Is YouTube A Social Network? What Can We Do To Leverage That?
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Is YouTube A Social Network? What Can We Do To Leverage That?

Question number one, is YouTube really a social
network and how can you leverage that? A great question, double question this way but they
all come together. The fact is simple, YouTube is a social network, how can you say so, well
YouTube says so and a bunch of other people say so. But let’s go further, let’s deconstruct
that. What makes a social network, friends, comments, subscriptions these are all part
of YouTube, interactivity, tying into other social networks, all these things are all
part of YouTube. We’ll be discussing these later but YouTube ties in closely with other
social networks and has social networks of its own, there are feeds of content, and there
are activities streams, all the things that make up a social network are inside of YouTube.
It has all of them, it is completely and totally a social network, now why would Google make
YouTube a social network when there are so many. Well there is a couple of reasons that
are really simple if you think about it and when you think them through. Number one social
equals stick, when you come to see the stuff that you’ve subscribed to, you’ve come to
see stuff that you’ve commented on, you’ve come to see the community that you’re integrating
with, that is stick, you will stay longer, you will come back. So social is stick, stick
is more money, the longer the people stay the more ads YouTube can put up, the more
interactivity they can get the bigger the audience they can build which they can charge
more money for. So social is stick, stick is more money and
then finally YouTube quite simply is smart, having a video replayed and page and network
that isn’t social is not going to bring them the revenue that they are looking for and
that’s not going to put them in the strategic position that they are looking for. So YouTube
is very smart and is doing this on purpose. Now guys I’m sure you know at this point YouTube
is owned by Google, Google is spending a considerable amount of time and money and effort on GooglePlus.
Let this said right now GooglePlus is not a social network, GooglePlus is a social platform,
timely integrated to YouTube. We are to go over here real quickly to the
YouTube homepage and what you’ll see here is the first three pages, the first three
videos recommended on my YouTube page are all from GooglePlus. These are people that
I follow on the site of GooglePlus and stuff that they’ve shared inside of GooglePlus comes
up inside of YouTube. So the integration between YouTube and GooglePlus is considerable, YouTube
is completely and totally a social network, you need to retrieve the search. So what are
the action items? Action item number one, treated as such, I realize and integrate with
YouTube as a social network make it as much a part of your marketing efforts as is Twitter,
as is Facebook, as is GooglePlus as is anything else you might be doing. Number two you do
things that will A; bring more viewers as a result of social networking and B; do things
that will make YouTube more money, what do I mean by this? Well, YouTube makes more money
the more subscribers you have because they come back they see more. YouTube makes more
money the more comments you get, because they want to see if somebody commented on their
comment. The more interactivity, the more social inside of YouTube, the money YouTube
makes. And let’s admit it the higher they see you the more valued they see you as a
customer inside. In short the more you do for YouTube, the more YouTube will do for
you. so I tried number one, created a search, action number two, do the things that will
bring you viewers as a result of the social network and make YouTube more money. Then
finally part three gets involved inside of GooglePlus. You might have heard GooglePlus
is a ghost town, you might have heard GooglePlus is not worth utilizing, you might have heard
a number of things about GooglePlus and whereas some of them may be true. The realization
that GooglePlus is in fact a social platform, I mean do you want to integrate that timely
with YouTube, so yes it’s a social network, yes you can leverage it. I just showed you
how and that is question number one.

11 thoughts on “Is YouTube A Social Network? What Can We Do To Leverage That?

  1. It's real power is in being a social platform though. only focusing on the network part of g+ would be like "not worrying about the audio" for any youtube video.

    but thanks for the kind words.

  2. Well done. I'm not a huge Facebook fan but I do like Google+. You just clarified the distinctions between the two. Good job. I'll definitely be using YouTube as a part of my social media strategy for my soon-to-be launched blog.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I love all the social media channels so any tips are always welcome. I'm subscribed.

  4. There is no chat room,but Ive always felt youtube was more social than facebook or defunct myspace.Searching for video channels to communicate with users of similar interests has to be above sharing to the world images of what you had for breakfast,lol Focusing on video,we watch,and possibly even learn.If more interesting ideas are implemented,hopefully google does not churn out what the public consider a bloated product of whats already out there.I wonder if a merger could be a hackers paradise

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