Is Media Showing the Truth of Kashmir? | Ep.112 TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee
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Is Media Showing the Truth of Kashmir? | Ep.112 TheDeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

Big Boss sends more troops to Kashmir. Big Boss orders tourists visiting Kashmir to curtail their journey and leave the state immediately. Big Boss scraps Article 370 and revokes the special status that was given to Kashmir. Big Boss imposes section 144 in Kashmir. All mobile and internet services are to be banned for indefinite period. Pellet guns to be used to control protests by civilians. After this is fulfilled, restrictions from some parts shall be lifted. Everything is normal in Kashmir. Home minister Amit Shah scrapped article 370 on August 5, 2019. With article 370, the special status of Kashmir has also been revoked. People across the country are celebrating as they believe that this will now connect Jammu & Kashmir directly to India and Indian constitution. Indians are hoping that now, all Kashmiris will have all the rights that we have been sharing for years. But in a country where people are arrested for protesting against deforestation; celebrities are booked for writing letters to PM against lynching, I wonder if we have any right at all?! Ever since the bill has passed, situation in Kashmir has been very uncertain. Meanwhile, Press and opposition have been denied entry in Kashmir. However, some International media outlets have struggled to report the distress of local Kashmiris and the panic driven environment of the state. These reports have differed drastically with what Indian media has been telecasting. At Deshbhakt, we tried to compare the two and brought you the truth of Kashmir clampdown. Indian media claims that everything is normal in Kashmir; while international media has reported quite the opposite. Life in Kashmir has become like some reality show entertainment. With restrictions imposed, human rights are being abused; anyone can buy land in Kashmir and derogatory comments were passed for Kashmiri women. According to Indian media, people in Kashmir are celebrating and welcoming the decision. Thousands of security personnel were sent to Kashmir on August 1 and August 2 before article 370 was removed. International media has reported that the troops were sent to control the civilians and any outrage that was to occur after the Government’s historic decision. More than 150 tear gas and pellet injury cases were registered at only two Srinagar hospitals. However, Indian media has assured us that after the failure of Pathankot, Uri and Pulwama our intelligence services feared terror attacks in Kashmir and hence the security was tightened. After this, section 144 was imposed in Srinagar; all communication services were clamped down; 4000 people including many leaders from opposition were detained. Curfew was imposed across Kashmir. Finally on August 5, the bill to abrogate article 370 was passed but the restrictions and security in Kashmir remained intact. While Indian media is covering normalcy in Kashmir, international media has reported distress and misery of local Kashmiris. Forbes has reported that India leads the world in the number of internet shutdowns but the one in Kashmir has been the longest till now. New York Times has claimed many patients have suffered due to internet shutdown and at least a dozen have died due to this. New York Times has reported that the common man is facing difficulties to access basic healthcare or even call an ambulance in case of an emergency. A pregnant lady had to walk to the hospital during her labor pain as no vehicles were allowed to pass. Indian media, on the other hand, has claimed that situation is perfectly normal in Kashmir. A video showing NSA Ajit Doval eating and celebrating with the civilians has been shown by all Indian media houses. Moreover, the same video showing a bunch of Kashmiris saying everything is normal is reported by all the channels. These media channels have assured normalcy with just four people out of 1.5 crore population of Jammu & Kashmir, such investigative journalism should be awarded! Meanwhile, international media has shown people describing how restrictions have affected their daily lives. International media has claimed that people of Kashmir are unhappy as the decision for their future has been taken without consulting them. BBC reported a silent protest by thousand of Kashmiris. They have also claimed that pellet guns have been used on the protesters. According to international media, there is an environment of panic in Kashmir, people are scared and are being hammered down by Indian security forces. Indian media has reported nothing of that sort. Republic TV has claimed that the BBC report is fake and no such incident has taken place. Republic TV has questioned the credibility of BBC. Many news channels have also reported that civilians in Kashmir don’t have food to eat. However, Army chief has stated that terrorists are threatening people against opening their shops, coming out on streets or moving on with their lives. International media, on the other hand, has reportedly claimed that the shops are closed in protest. BBC has reported that Kashmir has faced a loss of about $1billion since the lock-down. The apple orchards which did a business of about $197million last year are left unattended in protest. Which means that what was supposed to boost the economy of the region has actually resulted in economic slowdown. None of this has been covered by the Indian media who claims that this decision was taken for the best interests of the Kashmiris. According to The Telegraph of UK, activists estimated that around 13,000 minors were detained in Kashmir. While the report is neither accepted nor rejected by the Govt. However, Indian media reports that schools are being re-opened, no kid has been detained. Now, the Government reports are also asserting that 144 minors were detained but the Indian media is still silent over that. Among the list of the 144 detained, there is a 9-year-old kid who was arrested under PSA. The kid was reported to have gone out to buy bread and nothing else. However, Indian media still claims that there is no stress in the region. Indian express has recently published a report where officials from Kashmir accedes to the fact that situation in Kashmir is not normal. Home Minister Amit Shah has stated that there are no restrictions, it’s all in your mind. He has said nothing over the deaths that are being reported in the region. If Indian media is to be believed, everything is fine, people are happy. In the Deshbhakt episode 100 and 101, we have explained to you the complicated and controversial story of Kashmir. Such sensitive issue is being dealt with negligence and against the will of the people of Kashmir. People are shocked with the Government’s decision of scrapping article 370 which protected the rights of Kashmiris. Reporters who were supposed to convey the sentiments of people to the world, has only reported one-part of the story. While the international media has covered the protests, curfew, restrictions in Kashmir, Indian media has only reported that people are celebrating. It has been more than two months since Kashmir was put under lock-down, restrictions from some place are being lifted but mobile connectivity is still banned. Students across the country are writing to the PM. Not just international media, international leaders, senators are also speaking up over the Kashmir issue. It’s time for you to think that today, voice of the Kashmiris is being silenced, tomorrow, it might be yours. It’s on you now to demand journalism from the media and not the Government’s propaganda. “I wish I had reporters like these.” We have been continuously asked to do an episode on the truth of Kashmir. There has been no coverage by the mainstream media. Like we always say, we do the stories our supporters suggest us to. You can also support us at Patreon, Instamojo and Paypal. All links are in the description below. You can also become our Ultimate Deshbhakts and connect with me on phone. You can order our merchandise at Please like, comment, share and subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to press the bell icon for latest updates. Stay tuned for more episodes.

