Is the British Media Covering Up this Royal Scandal?
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Is the British Media Covering Up this Royal Scandal?

In April 2019, US magazine In Touch published
potentially scandalous news: the second in line to the throne of Great Britain and Northern
Island, Prince William, was having an affair… The story immediately hit news headlines across
the world – except for the newspapers in the United Kingdom. Why? According to the magazine, anonymous internal
sources say Prince William’s affair is common knowledge among privileged circles since a
year before the rumour broke out. Allegedly, the affair started when the Duchess
of Cambridge was pregnant with Prince Louis, their third child. In that period, William
grew close to Marchioness Rose Hanbury, a former British model and wife of Marquess
David Cholmondeley. The Cholmondeleys are one of the grandest
families in Britain, and their relationship with the Royal Family goes back a long time.
When he was only 14 years old, the Marquess was awarded the title of Page Of Honour by
Queen Elizabeth II. He is also the Lord Great Chamberlain and, as such, he is responsible
for overseeing activities whenever the Queen opens parliament. He is also a good friend
of Prince Charles, William’s father and the first in the line of succession. Rose Hanbury’s resume is no less impressive;
her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Longman, was close friends with Queen Elizabeth II and
was even a bridesmaid at the Queen’s wedding. The Cholmondeleys were very close to the royal
couple as well. Kate and Rose seemed inseparable, as did their husbands and their children.
They no longer seem so close. So what happened? According to tabloids, Kate ended the families’
friendship because she discovered William was cheating on her with Rose. Anonymous sources
revealed to In Touch magazine that she even told her husband to have Rose “phased out”
of their circle. And the rumour spread… Magazines focused their attention not only
on William and Kate but on the Cholmondeleys’ marriage too. With a 23-year age gap between
Rose and her husband, the claim is that their lifestyles and interests are too different
to coexist. When Rose showed up at a state dinner for Donald Trump in June 2019 without
her wedding ring on, the gossip did anything but settle down. But, apart from this episode, which, in any
case, can only prove the Cholmondeleys’ marriage might be rocky, there’s no actual
proof that any of these claims are true. Most of the sources reported by the media
are anonymous. Given the importance of the people involved, it’s understandable that
they would wish to remain anonymous. Nonetheless their anonymity means no one can clearly confirm
the rumour. The only notable source cited in articles is Rose’s parents who, when
asked about the affair, expressed surprise and replied, “”Nothing to say about it. Got
no comment. There is no comment.”” Because of this, the controversy amounts to
nothing more than the word of global gossip magazines against the word of the royal family
and the British press, which doesn’t seem to give credit to the allegations at all. However, if the tabloids are merely speculating,
why did Prince William’s lawyers get involved in the matter? According to The Daily Beast, an American
website, at least one British publication was served with legal warnings by the royal
family’s lawyers, Harbottle and Lewis, after publishing early details of the rumours. One of the solicitors’ letters reportedly
states, “In addition to being false and highly damaging, the publication of false
speculation in respect of our clients’ private life also constitutes a breach of his privacy
pursuant to Article 8 of European Convention of Human Rights.” The former royal editor of The Sun, Duncan
Larcombe, believes “the use of a legal letter by William as a future king is very much a
move of last resort”. He added that traditionally, in these circumstances, the British royal
family would not specifically take legal action against the press. Therefore, if the royal family has nothing
to hide, why is it breaking its own protocol? And there’s more… The Daily Beast also reported that Giles Coren,
a prominent staff writer for The London Times, tweeted,“Yes, it is an affair. I haven’t
read the [article by In Touch] but I know about the affair. Everyone knows about the
affair.” Then, he deleted the tweet. When asked, Coren declined to comment and denied
the palace pressured him to delete it. Still, it does look a bit suspicious. Additionally, tabloids have pointed out how
this is not the first rumour about William’s infidelity. In 2017, The Sun and The Daily Mail published
footage and photographs showing the prince flirting with two girls in a Swiss nightclub. On this basis, some, like American website
The List, suggest Kate and William’s marriage has already ended, but they grin and bear
it for the Queen who, according to the media, wants to avoid any scandals and is therefore
stopping them getting a divorce. This might make sense but, again, why is the
UK media, which is often happy to criticise the royal family, so silent about this particular
potential scandal? Maybe the answer is they’re just not interested
in it. Instead, over the past few years, British
tabloids have been very harsh on Meghan Markle. So much so that her husband, Prince Harry,
has publicly accused the UK press of bullying his wife. In October 2019, he said, “I’ve
seen what happens when someone I love is commoditised to the point that they are no longer treated
or seen as a real person. […] I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim
to the same powerful forces.” However, are these “powerful forces” really
using Meghan for an ulterior purpose? International press like Asia One believe the constant attacks
on Meghan Markle by the British press are intended to draw attention away from William’s
infidelity. After all, the first to publish the rumour
was the tabloid In Touch, well known for making up breaking news at least once a year, whether
it was their ‘scoop’ on Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy or Barack Obama’s affair. In this
context, it may seem reasonable for the UK media to ignore royal rumours for once. Even if William’s legal actions against
the press look suspicious, and some of the rumours make sense, these things alone are
not tangible evidence for a new royal scandal. The truth, as it has always been, is known
only to the royal family, and maybe the UK media too.

100 thoughts on “Is the British Media Covering Up this Royal Scandal?

  1. Every member of the Royal Family is targeted by MI6 for compromise and consequent control. Does anyone remember Prince Edward?

  2. So he is with that woman who is not even as good looking as Kate.
    Is he like his daddy? Always had a liver on the side. A beautiful model like wife and mother but he goes for another who is ‘friends of the family.’
    While the regular media is ignoring William’s affair if his wife had a similar affair they would have a field day.

