Iranian Angelina Jolie Arrested For Instagram Posts?!
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Iranian Angelina Jolie Arrested For Instagram Posts?!

Who hasn’t been inspired by an athlete,
a singer or a famous actor… well, I have but, not to the point where I’d like to
turn myself into a lookalike of my favorite celebrity! But, apparently, that’s not what Sahar Tabar
thought. The Iranian influencer tried to turn herself
into Angelina Jolie but in a zombie version. And that’s what’s got her into a huge
mess! So if you want to know why this girl’s been
put her behind the bars and it can be pretty dangerous, keep watching! A few days ago, the Iranian news agency, Tasnim,
has reported that the influencer known as the Angelina Jolie lookalike, or the real-life
Corpse Bride, had been arrested in Iran. But, before explaining the reason for her
arrest, it would be good to know the reason for her nicknames … if that’s not already
obvious. Well, it turns out that this 22-year-old girl,
whose real name is Fatemeh Kh, (her last name has been abbreviated by the authorities for
security reasons), became famous when she started sharing photos in which her facial
features have been extremely altered. You may say, what’s so strange about it? Many people do that? Well, yes and no. Let me explain: Instagram is the only social
network accessible in Iran, and there are many people who have become famous exactly
for sharing the modifications they have done to their faces and bodies. But Sahar Tabar is really grotesque. According to information provided by Radio
Farda, this girl has had more than fifty cosmetic surgeries, just to modify her facial features! She also wears heavy makeup to enhance the
altered features and edits the images she shares online. Anyway, the looks of Sahar Tabar have earned
her the nicknames I’ve already mentioned. And, the resemblance more to the Tim Burton
character than to the famous Hollywood actress is definitely visible. However, some time ago, Tabar assured that
her intention wasn’t to resemble any of the two, but that it was simply her way of
expressing herself. She also added that the information about
the number of surgeries was a complete lie, although she admitted that she’s had a nose
job, lip fillers, and liposuction. Anyway, now let’s go back to her arrest. Sahar Tabar was detained because the Iranian
authorities considered her behavior blasphemous. But, not only that, because she’s also accused
of inciting violence, encouraging youths to corruption, and gaining income from illegal
sources. Soon after her arrest, her Instagram account
with 26,800 followers was deleted. But, the truth is that this is nothing because
the consequences can be much worse… When it comes to the accusations of blasphemy,
according to the report, Tabar insulted the Islamic code, and, with that, she violated
one of the various statutes of her country’s laws. For that reason, and according to the Georgetown
University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, the sanctions could
go from a few months behind bars to capital punishment. The truth is that this issue isn’t new in
Iran. As Masih Alinejad, a women’s rights activist
said, Tabar’s arrest is just one of many attempts to control, or rather eliminate, what many
influencers like Sahar share on social media. Some time ago, Masih started the movement
called #whitewednesday, which is nothing more than an invitation for Iranian women who dare
to do so, to share a photo of themselves without covering their hair. But coming back to Tabar’s case, Masih believes
that the matter could be solved by offering a public apology for her publications. In the past the government did it with Maedeh
Hojabri, a young Iranian who shared videos of herself dancing without wearing the hijab. So, after hearing Sahar Tabar’s story and
the similar ones in Iran, what do you think of this issue? Do you think this girl has gone too far with
her post, to the degree that she offended the religious beliefs of her country? Let me know what you think in the comments
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