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  2. First time 2014 mie humne buhat badi galti kiye hai , ab kuch nai hoga ab ye sabko khareedli hai govt ne ab sirf dikhave ka election hoga aur jeetegi bjp

  3. Yeh rajniti hai isme sirf fayda dekhte hai janta ko chahiye ki insaniyat ko samjhe aur jin par bhi musibat aaye sabse aage khade ho bcoz aaj wo to Kal hambhi ho sakte hai

  4. Ok
    Sicknesses can wait
    What cannot wait is control over bad over good
    What am I saying
    It is not just India
    It is not just Muslims
    We should rather be fighting for clean air
    Clean drinkable water
    Eatable food and further basics
    And obviously where is the proof
    And everything is a joke in it self
    Mind It both the sides
    Hum hugte reh jaayenge and at the end logic pe koi Baat nahi karega

  5. Also bhai Tera sarcasm kaafi realistic lag raha hai hai
    Please think about our janta where people would not even be able differentiate the logic your are trying to define.
    Aur pata hai kya controversies nahi hai facts hai
    Woh to discuss karne ki pabandi hai nahi to koi bhi bata de kaha huga hua hai ( not using foul language there)

    At the end hoping ke Insaan jagega aur Sirf hugna band karke pochna bhi chaalu karega
    Baaki Accha kaam kar rahe hai aap
    Keep it up

  6. What goes around comes around. Modi all the cruelty evil terror murder rape isolation human brutality genocide lies propaganda torture invasion and many other things you are doing in Kashmir you are answerable and will pay one day. You are a cursed creature and a devil. Godiwood and modiwood should give modi awards for his best performance of evil propaganda and lies.

