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Is Social Media BAD for You? | Kati Morton

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  1. This is a good one Kati. I wanted to spend less time on social media and focus on life more and going to the gym, taking spin class. Writing music, and studying as well. But I do need YouTube for tutorial videos. And I would say that social media could be bad for you because ethere are bad posts and there are posts that can scare others and the debate is going on. You can use social medias to contact your real friends and making sure that you are okay.

  2. I recently deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Too much of a time waster and it’s full of negativity. Might do the same with Instagram too, in fact. Overall, lots of good points in this video 🙂

  3. I rarely go on social media platforms nowadays and when I do I feel mostly the same as before, that feeling being pretty shitty

  4. Ive been binging your videos and I want to say thank you. I have learned a lot and I have much more to go. Through some of your videos I've been able to help a few friends. I think you're wonderful and I appreciate your content ❤️

  5. Are you not aware of the problem with people getting a hit of dopamine when their post (on Facebook for instance) gets addictive? How bout the people who used to be Facebook's CEOs don't use it themselves OR let their children use it, and did interviews that are up on YouTube warning people NOT to use it and why? That it's tearing down the fabric of society?! I'd explain but I think you'd understand better what's REALLY going on if you find those interviews online and watch them for yourself and pass the information on to your other viewers.

  6. Great video! Hi Dr. Drew! 🙂 I have a rule: if I'm with someone (visiting, talking, going somewhere) my rule is no phone time with anyone else (except for emergencies of course) because it's THEIR time with me, and they get my full attention. I think its downright rude to be with someone, and be talking on the phone or texting with someone else and completely ignoring the physical presence of another person, when they took time out of their day to visit! They also might be busy, and it's almost like a common courtesy to the other person to let them know their time and presence is valuable.

  7. I constantly find I'm comparing myself to the way other people live their lives. I get down on myself for not being more or better or smarter.

  8. Dr. Drew @3:06 "We'd like people to be able to have a voice"
    Me: True
    Dr. Drew @3:07 "We want to hear everybody's voice"
    Me: Not True.

  9. I have been good about not following accounts or channels that make me feel jealous, and use it almost entirely for education/learning about hobbies and political topics. However, it still can be hard to log off of and can easily consume a lot of time.

  10. Social media is considered the grand isolation experiment through which physical human contact is replaced by artificial stimuli, and individualism is supplanted by herd mentality & mob rule. This is a very dangerous precipice upon which we as a society are embarking, and common sense & truth are rubbed out by "feel good/in the moment" emotional reactions. A severe threat to basic human fundamental code of conduct by which we coexist.

  11. My screentime is my bad coping skill.. I use it to not have to think about what i feel and what is actually going on. I just figured that out and now am very sceptical about websites that want you to keep watching like instagram, facebook and YouTube.. but on the other hand they are a much more fun and inclusive type of entertainment than tv.

  12. Hi Kati , Social Media , the Second Grand Contradiction !! We use it // we look forward to it , we have made friends , we follow people and belong to groups and forums.

    In the end I call it a contradiction because we use it many times for help and many times it works , but it is not perfect , there are forums or groups that have to many restrictions , while others don`t have enough filtering.

    To me , this is what I have found. I have had professional people tell me time and time again , if you want anything to do with getting self published you will need a cell phone.
    You know me , I am not a fan , but you have also read my work , and if I was to ask your opinion you would more than likely would say ‘ a cell phone would be helpful in keeping ‘real time’ track of sales // opinions // possible re-writes // possible follow ups and etc. ‘

    You have seen the volume I have created and might already have enough to publish , but my lack of social media knowledge is in fact holding me back.

    So do I find the software // format my style // and pass it on to Amazon . or should I hire a publicist and let them do the leg work , while I spend my time on future content and new ways to free style your writing , like I have started adding royalty free images , and have been experimenting with royalty free music and doing ‘read overs’ . There are many possibilities , but there are only 24 hours in one day. If that day is complicated be MI , it makes it that much harder.

    You asked for a comment , and I gladly offer it , thanks for the “ Burn-Out “ series really enjoying it.

