iPhone Says No Service? Here’s Why & The Fix!
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iPhone Says No Service? Here’s Why & The Fix!

Hi guys, David and David here from payetteforward.com and in this video, we’re going to explain what to do when your iPhone says no
service. And the first thing we want to do is to check
into through carrier real quick about your account customers accounts get shut off for
all sorts of reasons. Like they suspect fraudulent activity or maybe
a bill wasn’t paid on time or there’s a disgruntled spouse involved that said shut off their iPhone. Yeah. But if your account’s okay, that’s great. Uh, we’re gonna start looking at your iPhone
and it’s settings to make sure everything’s intact. Yep. Look at the iPhone. So the first thing to do is check for an iOS
update. So let’s open the settings app scroll down
and tap General Tap software update and it updates available. You’ll see iOS one download and install if
your iPhone’s up the day, you’ll say your software is up-to-date pretty basic good job. So yeah, so next let’s look for a carrier
settings update, which is slightly different from an iOS update, right? It updates the carrier settings. So let’s do it. Open the settings app again scroll down and
tap General. I’m trying to be more concise with what I
say an tab mad at me about. Yep. Now, we hear about 10 to 15 seconds of a carrier
settings updates available a little pop show up and say carrier settings update available
then just tap update. Uh, if the carrier settings update is available. Usually you’ll just get spammed of popups
on your iPhone throughout the day until you actually update it. So if one’s available always update, yeah
can’t nothing bad can happen from this. Uh, but there is no check for Carrier update
button. You just have to wait on that screen. So next let’s take a look at your iPhone’s
cellular settings and just make sure everything’s set up that are correctly. Let’s do it. So first open the settings app tap cellular
and let’s make sure that cellular data is turned on sure tap the switch turn it on now,
it’s green now it’s on so secondly, you want to go to your cellular data data options. Yep, and just uh tap roaming and make sure
voice roaming is turned on along with data roaming. If you’re having this issue, uh, you have
to be careful with roaming charges because you can go over on Plan a lot of plans that
include roaming most of them do I think so. Yeah, so obviously be careful on this if you’re
especially if you’re traveling overseas like be very careful with this because you can
get bills for tons of stuff. But this is a good way at least to diagnose. Um, if this will fix the problem if it does
you figured out what the issue is and you might have to talk to your carrier that when
it’s appropriate to have this on sure. So we protect your iPhone. It’s up to date your cellular settings are
okay. And your iPhone still says no service is to
inject the SIM card. Well, just go to your kitchen drawer and take
out your sim card ejector tool which I’m sure you have if you don’t know if you don’t have
it yet paperclip paperclip Pi just take a paperclip on the right hand side of your phone. There’s a little hole over here that you can
stick it in and pop out the center. You should see this no SIM card installed
warning on the screen. That’s normal. Yep. Okay, and then here you will see a little
SIM tray. Oops. I’ll put that back together! You pull the SIM card out
and it flies on the floor and you lose it forever. Whoops! But anyway, we’ll put this back in. Yep. Sometimes this problem will occur because
there’s some sort of a you know, like it got jostled, or if you dropped it and started
to happen — sometimes, you know, it just needs to pulled out and put back. Right, and what was interesting is we took my SIM
card out, it said no service while the SIM card is out. You put it right back in and boom! Service. Service. Yeah, so hopefully that worked for you. If not, we still have more steps. Next thing to do is reset the network settings. So the network settings are the network settings
on your iPhone except those. Yeah cellular data, uh open the settings app
scroll down and tap General scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap reset tap reset
network settings enter. Your iPhone passcode. Mine is very secure. And you’ll see a little
pop-up here; a confirmation alert: tap reset network settings. Your iPhone will shut down, a reset will take
place, your iPhone will turn back on. Before you reset network settings, Just make sure you’ve written down all your
Wi-Fi passwords. You will need to re-enter those afterwards
good. That was everything I was gonna say perfect. What’s the next step? The next step is to check for water or physical
damage. Now be honest with yourself because you know if you dropped in a puddle. I don’t want to hear it. I’m an Apple tech. We’re gonna find out! Right? Okay, sorry. Or maybe you dropped it on its side and something got — ya sometimes there’s like the like I said with the SIM tray, there’s these little internal
connections that can just get jostled. It shouldn’t happen but it does sometimes
um, and if you do have an issue with physical damage, then we have to you know, talk about
repair which will be Apple if you have AppleCare+, but if you don’t
have AppleCare+ it can get really expensive sure so we recommend Puls: An on-demand repair service. They’ll send a tech right to you and repair your iPhone on the spot. Now, let’s say you didn’t drop your phone. It’s not wet. Everything… I’m sorry for freaking out on you. He’s sorry. Yeah, uh, we still can contact your wireless
carrier about what’s going on. They might have an answer for you, right? They’ll probably send it the Apple Store the
new get there and they’ll say well you have to go to your wireless carrier and then you’ll
say what the heck they sent me here. And then you go back to the wireless carrier
and I’ll say we don’t have any idea what’s going on. It’s an iPhone. You have to go back to the Apple Store in
which case you want to throw your phone or through the wall or switch carriers. So you should definitely check out our website
building a great cell phone comparison tool and you might be able to save hundreds of
dollars a year, right? I got a new phone will leave some customer
support phone numbers for you in the description of this video. So that is what to do when your iPhone says
no service. Yep. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you found it helpful, give it a thumbs
up and don’t forget to subscribe to this Channel and click the notification Bell to get an
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100 thoughts on “iPhone Says No Service? Here’s Why & The Fix!

