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Introduction to TweetDeck

– How would like to organize
all of your Twitter madness? Organize everything in a nice dashboard, where you have your home timeline feed, and you have all of your activity that’s going on with
all of your followers. And you have your messages, and you have your notifications, and you have your search. You might be thinking, “Oh,
the hoosuite does that.” But I’m gonna show you something that’s maybe even better
than hoosuite for Twitter. So stay tuned, it’s coming right up. (tech noises) What’s going on, guys? My name’s Larry Snow, and in today’s video we’re gonna be taking a look at something that I have not looked at
in probably seven years. And that is TweetDeck. And I am pleasantly surprised. Now, TweetDeck is something that I was using very early
on in my days of Twitter. Going back to 2010, was probably
the last time I used it. Because I just, whoop,
switched over to hootsuite, and I’ve been with hootsuite all along. Dipping my toes into
Buffer, here and there. But, primarily, I’m a hootsuite guy. And, I don’t know, just
something occurred to me, that said, “What about TweetDeck? Whatever happened with TweetDeck?” So let’s take a look at
some of the awesome features that TweetDeck has for you. So in the TweetDeck dashboard, you have a multitude of
options that you can add to it. All of these columns are separate things. Let me just go you through
them really quickly. The home is your timeline,
specific to your account. Your notifications are
specific to that account. Your messages, then you have the activity. Now, the activity is what all
of your followers are posting. And, let me just minimize
that, so you can see it all. And then I have a search, and I’m gonna show you some other features that search can do, in a second. We’re gonna go over to add a column. So this little plus sign over
here in the left-hand side, if you wanna click on add a column, and look at all of the
options that you have. So you could just do likes, or you could add on another search column. Or you could add in a
collection, or a list. Or your mentions, or what’s trending. Let’s add what’s trending. And it’s for this account, @lawrenceasnow. And so this is all what’s trending. I can click on these individual ones, and then I can add the column. So, let’s see … How about Total Eclipse of the Heart? I have no idea what that’s about, probably with something about the eclipse that’s gonna happen on the
21st, here in the United States. And we’ll just click on add column. Now we’ll just close out of that. So here’s our new column,
Total Eclipse of the Heart, and we can go in here and say, “You know what, I don’t want that, I can change it to something else.” So that’s one of the awesome features. Over on the left-hand side, you have the home, the notifications, so it just highlights certain sections that you’ve already got open. You can go to messages,
and it has activity, and it has my search. So that’s all of your columns, it goes to that specific thing. Because if you have tons of columns, this little left-hand side is gonna get longer and
longer and longer this way, and it’s gonna be kept pushed out further and further and further that way. And so, when you click
on that particular thing, it’s gonna show you, it’ll
take you right to that column. Also, going down the left-hand
side, at the very bottom, we can expand or collapse this section, so it gives you 4 activity, 5 #terrorism, gives you a snapshot of that, along with the icons
that we just reviewed. And then you go down to accounts, and then you can edit your
profile, right from here. You can click on your
lists, and go in here. And you can add that as a column. You can go into your collections,
add that as a column. So much that you can do with TweetDeck. I’m just like blown away
at all of this content that you can organize, and cut down on the
Twitter madness, right? And I think a lot of the
things you’re probably saying, “Well, hootsuite does that.” But, I like this better. ‘Cause with hootsuite, you
get multiple streams, right? So you have a Twitter stream,
you have a YouTube stream, you have multiple streams. If you wanna clean interface,
that’s just Twitter. Nothing, I don’t think, to
me anyway, beats TweetDeck. So here’s where the fun
part comes in, I think. It’s a lot easier to do in TweetDeck. You can do the same thing in hootsuite, but it’s a lot easier. Lemme show you. So, I have this hashtag terrorism, like I always do in all of my open source or social media intelligence
tools, that I review. And I always have hashtag terrorism, just as a baseline,
nothing more than that. So here it is, hashtag terrorism. And I click on the little icon there. If you notice, I have location within 20 kilometers
of the city of London. Here’s what I can do. I can say, “You know what?
I want 10 kilometers.” So what it’s doing is giving me all the geotag tweets, in
that 10 kilometer radius. How cool is that? Now, in hootsuite it’s a
little bit more complicated. This is just a click of a button. And say, “You know what?
I don’t want London, I want not Blatimore, but Baltimore. Gimme Baltimore, Maryland.
See what’s going on there.” And then I don’t want 10 kilometers, I want 50 kilometers,
nice big swath of radius. And here are all the tweets. Let me just close that, and close that. And here’s all those
tweets, in that radius. 50 kilometers is pretty big, so let me go back in and lemme … