JoJo and Jordan’s Instagram Q&A | Engaged

– Is it? – No, is that me?
– Wow. – Hello, everyone, we love
talking to you on social media. Of course, we get asked all the time about our crazy lives since the Bachelorette. – We’re gonna answer
all your top questions on social media right
here, this is our tell all, the ultimate Jordan
and JoJo questionnaire. – Oh.
– Favorite moment? – Oh my gosh, I have to think about this. My favorite moment on the Bachelorette – Well, then I’ll go. – Oh no, I got one, I got one, I got one. The first night, day one. – That’s what I was gonna say. – Stole it. I was super nervous. – You were nervous?
– Yes. – You knew what was gonna happen. I’m stepping out of a limo,
I don’t know who it is or what’s gonna happen. – He was leaked to have been, like, his name had came out in the media. I like googled you, I like
stalked your Instagram. – Stalker. – I did, cause I was like this is one guy that I know that is gonna be there. – What’d you think? – I thought you were so cute. I think it may have been a
little bit of an unfair advantage because that whole night, I was
waiting for you to come out. You were so cute. I remember, I just remember
your butt for some reason. When you walked away, I remember– – This old thing? – I remember thinking he
has such a good booty. I don’t know why I thought about that. – Squats, every night in the
mirror, at least 100 of ’em. – So, night one, that’s my answer. – Best part, I got the kiss Night one.
– You did. – And actually, it was
like my second time around I really wanted to do it
the first time around, and we sat there, we were
kinda sitting right here, like on a couch and I
was like, I’m feeling it, but is she feeling it?
– Yes! – Is this how she acts to everybody? I don’t know, so I was like,
okay, I’m not gonna do it, and then I stepped away and I was like, man, I shoulda just gone for the kiss, I should’ve been true to myself, so I kinda stole a little extra time then. So that was my favorite moment, because I could’ve just not done it, and who knows how that
night would’ve gone? – Yeah.
– If I hadn’t got that kiss, but I went and got it.
– Who knows? – Do we have pet names for each other? Bub, do you want to take this one? – Oh, Bub! Yes, we have a lot. – We have a lot, I just
started thinking about ’em. – We have so many. We have Bub,
we have Bubby, we have Boob. – Who calls who boob? – I don’t think Boob’s one of them. – Yeah, let’s not that one. Schmo and Schmor, I don’t
know where this one came from, oh, I know where. – He goes Joelle Schmoelle,
so then he just started calling me Schmo and then I
wanted to be a part of that, and so I was like Jordan
Schmordan, Schmor! – So that’s kinda what
we say most often now. I call you bro sometimes. – Which is so weird to
me, and I don’t like– – Hey, bro.
And I don’t like it. – Hey, Joelle, do you read
the comments on Instagram? – Okay, here’s the thing. Yes.
– Yes. – Yes, I like to engage with
my people on social media, so now I like to read the comments. I like to know what you’re
asking me, I want to talk to you. So I definitely read ’em now, and I try to be as engaging as I can. – Sometimes it can be very hurtful. Sometimes you can scroll through comments, and if you let that affect you, then I would say don’t read the comments. That’s why early on I
think it affected you. I was just like let it go
then, but we do want to engage. But, hey, beware.
– And we check our DMs. – Beware, you say something I don’t like, I’m deleting it, all day, every day. I’m getting that comment
off, and I will block you and I am okay with that. I’m okay with that. – I have an idea!
– Oh boy. – I think this will be good for us. I don’t even know–
– I’m nervous. – We are gonna go through
y’all’s comments on Instagram. – Really?
– Right now. – Really?
– I think we should it! I think it’s good timing. This is my look off and laugh
at nothing to get a good photo for the Instagram.
– You’re really good at that. – It turned out cute, but I’m
literally laughing at nothing. – Zero, maybe one of my jokes. – No, literally nothing here. – But my jokes aren’t really
good, so she’s a good actress. – All right, I’m gonna
find one here, here we go. You are so naturally beautiful, JoJo. How do you make everything
you wear look so good? How do you do that? – Okay, very sweet, that
is very sweet of you. The most important thing
that I have tried to do is just when you feel
confident, when you’re happy, when you’re genuinely
enjoying what you’re doing, you feel good and you feel your
best and you look your best. – What do I always tell you? – Don’t be so hard on yourself. – Be nicer to yourself.
– Be nicer to yourself. And I think that’s a really
good thing for people, and thank you for– – ‘Cause we all look in the mirror and there’s always something,
right, that you don’t love. I’m just like, you know what, that’s okay, you can acknowledge that,
but also when you speak and you say something, I
think it’s very powerful. – Be nicer to yourself.