    Say ‘Hi’ to Sean for me , take care and thanks again , Gary 

  13. Kati I’m not sure if you have done a video on this but I was wondering could you do a video on how to quit being abusive/helping people overcome being abusive. I’ve always wondered what people do to fix the abuser because clearly they are the problem and need to be fixed but usually when it comes to abuse we focus on the victim (which we should focus on helping them) but rarely on how to solve the root of the issue (the abuser).
    I’m very interested to know what can be done to fix the problem when you have loved ones that can be abusers (not to you but to their SOs I do not believe a victim is responsible to help fix that problem by any means and should focus on themselves and their own healing)

  14. Whenever I visit Facebook or Twitter they only ever tell me that I need to find more friends. My new therapist has started to tell me that too, but somehow I don't think she means the same thing.

  15. "Screens" are in my opinion the biggest blessing that have ever come to mankind. It allows communication and information flow on a scale never seen before. It allows humans to work together and better the world. Not to mention that a real connection CAN be made through the internet. Even with people who would never connect otherwise due to their circumstances. Sure, there are things that are better done off screen. But hey, you won't be eating soup with a fork.

  16. Social Media has been a great thing for me tbh, ever since childhood. Helps me be creative, be inspired, be productive, ect Yes there are some negative aspects to social media but what I do is(depending on the severity of it) unfollow that person for awhile, mute or just not engage at all. Or filter out my feed. Real Life can be overwhelming too, I do agree with Dr Drew that ppl shouldn't get fired cause of what they post on Twitter, hes right on that but comparing Twitter, IG to substance abuse was very extreme, maybe it's a generation gab(I'm a millennial) and I just dont get his generations fear of new media but that's just me. If I'm being really honest mainstream media at times use to make me feel bad. Shows like One Tree Hill, some of the Disney Sitcoms like Hannah Montana, The Suite Life as much as I initially enjoyed them started to make me feel bad in a way but that's where social media helped me realize that theres more to life then what TV portrays. Theres a lot of great aspects to social media overall launching Industries, careers ect. Sharing passions ect.

  17. The irony when u just came across kati's channel n binging.

    Ps: so much eye contact that I'm feeling the butterflies.
    Ps2: I'm feelin better after a semi-successful session today with my therapist.

  18. When I get visitors I leave my phone on my computer desk and close the door. I left Facebook about 6 years ago and haven't missed it one bit, mostly for my depression, watching people live out their lives while I couldn't did not help one bit.

  19. I’d never thought about social media and burnout. I’m on social media a lot less than I used to be because I just don’t find it as enjoyable as the early days. But I don’t think I’ve ever felt better after being on social media. And in fact I struggle with this because I think despite it not being as good of a connection we’re much less isolated than we’ve ever been. The past ten or twenty years, to me, seem to be all about being able to be yourself and find your niche and that’s super cool. I think we couldn’t be here without social media and the internet and that’s something to value. But like any tool it can be used improperly. I really found the comments on screen time interesting. I spent a lot of time on the computer anyway for work and other things. Then I got a tablet for my main computer and I use it for everything. I read books on it, I take notes on it, I play games on it, and it’s so portable. I have to say it seems like a bit of a miracle device. But I do worry about my screen time. I don’t think I’m doing anything different and in fact I’m doing some things better. For notes it’s easier to keep track of them, there are less constraints, and it’s easier to be creative and pull in other mediums. For reading I’ve found it much easier to get books from the library using my library app so I’m reading way more and more of what I like. I’m drawing and playing games rather than staring at youtube. It’s been a real positive but suddenly a lot of my activities – especially relaxation activities – have moved onto the screen.

  20. I don’t do Facebook unless I’m in the professional groups learning and exchanging w colleagues. All of that other stuff is just way too much for me.

  21. I'm annoyed I love bands so much… I use it to follow them and see tour dates and rare vinyl releases that you miss out on if you don't jump right on it… If not for that I'd delete all social media in a heartbeat

  22. I’ve also deleted social media, it really has cleared a lot of the negativity in my mind. It was giving me really bad body image issues.

  23. I've realized that Social Media has pulled me into an endless vortex of politics, where everything is so extremized and there is soo much doom saying from every side, and only recently I realized how absolutely miserable politics has made me feel

    I'm trying to distance myself from that

  24. I feel that social media has it's good and bad points just like anything else. It's all about using social media in a positive and responsible way. I felt this video was very negative and I felt quite uncomfortable watching it. Most of the content of the video seems to focus on the negative aspects of social media rather than a more balanced view where the positive aspects of social media could've been mentioned more rather than focusing so much on the negative. As a partially deaf guy with speech, I found social media to be a mostly positive experience and in fact liberating. I'm not deaf online I can communicate freely and not be hampered with the constant struggle to understand speech. I met my wife through social media so for me personally it's been a good thing. That said I appreciate the efforts you've gone through Katie, to provide help and support through you videos and look forward to seeing what you will do next. Right, I'm going to log off, watch TV, then read a book 🙂

  25. Weirdly, I find YouTube to be a great source, I honestly feel happier after using it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can burn in a hole, however.