  3. I hate the royal family so much. How can any self respecting person allow themselves to be lorded over by these disgusting inbred, parasites?

  4. No cover up, you guys just don't make up trash like we do. Papers like these are the reason Trump is president and Americans are ignorant.

  5. The silent enemy that daily, people allow through their door.

    MSM newspapers, cable TV, advertising and much much more.

    For decades they've fed us misinformation, their narrative of the day.

    Co-ordinated worldwide for maximum effect, all similar in what they say.

    Operation Mockingbird, the propaganda wing that's CIA run.

    Facebook a continuation of another operation, in the 40's that begun.

    Dismissed as conspiracy theorists, by those that try to hide it away.

    Those within the system with their own agenda, a sick game they play.

    Destruction of the masses, whilst keeping them in the dark.

    They built up trust for decades, it's like trusting your kids with a shark.

    The time has come to end their power, for them to crash and burn.

    Their trust now at an all time low, to the alternative that people turn.

    The silent majority is waking, real truth is now reaching far and wide.

    MSM is dying, those & those who they protect will have no place to hide.

    It's the peoples revolution, led by a Brave President Trump and team Q.

    The course of history changing and yes dreams really can come true.

    Those awoken waking their neighbours, the whole planet uniting as one.

    Those brainwashed or unable to see yet, will awaken when it's begun.

  6. Prince Andrew basically admits to regularly visiting Epstiens Island, and we have a vid about the royal couple. Brilliant.

  7. Who cares. In any case, the world press should be muzzled and controlled period. They cause more trouble than they are worth.

  8. baffles me people still call them royals and bow down to kings and queens, medieval times are over, people have stopped sleeping in pig pens and have some kind of education now.

  9. Probably, but who cares? I was watching BBC World News two days ago and they straight up lied to millions of people watching…. So it's pretty obvious this is a cover up…

  10. So gossip magazines are credible sources now days? Come on people use some real sources. Daily beast, list or sun arent credible and maybe they're breaking protocol because of doing bat markle

  11. Some genitals may have been near some genitals. After hundreds of millions of pounds invested and thousands of man-hours used, we can now confirm that the genitals were within three feet of one another. We will return after these messages with more genital proximity reports, here on GNN.
    Pay attention to these important things. Ignore the child rapes and child-pimp jail-murder. Only pay attention to these important things, you dumb-fucks.

  12. At least he's not chugging cock. I'd be MUCH stranger if he wasn't plowing random broads after a decade of marriage, imagine the poon that gets thrown at that bald dork, how could he say no?!?!

  13. No disrespect. Love your videos but most of us dont give a damn about an affair. People have affairs all the time. When I first saw this video I thought it was about the whole Prince Andrew and Epstein situation. That's what we want to hear you break down. Not an affair.

  14. What a bunch of F'n weirdos across the pond..
    Top hat, monocle wearing, gold cane walking, devil worshipping, Bohemian grove party having F'n weirdos.

  15. quite frankly, i couldnt care less about an affair between two consensual adults.. prince andrew is a fuckin pedophile and jeffrey epstein got killed..

  16. It's not all surprising that Will would sneak around. No matter how beautiful, smart and classy a woman is, someone is tired of sleeping with her.

  17. Hello friends around the world! 🙂
    What other scandals or stories are common knowledge to the rest of the world which our UK media have not covered?
    As a Brit, i'm curious to know how many more there may be….

  18. Why not draw attention to the recent BBC interview with prince Andrew? Seems a more important and priority conspiracy to be covering if delving into the Royals

  19. Well, they're not talking about a certain island owned by a guy who definitely didn't kill himself, so they're probably covering this up also.

  20. I'm not British and I don't want to tell you how to do things but for fucks sake why is there still a monarchy. I know it's not a true monarchy, it's more of a symbolic type but it seems like they don't contribute anything to GB. How many of you actually support them?

  21. … using Markel as cover-up? … don't you think Andrew & his PROVEN "proclivities" are both: a bigger ("Muya Grande" BIGGER) issue ..&.. IS taking more attn away from these lesser issues
    {AND EPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF …. <= a new slogan in the States}
    … also: 🇫 🇷 🇪 🇪 ✊ 🇦 🇸 🇸 🇦 🇳 🇬 🇪

  22. No, the British Media is covering up and looking the other way on the Prince Andrew/Epstein bombshell, which SHOULD place a royal in prison! But no, lets blab more about Meghan's clothes for the next decade.

  23. I got chills from Harry's speech! "Same powerful forces!" Reminds me of JFKs famous secret society speech. I know some conspiracy people see William and Harry as someone who will blow the lid on everything and stop the line of royalty. We can only hope.

    And I also guess this drama is to cover up the Andrew stuff. And that is btw written about in Norwegian press!

  24. Why the British media don't talk about the pedophile Prince Andrew and his friend, who didn't kill himself, Jeffrey Epstein?

  25. I’m a huge Royalist. I love the Royal Family I don’t believe for one minute that William is/was having an affair. I think he remembers what that did to his parents marriage and wouldn’t do such a thing. I also don’t agree with how Megan Markle has been treated by the media at all however I believe she knew exactly what sort of life she would have marrying a Royal and chose to marry Harry because she could see past that but now it’s her reality she’s realised that it’s harder than she thought and she doesn’t like it and wants to distance herself. It’s too late now though for her to do that she’s got a Royal husband and has his baby, doesn’t matter if she wants to raise him as a private citizen that’s what she signed up for

  26. As a brit, I'm baffled we still have a royal family. They are pointless nowadays, the family won't last when the queen dies. It's about time they stop living of the tax payer and get themselves down the job centre

  27. How can Meghan complain though. Is brits finance their whole lives. Their wedding was what £20mill ridiculous. Not to mention the million pound mansion we brought them

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