Julie Zhuo: How a Facebook Designer Thinks [Entire Talk]
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Julie Zhuo: How a Facebook Designer Thinks [Entire Talk]

12 thoughts on “Julie Zhuo: How a Facebook Designer Thinks [Entire Talk]

  1. Most of facebooks features are just a toolbar and a webview. And the design really sucks. Instagram looks way better than the facebook app.

  2. So far just Asian and White… not much diversity in personalities. Would be nice to hear of leaders that were not in wealthy families.

  3. we looked at …. we looked at…. we looked at….. come on facebook seriously, they know how complicit they have been in creating political and social division throughout the world. Instead of just putting that damn dislike button in, they filtered out the stuff people didn't actively LIKE. REMOVING things people don't like in order to increase usage of the app is social engineering and absolutely disgusting example of corporate social responsibility. REACTIONS doesn't work. Period. It's still nowhere near as promoted as likes are, it's half as easy/twice as difficult to dislike, no one can quickly see how many dislikes there are, you have to go into reactions all the time… youtube is the perfect example of good implementation… like seriously facebook engineers are what, smarter than youtube engineers? The use case and customers are different? Yea right. Dislike a person/point of view – making it clear what the person is disliking – reactions has not solved this so don't pretend it has – we still have no idea exactly what the person is reacting to unless they go to the effort of typing a comment. And to top it off of course, honestly I do not know this so I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that negative reactions still serve to drop things from the feed instead of remaining there to dislike similar articles in the future. (The Like bubble) Finally, I love when they call this stuff "products." Seriously, reactions is not a product, it's just an over-engineered dislike button. Put the dislike button and deal with it. It's a shame because otherwise her other "products" are pretty great.

  4. For those who are preparing for UX research interviews at Facebook: https://www.rooftopslushie.com/request/Facebook-UX-Research-Interviews-14 Hope this can help everyone!

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