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Keith Eats Everything In New Orleans

♪ Sabam, bam, bam, we got the Popeyes ♪ (upbeat jazz music) Here’s the deal. This weekend, Becky and I are going down to New Orleans for a wedding. I’ve never been to New Orleans, so I’m very excited about this opportunity to go eat a bunch of food. Also, see the architecture,
hear the music, see a lot of people really drunk. One of these fried chicken
places I’m going to is ranked as one of the best fried chicken places in the world. Now, I have no idea what
New Orleans fried chicken is supposed to taste
like, other than (hums), how it tastes from Popeyes, which is Louisiana-style fried chicken. (pleasant music) Mm! Oh, it’s so fatty. Oh, this thigh! Oh wow, that bite was like all breading. I think they have a great
crunch to their chicken. Ooh, that heat creeps up quick. Popeyes is my favorite
fried chicken chain, so I’m excited to see how it
compares to the real thing. I know that I’m on a
health kick right now, but for me, vacations and weekends are off limits for health vibes. I eat salads all week, so I could eat fried
chicken on the weekend baby. So don’t worry about my health,
I’m keeping it in check. (Try Guys theme music) We’re in New Orleans. We’re about to go to Coop’s Place, our first fried chicken party. I’m here with Becky and her family. We’re on our way in the
first fried chicken of many. – Hopefully some vegan! Vegan food–
– I don’t think they’re gonna have any vegan items! – Vegan fried chicken! (upbeat jazz music) – We’re at Coop’s, there’s a big ol’ line. Friday night eight o’clock in New Orleans, so don’t know what we were expecting. (upbeat jazz music) We did it. – We did it!
– We did it, we made it in. – We did it!
– Yeah! It did take an hour and 40 minutes. (angelic music) – [Becky] Marinated crab legs. – We’ve got some
marinated crab claws here. (people chattering) Mm, they’re good. The cocktail sauce is horseradish-y. It’s good, very strong cocktail sauce. A little seafood gumbo. It’s really good, right? – Yeah, it’s spicy. – [Keith] Spicy. – Some jalapenos.
– We’ve got some jambalaya, we’ve got some red beans and rice, we’ve got some tomato something, and that is what I’m talking about! (angelic music) – It is very peppery, very dense. – Simple, Southern, it almost tastes like cast-iron fried chicken. It’s got like a black pepperness
to it, but it’s not spicy. Very oily but very good. (upbeat jazz music) (Keith screaming) (upbeat jazz music) We’re here tasting all the
flavors of New Orleans. And this morning, we went
to this little coffee shop and got these amazing sausage rolls. – [Becky] Patagonia. – Mushroom turnovers. Such a big sausage compared to the pastry. It tastes kind of like
the pork in a dumpling, but a huge amount of it. Now we’re going to Beignets. – [Becky] Beignets! – A very stereotypical thing to do, but also a necessary thing to do. (upbeat jazz music) I’m not sure what’s going on. It seems like Becky is making her mother stand by a plant and wave. From here it looks really crazy. – Thank you, thank you.
– Wow. And sugar.
– Thank you very much – Thank you!
– Spread this all to the pastries. – [Keith] What’s it like, babe? – I feel like eating a cloud. (Keith snickers) – [Becky’s Mom] It’s
everything I remembered. – Light but dense somehow. – Mine is like a pillowy pocket. A pillowy pocket of love. – [Keith] Just a little pillowy pocket. – A pillowy pocket of
love, that’s what she said. – [Keith] A little pillow pocket of love. Oh yeah, in the pockets,
in the hand, there you go, there you go, there you go! – (laughing) What are you doing? (Keith laughs) – [Becky’s Dad] I just got in the moment. – You’ve gotta live sometimes. This is delicious (laughing). – [Becky] Yeah. (upbeat jazz music) – [Keith] Wow, what a nightmare. (upbeat jazz music) – [Becky] That’s terrifying. – New Orleans, The Big Easy, the jazz capital of this
part of the country. There’s a parade coming and
to make the parade happen, the police have to rev
their sirens like crazy every so often. (marching band music) The beignets were awesome and
the architecture is beautiful, but now I’m gonna head to one of the local fried chicken chains and see how it compares to Popeyes. (rock music) Can I get a two-piece white meat combo? Look at that beautiful chicken! Wow! – [Becky] Thank you! – Yeah. Wow. Wow! (jazz music) It’s a lot like Popeyes. So far all the fried chicken
we’ve had has been very wet. Look at that. You can see the moisture. Wow, it’s very good fried chicken. See the seasoning in the meat, it’s just like orange right here? – [Becky’s Mom] It’s very
good, it’s very moist. – It’s very moist. – [Becky’s Mom] It’s chicky-licious. – Mm, it’s chicky-licious. I think it’s in the
same profile as Popeyes, so I think Louisiana fried chicken, Popeyes is a good representation
so far of what I’ve had. But we’ve got some other
