a dream house while shouting "there is nothing under Barbie's jacuzzi!!" He then rips the jacuzzi off the dream house and everyone in the room gives a horrified response at what is revealed which is not seen by the audience.

  13. The overly serious part was so much funnier when Donald was doing it :// with Rachel it feels so awkward, they should have just created a new character for her

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