  26. I'm so sick of getting pointed out ever little pin point for writing guides or making FREEEE content for video games to help gamers. I love doing it but it comes to a point where I go on other sites or guides made by other people or guys in general and everyone gives them thanks or amazing guides compliments. I do get them it's very rare but it makes me not want to do it anymore and do my own thing. I know my guides are great because I spend hours and hours photoshoping coding and editing to make it outstanding.

    I guess it's the world we live in now or maybe it's because I'm a girl and they try to cyber bully I have no idea and just getting burnt out on everything I do lately. Doesn't help I have aspergers I love it because it makes me smart but it gets in the way of jobs.

    Maybe trying to be a youtuber wasn't a good path to go.

  27. Are these videos posted at a certain time? The live chat thing looks fun, and I really enjoyed reading it. I want to join in, but… the time difference🇬🇧, is it at a certain time, because I don't sleep much anyway if it's at my nighttime😂?

  28. I have put a ton of work to my social media feeds, blocked people I can't stand, unfollowed things I didn't care about and filled it with fun stuff like cute animals and such 😅 I have a really good experience, since then 😀 I have gotten to know people I appreciate a lot, seen and learned things I otherwise wouldn't ever have seen. It's also a huge part of the progress I made with my mentalhealth…

  29. The tips, getting away from screens, having face-to-face time are good but we will just find replacements for our emptiness. Without getting religious, find a true relationship. 😁

  30. The most positive thing about social media that sticks out to me is that it makes it possible for marginalised people to build communities and find each other. Because of the 🏳️‍🌈 community on YouTube I was able to come out to myself as bi and I even found a whole group of 🏳️‍🌈 friends through a meet-up of two youtubers who came to Amsterdam. Two years later, we’re still a very close group and we would never have found each other if it wasn’t for social media. I can’t even express how much it meant to me to meet 🏳️‍🌈 people who were confident in their identities and who also didn’t care that I was still figuring things out. Also I’m sure that for many 🏳️‍🌈 people (and other marginalised groups of course), social media is the only place where they’re represented. Even though I know social media has very negative effects, I think this positive side of it is often really underestimated.

  31. 12:37 you can get sick, and this adds more stress. And not just physically.

    Serious question, as in not trying to be puny, is YouTube social media?

  32. I deactivated Facebook this week, I was struggling with others excluding me, I don’t know if they were or not but my heart was hurting. I had noticed a group of people replying to each other’s posts but they ignored me. I’ve just been struggling with others lying and saying things about me that aren’t true. I was just feeling like they maybe had been believing they lies 😢 my heart can’t take any more rejection.

  33. Hi Kati, So I have no clue if you still answer questions but I'm kinda hoping you do. How do you get into therapy. I don't know where to start or what to say. My ability to be social outside of mother duty's is nonexistent and I cant imagine how well therapy would work when my ability to have conversations seems to be the issue. I know I'm not a likable person so I'm not looking to make friends or anything. I would just like to be a little better for my kids sake.

  34. I for sure spend too much time on Twitter, but it's practically the only way to keep in touch with people who have the same hobby as me, both nationally and globally. Many of those people have become my friends and I enjoy seeing what they're up to. However, it would be better for my anxiety if I didn't see so many tweets about the injustices of the world. It is tricky to avoid those tweets, though, because those (re)tweets come from the people I absolutely want to follow. Maybe I'll blacklist some keywords and tags…

  35. I hate saying that one thing is the main cause of another thing. One of my personal reasons I feel that social media is so out of control is due to outside influences that never get resolved. Most of my friends, including myself at the time, were severely depressed while we were in school. I know not all schools are terrible, but most of them aren't that great. They don't really work at creating a positive environment and it's extremely stressful. I got bullied more in school for being different than in the online world.

    You also have to learn to create a positive environment for yourself, whether that's doing something you love or just surrounding yourself with people who won't sap your energy.

  36. Social media is great. Social media gave a platform to independent journalism. Who are the only one who deal in unbiased news. Unlike CNN, msnbc who often lie and push an agenda and false narrative.

