Is Google always listening: Live Test
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Is Google always listening: Live Test

100 thoughts on “Is Google always listening: Live Test

  1. Watch the follow-up video here for various reasons that explain this outcome:

    The single biggest flaw in this video is that I am live streaming directly to YouTube which is of course recording and processing the microphone's audio the entire time. More generally I agree with many of you that this was a poorly done experiment and I contaminated the results rather quickly by clicking on that first ad. Whether it was Google, Cortana, malicious adware, or something else is entirely debatable and I of course make no conclusive statements about the veracity of my results.

    For a much more rigorous and scientific test watch this guy's video:

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  3. It's not Google, its advertisements getting the location and stuff from the website you're visiting, I get ones that say the towns near me. I forgot the name for the ads.

  4. If Bing listened
    "I really want this girl"
    Bing : No problem, here is your van
    "Suicide thoughts"
    Bing : No problem, shotgun is on its way

  5. This has happened to me at least a dozen times. It always pops up minimum 2 hrs later. They are smart about it… very shifty

  6. The crazy thing is that I always say I'm hungry and always get some ad about some company bringing food and delivered at my front door.

  7. I watched JonTron's video about flex tape on youtube, I went on Instagram and I swear to God I never got any ads for flex tape/flex glue before that. The first ad I get is for flex glue

  8. Me: lol this video called ‘Objects that I have shoved up my arse’ came into my recommendations, it’s actually lmao
    Google: dildos?

  9. Okay, even ur phone listens to you,
    But u better turn ur location off, u never know what ur phone/google knows,
    I’m on Samsung phone so it listens me,
    I say: hey google!
    And google responds and says
    how can I help you?

  10. Im watching this because my dad and i have been talking avout gettin an oculus vr headset and all that i get ads like everywhere on the oculus

  11. I was in my mom's house and she asked me for money and I said of course you know where a nearby ATM is ? She answered no when I opened up my phone it said : are you looking for a ATM?

  12. Yep google is listening because i was talking about homework. Then i wanted to find information about homework I was about to write a word and thats want I wanted just poped up

  13. I am not gonaa watch this video because you are testing it on windows and i am sure that your result is going to be negative. Do this experiment on android phone which is more likely to go positive because

  14. My friend says he wants something I make fun of him the next day that pops up my friend makes fun of me for making fun of him🤣

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