– So I always just say just be nicer to yourself. – Instagram is not an accurate
depiction sometimes as well, so be nice to yourself. Here we go, I love this one. Why is your fiancee so
damn perfect? @jrodgers11. – That’s a question for you! – No, no, that’s a question for you. This is your picture,
this is your picture. – No, but they’re asking Jordan
Rogers why your fiancee– – No, they’re just showing,
just in case you forgot, they’re saying your fiance is jrodgers11. – No, I don’t know guys, (laughing) I think it’s
the other way around. – I am not perfect. – Can we get somebody to clarify? – Can we get a ruling on this? Well, answer it, there you go. – Okay, why are you so perfect? – Tell me more. – He’s just so handsome
and funny and strong. – I love this question.
– That’s a weird, that’s just a weird question to answer, so why don’t you go ahead and take it. – I appreciate it, I am
not perfect, end of story. – [JoJo] Aw, I love this one. – [Jordan] This is probably one of my favorites pictures, too. – That one needs to be
printed and put in our house. I love it! – Except I’m making a weird face. You look cute, I’m making a weird face. – No, you’re smirking. You’re in between going
like, do I wanna kiss you or do I wanna smile? – [Jordan] It’s a tough decision. – What do you wanna do? – Oh, but look at this. – Yup, does that surprise you? – Nope.
– No. – So, when are you gonna
get married already? When’s the wedding? Are y’all gonna get married? – Are you ever going to get married? – Are you getting married? We get that one a lot! – Yeah, and you know what guys, we love that you are so
invested and that you care. That means so much to
us, so don’t ever think that it gets annoying. We just do hear that question a lot. The answer is yes, we are getting– – Yes, we are.
– We are getting married. – And we are very happy
and we love each other. – I am madly in love with this man. – Madly.
– Madly. I don’t know if I’ve
ever said that before. But we are taking things at our own speed. – We’re also enjoying it, right? Most people date for two or three years before they then get
engaged and plan a wedding in a year, or a year and
a half, or two years. So, we’re enjoying that
dating time as well, and we’re getting our life settled down, and we are absolutely talking about it. – We got engaged in this very unusual way We’re enjoying that normal dating process. – And courtship can be a nice dinner out or it can be bean and
cheese tacos and Netflix. – And that’s what I love.
– She likes that one. – So, I don’t think
courtship will ever end, but I do think it’s
important to enjoy that. So, like I said, we’re
gonna get deeper into this because I know it’s
something that you guys– – Ask a lot.
– Ask a lot. You’re invested and we love that. We want to talk about it,
and we’re gonna talk about it more in depth here than
we ever have before. – Stay tuned. – [JoJo] This picture.
– [Jordan] Love this picture. I love this picture. There’s a very common theme I feel like in the comment section of this picture. Here is one. I need her to do a
ponytail tutorial, omgggg. – All caps.
– All caps. – Oh my ga ga ga ga, I need a ponytail. – Girls, I get this question a lot. I love wearing my hair in a ponytail. I love it flirty and fun, and I am going to do a
hair tutorial for you soon. – Isn’t that my favorite hairstyle? – He does, he loves my– – Every time she asks me,
“Should I wear my up or down?” Up, all the way up. – A little tidbit, just right now before I even get into a hair tutorial, the key is to texturize your
hair as much as you can. – It’s not that hard, I can do it. – Oh, could you do it?
– Oh, yeah. – Who wants to see Jordan attempt doing a high ponytail on my head, please? – Okay, I used to have long hair, so I used to rock a man bun. Not only can I pull it off, I can absolutely do the thing and stuff. – Okay, so you heard it here
first, be expecting that. – A lot of teasing and
texture, pull it tight. I got this, I’m gonna show
you, I’m gonna show you. I’ll do the tutorial. – Oh, wow, stay tuned for that then. – Oh, I won’t mess it up.
– Anyways. – [Jordan] What is going on there? – [JoJo] I don’t know. – [Jordan] How did we get to that point? – Did I tell you to get on my back or did you just jump on my back? – I look scared for my life,
rightfully so, we are falling. You look perfect.
– I look strong. – Look at that leg muscle,
okay, okay, I see it. – All right, now let’s go to the comments. Oh, this is weird, this person said, “Wait, who is the dude
in the woods behind you?” – Wait, where.
– Jordan. I didn’t even notice this. – [Jordan] I didn’t even
see that, that’s creepy. – [JoJo] Look, okay. – [Jordan] Oh, that’s really
creepy, wearing all black, too. – Wait.
– We don’t know, and I’m never going back there again. – You know why this is funny,
’cause we were making a joke, saying that we were in the woods shooting an episode of Snapped,
and now we could have been. – Then someone is back there. – [JoJo] You guys, that’s a leaf. – [Jordan] Are you sure, no. – I don’t know, I’m scared, let’s move on. – You know, like in the Wizard of Oz, when there’s something swinging? You’ve probably never
seen the Wizard of Oz, but they always think someone was hanging, swinging in the background. Maybe it’s a flying monkey. – I don’t know, but that is– – We have no idea who the
person in the background is, and that’s worrisome. – Yeah, I don’t know, guys. This comment is from our boy wellsadams, and he said you have
abnormally large feet. – Yean, I do, what’s wrong with that? 12 and a halves, you
know what they would say about big feet?