  37. I noticed that you addressed two very different topics in this video but didn't really emphasize the difference. First, you talked about screens, and then you talked about social media. Those are very, very different. I don't use social media (unless YouTube is social media, and then it's only consuming videos, with the occasional comment like this, which I don't think is what you are referring to when you discuss the negatives of social media), yet despite my lack of usage of social media, I do have a lot of screen time. I use my screen time for watching educational/comedy YouTube, my job, learning languages, watching documentaries, podcasts, video games, etc. None of these provide regular contact with other human beings. Can you please provide more evidence/explanation as to why you think screen time is so bad that you think it will be classified as a drug? Because everything you said about social media doesn't have anything to do with the screen time claims.

  38. so i havent used facebook in over a year, and i feel great. Ive only resonantly went back on just to keep everyone up to date on my trip in Thailand but sometimes its good to cut things off

  39. I stopped using instagram, and that helped me A LOT. It's the comparing that is the issue for me. Seing accomplished people show off. Their amazing homes, relationships, money, free time. Makes me disregard the progress I've made, who I am, what I'm proud of.
    Also limited my facebook-use to messages and events.
    Youtube I still use, there's more good centent sharing and knowlege here. How to paint, how to make a dish. I often relax to youtube-chatter.

  40. Really nice video ' i think for me social media always push the p"perfect mindset ", no procrastination, zéro waste, vegan athlete, productivity, be the best version of yourself ! Even having a rest or a mental health break become something you should optimize x amount of time, y changes z number of new age book you read or therapy session you had. Exhaustion leads to burn out as well . People never get enough and judge

  41. Kati, I noticed in a lot of your videos that you use “we” when talking about specifically bpd pts. Is that an indication that you have managed bpd? Or do you use that pronoun to avoid singling out specific groups of people?

    Im an EMT that has taken many courses on emotional intelligence and am working to become social worker, as well have be diagnosed with bpd. Thanks Kati! Love your channel I’ve learned so much!

  42. Remember the times when you didn't know what 100 to 500 people are doing on a daily basis? No one needs to see what all of their friends are doing, you get overwhelmed by so much useless information. Most of what you'd see would be selfies, food porn, memes, quotes and narcissistic pieces of content anyways. You keep on smashing that like button on friends profiles that you haven't met in a year or maybe Years. You keep on scrolling and scrolling endlessly and you bet you just burned an our or maybe hours a day to eventually realize that people are annoying by putting so much of their private life on a wall. It's not like it would help you in anyway, how would it help you? You miss someone? You want to meet a friend give them a fucking good old call and meet them in person. Social media is the NEW TV, I ditched TV 10 years ago. If I want to see a movie or a documentary I search for it, and rarely watch serials which can be addictive as well. Social media has Brough people apart. Period.

  43. Another great and informative video, I agree with what you were both saying. I do think there are some positives to social media such as meeting new friends and I personally use my social media to spread positivity and awareness on mental health. You're so beautiful, I still use your book when I'm struggling and it's amazing. Love you lots keep up the good work xoxo

  44. I personally turn to social media because I don’t really have any close friends to connect with. Sometimes it is comforting, but other times I end up comparing to others.

  45. Well I don’t know if this really counts, but oh well. So mom just got done lecturing me about my missing assignments in school, and threatened to take me out of sports, and I left so mad. Then I went to my bedroom, and went on my phone. Then when I got off I just felt way better. I don’t know I think it was because I kinda just forgot about it.

  46. Social media is good for:

    • Finding good advice for different topics
    • Creative eclectic thinking and troubleshooting
    • Entertainment
    • Being Heard and hear others
    • Travel digitally for free 🙂
    • Much more

    Social media is bad for:

    • We all know what is bad for!…let’s be honest!.

  47. Kati can you do a video on how a person that has been in an abusive environment can become an abuser. If you have some tips to help discourage that behavior it would also be helpful!

  48. leechblock ROCKS, your computer can stop you using social media except for certain times in the day that you decide on in advance.

    also… i got rid of my smart phone and went back to a button phone "Feature phone" . Doro make them and nokia still make them, they cost like 15 euro. Nokia 105 is mine but any button phone will do, not specifically recommending that one it's just lots of people don't realize they can still buy button phones

  49. Pretty one sided and ablest video. This is the only way many people have to make friends or get therapy and if you say it's less effective therapy or not a real friendship you need to add caveats to that. It's massively beneficial for segments of the community who were completely alone and isolated before.