places to try, so we gotta go. Let’s go! (upbeat jazz music) It’s late at night, we’re
leaving The French Quarter, and our Uber driver the other day said that we had to go to Brother’s. Brother’s is a food mart that is a 24-hour grocery store
mart that has fried chicken. Apparently the fried chicken is amazing. Brother’s Fried Chicken wow, wow. Often imitated never uh,
never I don’t know (laughing). (jazz music) Wow! Unbelievable, in and out. (beeps) – While it was on.
– Hey everybody! Welcome back to the fried chicken video. I handed Becky my phone and she filmed me, but didn’t film me at all. I ate this entire chicken
leg, gave a beautiful review. Becky was like, wait a minute, did you start it rolling or– – [Becky] Uh-uh! – Did you start rolling? Yes. Empty chicken, what’s there to say? (beeps)
You ready? – Uh huh, it’s rolling.
– It’s rolling? It’s rolling this time? – [Becky] You should stand closer, you don’t have great light, Sir. – Do this, how about that? Brother’s Fried Chicken.
– Eat the chicken. – Oh, don’t you rush me! You’re the reason we’re doing this twice! (light rock music) – I think that other sign is prettier. – We’re not shooting the sign! – He just bit into it. – We’re just trying to eat a
chicken, the chicken’s great. – Yeah, eat it.
– Take two. Great moisture, I like that
it’s available 24 hours a day, anybody can get it. I would definitely eat
it if it was at a party or if I was on the street. (upbeat jazz music) Nice! (horn honks) (upbeat jazz music) – Wow!
– Dang it! – Oh!
– Oh! – [Becky’s Dad] Keith going on three. – It’s another day in New Orleans. We hit up the miniature golf course, really crushed it out there but now we’re going going to Clesi’s to get a low country boil. It’s something you do here at New Orleans. (jazz music) (bell rings) – Very good! It’s like a rice sausage patty. – It is like rice. It’s very soft. If gumbo was made into a sausage itself. All the rice and all the spices. – [Becky] Oh my. That’s a lot. – Show it me, yeah, delicious. Look at those bad boys. My nose is just running. Full speed ahead. – Yeah, I don’t know how you’re doing it. My lips are on fire. (jazz music) – It’s our last morning in New Orleans and I have one last fried chicken stop. Now, let me just say that I’ve
had fried chicken everyday. And normally, I do these videos where I eat a bunch of
fried chicken one day, feel terrible the next day, then I’m fine. But I’m sort of slowly
seeing my health depreciate. But apparently this is Willie
Mae’s Scotch Ale House. They say it’s the best
fried chicken in America, and some people say it’s
the best in the world. Now, who could make that claim? You can’t eat all the
fried chicken in the world. God knows I’ve tried. (jazz music) This is how big the
line apparently can get. Unbelievable. A crowd at 10 a.m.! Just pouring in. Got my fried chicken,
it’s bagged up right here. Got some mashed potatoes with it. God, I’m so excited for this. I was the first in, first
served, first out, baby. It’s a very cool city. I’ve had a really awesome time here. Bourbon Street is chaos. The jazz was awesome, the
music all around was great. The food was so good. Very interesting place. Okay. Oh yeah! Beautiful! Oh wow. Nice crispness, I can feel
on the skin right there. It’s super hot. Peas and mashed potatoes,
the peas smell like peas. Ooh, it’s very crispy. (jazz music) Ooh. (chicken crunches) Wow, the meat has so much flavor. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Look at how juicy that is, it’s so wet. They say it’s the best in
America on their website. This is pretty up there so far. I’m just so impressed with
how much flavor’s in the meat. The seasoning’s kinda similar to the Brother’s seasoning
I had last night, but a thousand times better. But the flavor is super up there. It’s not the best fried chicken
I’ve ever had in my life. Certainly the best I’ve
had in New Orleans, and it’s the best I’ve had
in the South in awhile. – Mm! I think it’s nice and moist. I think the meat does have a
little bit of flavoring in it and it’s crispy. All three things that I like. – All the things you want. – (laughing) Yeah!
– All the things you need. – And greasy fingers.
– And very greasy because it is fried chicken
at the end of the day. Overall of all the fried chicken
I had, this was the best, but my favorite experience was
the Willie’s fried chicken. Thought it was very, very
good for what it was. Just walked up, got some fried chicken, super quick, super easy. But I’ve had a lovely
time here in New Orleans, between all the music,
all the fun and partying, and all the fried chicken,
thanks, New Orleans. Thanks, fried chicken. Thanks, peas. (Try Guys theme music) – Smash and subscribe. – [Becky] Smash to subscribe. – Smash to describe. – [Becky] No, to. – Smash to subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Keith Eats Everything In New Orleans