  1. I have 5s and have tried different carriers, T-Mobile and tracfone. Both times signal is one bar, my phone won’t ring when someone calls, won’t show missed calls, I can’t make calls (says call failed), and intermittently says no service. I feel like it’s a problem with this model of phone. I’ve tried all these options in the video but it didn’t help or matter😒 been on ongoing problem since I got the phone in 2014.

  2. Thank u guys, this really sorted out my “No Service” issue. The last tip where I reset the network settings, did the trick😃Great work!! Keep it up👍

  3. none of this worked! mine and my sons phone went out on the same day. sprint is clueless and apple will just tell me to buy a new phone. wtf???

  4. My phone said the same thing . I reset my whole phone , after a few hours it came back up but u wouldn’t recommend doing this because u will not be able to activate your phone again. I recommend taking it to store of ur carrier.

  5. For Iphone 7 users with the "No Service" error, here's a link to help wit that. Looks like they will repair it for you free of charge.

  6. IOS 12.1 after update NO Service I need my phone tryed every option on the video nothing worked please help,should I whait to get a signal bar back or what? Please help need helpful advice PS i tried everything on this video and didan’t help for crap

  7. There use to be a menu item for Carrier. After iOS 12 update it is gone. I need to swirch in between Carriers in order to get a good signal in my area. Any idea whee it has gone?

  8. Thank you so much! I ended up resetting to factory settings after watching your video and my iphone is back to normal. Thanks again!!

  9. My iPhone SE was having issues like every time I got on the road it was constantly losing service and signal and if I had my GPS on for work it would lose service and I would lose GPS signal which would cause many problems I just updated my phone on the iOS I believe is the new one will see if that works

  10. I can tell you did work for apple, and wonder why you don't work for apple anymore…no help a t all, apple sucks, moving on to android, huawei

  11. That dude on the right is looking like a damn snack mmmmmm He is fine!

    Anyways… this video didn’t help me out but I got some eye candy 😝😜

  12. After a phone call my phone randomly went to searching… but once I put my SIM card out and put it back in it went to no service

  13. Here’s help: reset network settings then after that re insert your SIM card then connect your phone to your computer press allow I phone than restore your phone than take out the SIM card again and your good👍🏻 ikr so many steps but it worked for me

  14. Excellent! I had no service all day. With the help of these two guys, I popped out my sim card, reinstalled it and BAM! I have service. Great, thanks..D.

  15. A1778, not covered, $319 for a mint, one year old iPhone 7 brick, right after the 12.1.4 update. I have AppleCare +, AND carrier insurance. So, I'm buying a Samsung, and holding onto the brick until the class action suit starts.

    Also, this isn't the first time this has happened with cripple: https://youtu.be/nqpiW1zAJeU

  16. If none of these simple fixes work it's because the problem is on the circuit board. The baseband CPU chip may need refastening because of bad pin connections. It's usually a hardware issue that Apple will never get involved with.