    I mean how would you feel if someone told you your only friends weren't real friends and your therapy wasn't real therapy?

  50. I feel like I use social media to keep myself descracted from intrusive thought like to ease my depression and anxiety but I feel like it's also making it worse like the side effect of a drug.
    I have an other life on social medias I am an other person less afraid to talk more carefree and funny It's easier when people don't actually hear you talking. And it actually helped me understand that I maybe have a metal illness.
    I don't know if I could go a day without using my phone honestly.

  51. I no longer use facebook in the same way. Just use messenger and marketplace. I don't share photos of myself and my child online. It's a false sense of happiness people are creating, and I'd rather just live in each moment rather than worrying about taking a photo of what's happening and getting likes for it.

  52. Burnout for me is when I have so much work to do that I can't get done in the time I'm given at work, and I can't be an effective worker, I can't be the caring and engaging social worker I want to be. So I start to dread going to work, I put off important tasks, and I come home from work exhausted, crying, etc, because I want to do better by my clients but my resources, energy, and time are limited. Something has to give, and for me usually it's my health and relationships that get compromised when work is overloading me.
    In social work (and particularly child protection), the average social worker lasts 2 years before burning out. This is not because we hate the work. Most of us get into social work because we care about people and we want to make a difference.
    I truly believe we burn out because those in charge expect us to take on more cases than is humanly possible to manage well. When we do a good job we are rewarded with more work! Upper Management is always holding workshops on resilience and managing stress and doing yoga and breathing exercises, and they help, but the CORE problem of high turnover rates is not enough staff. It's a catch 22, they're always trying to hire more people to fill positions people have left, but it's never enough. I'm sick of it tbh

  53. The thought that your entire career could be ruined just because you said something and it was interpreted the wrong way is just wrong. Anything said on social media is the equivalent of Joe Blowe telling it on the street. If you wouldn't instantly fire somebody just because a random person on the street said something mean about that employee, why would you do it if the same words were sent on Twitter and got lots of likes?

  54. I don't spend a whole lot of time on social media and typically only use it to confirm friends that I used to know are still actually alive. What I find makes me feel like sh** is those addictive social games ( looking at you, Pokemon Go) because I never want to quit playing.

  55. If it wasn't for technology I wouldn't have had access to all the mental health help I use. Cbt apps, YouTube channels, meditations, Facebook groups filled with advice (I'm part of ones for anxiety and adhd). I've also made so many friends through online. Like a lot of things, I think it depends on how you use it.

  56. I just uninstall my apps after watching this especially since a toxic friend was talking badly about me. Ive been finding my depression and anxiety spiking so much more now cuz of it. Thanks for the video i needed this

  57. I am going through a phase right now where I am unable to get any work done. The way that I spends my day is waking up, switching on my laptop, watching Youtube/Netflix till I fall asleep. Even when I have very important deadlines approaching I cannot get myself to do the work, earlier at least the pressure of the deadline would make me work, that too seems to be failing right now such that I have accepted to a degree that I just may fail. But what a horrible reason to fail that I had all this time and simply did nothing with it. I know there are a lot of other factors here which are affecting my mental health, but how do I wean out of this filling up my time with social media or online entertainment? My brother, who is my favourite person in the world and the most important person in my life after my mother, lives in the United States. A very close friend of mine whom I met online also lives in the US (I live in India). I am currently using Facebook to post poems for national poetry writing month and somehow it is the hashtag and the public posting which makes me do even some of it even if I don't end up writing one every day. So I sort of tell myself that I cannot disconnect from Whatsapp or Facebook. However, what about YouTube and Netflix, those have no other purpose apart from entertainment and yet I cannot just shut it off and do what I need to do, or even if I manage to shut it off for a while there is no guaranty that I will get anything done. Even when I know there are no messages or notifications on my phone, I keep checking it. How do I stop these behaviours and get back to being productive?

  58. I agree as someone who spends too much time online borderline addiction. I have muting a lot social media or deleted it.
    Cleaned most of my social media followings and friends because I realised some of wasn't real friends it's fake.
    Privated my social media
    And there is a world outside of the Internet and I don't want to be adding extreme idea some folks espouse. It's so much arguing online. Tribalism us vs them I realised sometimes makes me unhappy long term.
    I try to spend an hour only social mediaa day at most. Try to read exercise, cook read and music.
    Talk to my family or friends
    I'm try to colour books, walking reading and exercise and cooking, work or college.
    WhatsApp, messenger and snapchat occasionally insta is okay. I often mute it if it's group chats

  59. Thanks for the video, Kati. It helped inspire me to create a group on FB for people who are sober and are into the same kind of music I am.