  7. Yes I agree with you .. seriously if curfew was not there there would be desde bodies of army .. thanks to modi ji that it was avoided.. pak is still trying to enter .. I wish it was prolonged till December

  8. What else we can expect from you Indians, we kashmiries are sick of you guys . But then there some sane voices like you.
    Oh wait you were the same one who supported abrogation of 370

  9. Ekdum badhiya episode…..but abhi bhi logo k bheje me bhusa pada hai …aur jo support na kare wo deshdrohi kahlata hai….

  10. Though the way they centre removed 370 is wrong but it's removal is not
    Do we have any other permanent solution to Kashmir problem when central government injecting so much funds and inspite of fair constitution rights they got they're so antagonist against India
    So what else permanent solution other than removing 370 and better integrating with India, those who criticise should have alternative implementable solution. It's easy to criticize difficult to solve problem.

  11. हँसते हँसते दिल का दर्द बताया आपने ,बहुत अच्छी तरह

  12. BBC is a British media with its own interests of dividing and Al Zazeera is fully anti India and supports pakistan. Don't trust BBC

  13. Bro
    I'm amazed at your courage.
    You deserve the Medal of honour… For your journalism truly entails what can be called Courage under fire.

  14. Bhai Pakistani vahape shadi ki karake 2 State ki rahane ki jage leti he. Kya Bhai sachai batao Bhai 1 2 control hoge to chale jayge faiji

  15. Aakash g…! Jb hum shuru din sa cheekh rahay thay r AJ tk cheekh rahien h Kashmir ma zulm ho raha h … bt hmri to manni ni na q? K hum Pakistani h na
    Such r jhoat Jay bhaar ma
    Indian h pak h ya zarori h
    Insan hona r such kehna hona zarori ni h..
    Aray bhayoun apni aankhon ki patti kholo .. ek br sirf soch k dekho jo Kashmir ma kashmiryoun k sath ho raha h..
    Hum kbhi b india ko ya India naam le k tanqeed nhi krtay pm sa le kr awam tk hur bunda Modi r bjp gov pa e laan taan krta h, q? Qk india ma kch log h aakash Banarjee jesay jo such k lie boltay h ya jantay hue b k is sa in ki Jan ko khatra ho skta. ..
    Q? Qk insaniat h ..
    Jo modi r bjp ma naam ki b ni rahi

  16. Janta b jo khush hai unhr Kashmiri logon se koi mtlb nahi agar mtlb hota to sb awaaz uthaate.. unhe to bs kashmir chaiye

  17. Hatss off to u Akash Banerjee and ur whole team for ur true journalism and bringing such content ,,,u ppl deserve much much bigger platform so ppl should know the reality ….I wish peace and prosperity to the ppl of Kashmir ….the govt and media should be ashamed of themselves …m glad that I haven't voted to modi or his party and by seeing this I think I'll stick to my decision again also ..

  18. Simple explanation :
    Muslims are angry
    Hindus are happy
    Ladakhis are happy
    Kargil people are sad
    Kashmir valley under clampdowm,mobile internet down. Kashmiri muslims are angry.
    In Jammu only internet blocked. People are still ok.
    Ladakhis are ok but want domicile law.
    This is the full situation

  19. "One often finds its destiny on the path he chooses to avoid it". The Government is slowly becoming the tyrannical Britishers that once ruled this land. The government that was formed to give power to the common man is the prime force that is taking it away. This will end badly.

  20. 1857 azadi ki lrai suru hi 1947 tk chli 90 sal aor aneko blidan lga ta woh b unse lrai ti jinka samrajya puri dunya me ta…..

  21. Internet was shut down for 103 days in Darjeeling in the year 2017…hope Kashmir will not break this record and i wish channel like this also had covered or will cover the darjeeling issue in future


  23. Bro Itna zyada sach be Na bolo Indian media ko follow Karne Wale bardaasht Nahi kare gay aap ko be galiya day gay because un say sach hazam nahi hoga

  24. Next tym i will vote for bjp wo kya hai na. Jab phati hai toh completely hi phatne dete hai. Sabko dikhega. Kitna bada ched hua hai lol

  25. Bet ur arsetail will be chopped to pieces by Hafiz and co retarded hindu. No points for lickin his hole😁

  26. Shukar H Upar Khuda baitha h….in sbka hisab hoga khida k darbar me…..Jb uparwale ki lathi chalti h to awaz nai aati h

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