  17. No use, none of the solutions worked. My phone won't even let me backup to iTunes before I restore. Apple is just plain shit.

  18. if none of these solutions worked for you then the problem is on apple’s end. here’s a link of hem addressing the issue and steps on how to get a replacement phone for free


    hope this helps

  19. My husbands iPhone 6 has been doing this for the past week. It comes back here and there, but never necessarily with these steps. Nothing consistently works! He has dropped his phone before, but it worked fine and it does come back and work fine as well and WiFi works. So what’s up? Is his phone damaged or is it ios12. I have the same phone and it’s updated to ios12 and knock on wood. Haven’t had any problems whatsoever. Please help. It’s so frustrating paying for it and can’t use it.

  20. tysm for posting this video and going thru each step throughly… i had no idea where my sim card was ever at on this phone.. and ty to you guys.. i found it!

  21. Thank you, I did every step you guys mentioned and now my phone has service! I think it may have been the network settings being reset. But also I'm pretty sure when i dropped my iphone 7 (and it cracked), that was when the no service issues occured. Crossing my fingers/ hoping it doesnt reoccur

  22. I need to update my daughter's iphone 6 to the newest iOS so she can connect to wifi, but she can't update with out connecting to wifi. How do we get around this?

  23. I can't believe it >.<😒 I cant download anything 😭😭😭😭 wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa two hours later aaaaaaaaaaa

  24. How can i get all those settings>carrier options if it's not detecting my sim card in the first place?

    Note: It's detecting other SIM cards except for the desired one

    EDIT: I live in an urban area. Also, that 'defective' SIM works in other phones

  25. I tried resetting the network many times and I’m tired of typing the wifi password again and again. Still didn’t work.

  26. i also have same problem with my iPhone

    but in my case 3G & 4G Network are work fine But problem is with 2G network..

    when i switch to 2G mode its show no service,

    Same sim card work in another iphone for 2G Network means SIM is Ok…

  27. My phone is locked to a specific carrier from PH. Whenever I used the carriers sim – it says No Service even I'm near to a window. It only gives 1-2 cell reception but it only takes seconds before it disappears. I'm at ios 12.4

  28. This is why I didn't want to update my IPhone from version 10 Losing a lot of apps, this no service issue seems to be happening frequently and they keep trying to get me to update Apple Pay which I've never used and don't want.

  29. well, reset my network settings let it reboot and then going to settings> general>about > wait for sometime booom my carrier is back :3.

  30. thanks so much. i find out what can usually happen sometimes is that if u have dropped ur phone the sim card moved a bit in its carrier which cause the no service.

  31. Mine ended up being a carrier issue – I just had to go do a minor update on their website. I was getting ready to visit Apple and let them send my phone in for repair! I'm so glad it wasn't that. Thank you for directing me to an easy fix.

  32. I’ve had no service for a week now on my iPhone 8plus…I’ve tried everything with my carrier provider and apple but nothing works

  33. Be careful ABOUT NO SERVICE!READ THIS: that's what happened to me: would like you to write an article about a fraud that has happened to me these days. It is quite unique and I would like people to know and to have information about it.
    Last Saturday my phone (operator 3) started giving me No Service. The tree thought it was just a line disturbance and they told me they would fix it on Friday, October 18th. Since it wasn't just about my area as they suggested, but it didn’t work anywhere at all, so I went to 3 store on Wednesday 16th, where they replaced the sim. At that time I knew that in my next bill I would be charged £ 226 for extras. Which I absolutely didn't consume. The three were a bit hesitant and I had to talk to many different customer service operators because they didn't believe me. (It was a fraud and it didn’t change my number immediately). The day after October 17th I am contacted by my bank and I discover that my account was empty they have done a lot of payment with my card because they had the access to my phone. Basically, they stopped my phone calls/SMS/internet (that's why NO SERVICE) and they (the stealers) had full control of my telephone number so they can receive and make phone calls (instead of me). SO I discover that my No Service on the phone was due from someone who blocked my phone and who used my number for me to make payments. with my Lloyds account. Now I would like people to know what is going on especially when the phone gives No service. Because it seems to be quite serious and if the news spreads in my opinion we could allow blocking this situation that could happen to someone else.

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