  60. I recently deleted all my social media and now the only thing I use is YouTube. I feel like my life has been so much better since! I'm glad you decided to talk about this topic because I think it's important to think about in a world of growing technology and a culture of commercialism.

  61. Um… YES!!! Of course it is. Although the sad fact is it is not social media that is the issue. Social media web sites are neutral and are nothing more than computers running code. It is the fact that most humans are toxic that makes social media also toxic. Until the underlying issue of human toxicity is solved social media, and humans in general, will continue to be toxic.

  62. Me! I discontinued to use it for connectivity because I got burn badly..and contributed to my chronic depression..right now taking zoloft

  63. hello, i am really interested in this topic. can somebody – Kati you – recommend quality books about social media addiction? i am looking for something more scholarly, not pop psychology.

  64. Im quitting social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc are going to be out of my life. For too long I've lived in these metaphorical chains and I really missed the times where I was hapy and free.

  65. Social media has being used as a trash can for everybody to throw up their own frustrations and insanity. And because it's a powerfull media for information, that's why is so dangerous. But it all depends on the way people are, behave and use it ( is like democracy, itself ). It can be a great way to interact but should never be used to substitute physical presence and real human touch ( as is what's happening, now ). Otherwise, it becames the monster we know, growing to a point that, one day, it will disrupt the fabric of our society and, probably, end it as we know it…

  66. It makes me feel a bit of both. I think there are many significant downsides to social media. It has helped me find some amazing friends and a great support system.

  67. 0! When you are suffering from depression, anxiety, and low self esteem like i am. I have had clinical depression since about 15 after haveing a MAJOR MAJOR BACK SURGERY, my curve in back was so bad he couldnt fix it all the way without breaking spine. The surgeon told my parents ot was worse curve he has ever seen. I was opened up from neck all the way to my butt. Now im 24 and suffer from alot of health issues that i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. I got bullied so bad my whole years of being in school that i had to drop out the day i turned 16. I was home schooled for a month after my surgery bc i was bed written and was in so much pain and atill are till this day. Plus while all this my dad was a mean alcoholic. He was never physical mean but mentally. After dropping out of school i got my g.e.d before the people who bullied me graduated then got my C.N.A degree. Now im a professional groomer and life is better then alot of people but my life with my depression and anxiety makes it had to get threw every day.

  68. one problem for me with social media is that i'm getting bored so fast. i have to learn a lot but it's not fun repeat the same information over and over again (srs). tried with mnemonics but even the stories i came up with were just boring. should i not using the media to like getting back on trail?

  69. I recently deleted my Facebook account because I found that I just wasn't using it very often, and I didn't really care about the things my friends were sharing. I don't miss it. I'd never delete my Instagram account, though, because that enables me to look at pictures and videos of cute dogs all day, which definitely adds to my joy. So I think it depends on the platform and how you use it.

  70. What is the difference between being conscious of what you follow for your health and creating an echo chamber for yourself so you don’t have to face reality?
    I agree totally with you about regulating what comes into my mind, but this question comes up because I’m fearful of taking part in brainwashing myself or making a fake reality.

  71. Social media has broadened my horizon in a positive way I with a variety❤and seeing family whom live far away and leaving comments of keeping in touch make you feel involved than missing them.

  72. 10:43 Katie's wonderful comments. I didn't agree with her guest, he gets an E for effort because I am grateful when people do make the effort.

  73. People has got too lonely, they’ve become too vulnerable, hurt, enraged, offended with every opinion, free speech is at risk. People has become too disconnected with themselves and with others. People get their feelings hurt so they defends themselves and act with rage.

  74. Wow this was really good video. I have been without social media I believe a year and a half or even two years. I had to delete it because of my comparison with other people made me feel miserable, jealous, and unhappy. That was not right so I had to delete Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Sadly I’ve lost many connections(contacts/friends) because those were the main platforms where I connected with people. So now I am finding it really hard to keep connected to people because they mainly talk through social media and I don’t so is been getting lonely 😔 any advice will be greatly appreciated 🙌🏼✍🏻

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