– Big socks! – Big brain, big brain, very smart. My feet look big because she’s got the tiniest feet in the world. – Wait, I haven’t got a
pedicure in a while, can we not? – Yeah, it’s an illusion. Oh.
– Yeah, I like this one, because this was day one of
a really exciting project that we were working on. – I think this is also when we
realized we need a new pose. – Yes.
– ‘Cause we always did, like take a picture,
and we’re just like… Like prom pose.
– That’s our prom pose. – Well, whatever, you know what I meant. – I like this one though. – Same pose, different post, why are y’all leaning to the left? I knew it! We are so lame. – You run out of good poses,
and we’re gonna work on that. – Like what are we supposed to do? Is she supposed to hold
me, is that a pose? We’re just trying to look cute. – I know, can I see y’all’s– – I will say, okay, can I say this? You always tell me that I
should lean more into you, but then she says get
your head closer to me, but I’m taller, so it looks like I’m just, and then it looks like I’m hunching, and then she’ll tell me, oh,
you should stand up straight. How do I stand up straight
and lean towards you? My neck’s gonna be like–
– Oh, just figure it out. That’s how you do it.
– Figure it out I’ll figure it out.
– Just figure it out. (smooching) – [JoJo] Oh, I love– – The booner.
– Jackie Moon. Oh, the love of our life.
– Jackson, my son. – This was such a good, such a good photo, because this was his
first day at the beach, and that’s been on my bucket list– – Forever.
– Forever. Before I die, and before he passes, I don’t even want to talk about that, I wanted him to go to
the beach and enjoy it. – Good story about this one. He’s a crazy man, he was
running all out in the water, he loves it, and then all of a sudden, he starts to run back
towards the beach in a panic. – No, this is so… And I’m not even kidding,
explosive liquid diarrhea. It started shooting out of
his butt at a 45-degree angle. He was just dragging it,
and it was everywhere. – You could tell he was so embarrassed. I don’t know if the salt
water was good for him. – He may ate a little too much salt water, but there was explosive diarrhea. – Projectile.
– Projectile. It was, poor guy.
– Okay, let’s move on, let’s move on, let’s move on. This is a good one,
’cause I get this a lot. What breed is Jackson,
’cause he is so perfect? – He’s perfect.
– Jackson is so perfect. – He’s a good-looking dog. – He is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and we got very lucky with him because that breed is awesome and amazing, but they are usually so hyper. – And he is chill.
– He is so mellow. – He’ll be a crazy man at
the beach or at the park, but he is chill.
– So we got very lucky. – He’s also very stoic, he
never expresses much emotion. – His face is perfect. Just by the way, guys, Jackson
does have his own Instagram. It’s jackiemoonthegsp. – Can I take credit for the Jackie Moon? – And he is a baller. – Yes, you can.
– That was… – Wait, this is funny,
this girl just goes, “That’s my dad behind you
in the white shirt,” what? – He’s chilling, photo bombing. – Kaitlin, that’s funny,
where are you girl? Not gonna lie, his smile kinda reminds me of Nicholas Cage in Face Off. – I think that’s a bad thing. – Have you seen that?
– I have not seen that. But Nicholas Cage, is that bad? – I don’t think that’s
good, but I love your smile. – I’m never smiling again,
just because of you. – I’m fine with that, whatever. – Funny, funny, funny.
– Hit me with your best shot. ♪ Hit me with your best shot. ♪ I can take it, let me
go to my account now, hold on, let’s get out of here. – Yeah, let’s go to your photos. – Here’s a good picture. – Yeah, it is a great picture. – The Mooner’s birthday,
Jackie’s fourth birthday. We went big, we went big. – We went so big on his fourth birthday. – He has a mason jar with food and peanut butter.
– And treats. – And a candle and a huge bone. He’s a child, he’s our child. – Can I just tell you, getting
that hat to stay on his head was not easy and I take a lot of credit for being like, over here, over here. – Oh, yeah.
– So, so good. – Okay, here we go. Jackson’s face in all these
pictures is everything. Jordan’s way more into the birthday party. – Yes.
– True. – Yes, true, but also that’s just Jackson. – When he’s super excited, he’s like this, and when he’s super sad, he’s like this, and when he wants to go
to the P-A-R-K, park, he’s like this.
– No, he’s like this. – Mom and dad, we’re the fun parents. – We are the cool parents. Okay, that was so much
fun, we covered a ton. We loved doing that. – We gotta do that again,
and you guys have juice here and better questions, so bring it. – Yes, if we didn’t answer anything, please comment below, we are
going to tackle all of that. – And don’t forget to subscribe. – See ya next time. (upbeat music)

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