  1. Why is it every single youtube food review has missed the muffaletta…so weird to miss that New Orleans original

  2. What’s the best fried chicken you’ve ever had then? For me the best chicken are from the convenience stores in Japan. They are impossibly moist and tender and so cheap and easy to get.

    If I had to go to a an actual restaurant, I’d say Jolibees is still the best. Too bad we don’t have it yet in Vancouver.

  3. Now I want fried chicken. It's after 1 am in Edinburgh, Scotland, a place not known for its plethora of decent fried chicken shops. I'm saving up my appetite for Sunday, my sons 20th birthday and we're having an expensive blowout Japanese meal. Need to cut a few calories off every day so I my body can afford a great meal!

  4. I went to Willie Mae's in 2010, because I heard that Tiana from The Princess and the Frog was based off of her and her cooking. Even in her 90s she was still at the restaurant talking to people, making sure we had a good time. I got some delicious gumbo and my dad got the fried chicken and he wouldn't let me have any! I guess it was that good.

  5. I love the try guys ( and I really like chicken watch) but this was the first time I actually was like. I know Keith and I'm so happy I got to see a different and more in to his life moment. I think all the try guys should have a weekly or more realistic a couple of videos where they do this type of content. I feel like I like you guys/Keith even more now. Please Grant my wish and bring me more content like this!!! P.s MORE chicken showdown 2k19

  6. You gotta try Guss's fried chicken in Texas~!!! and if you do get a chance come to Korea and try all the fried chicken here!!!

  7. THANK YOU for this video! I am in New Orleans now and we went to the different chicken places you went too and can’t wait to go back! Brothers was our favorite!

  8. Keith I get that you're from LA, but it just makes me sad how you come into my territory and eat some of those things like you do. It's just even worse that you went to somewhere besides cafe du monde for beignets.

  9. Please co.e back with everyone and let me and my friends show yall the lifestyle of a local. I will get yall fucked up and having fun.
    From your New Orleans local Bartender Dez.

  10. Sorry, but, as a patreon supporter who was living in NOLA when y'all filmed this….very disappointed. Who decided you shouldn't get beignets from the Cafe Du Monde?? Someone was not doing their job correctly. And, honestly, y'all did not do a great job of representing New Orleans cuisine. Disappointed. But I still love y'all. Come back to NOLA when you get your act together, cuz there are so many restaurants you missed. You may have been focusing mostly on Bourbon Street, and that is a serious mistake.

  11. Café Beignet is delicious! I love their iced coffee; if you like your coffee light ask for two cups. It's strong enough to split it with a friend no problem. The main one is on Bourbon street, but there's another, smaller one on Royal street (between Conti and Bienville?). It's probably one of my favorite places, hands down.

  12. The comments section:

    "bUT cAfE dU mOndE"

    Also the comments section:

    I live in <insert random other state> and I've never been to NOLA

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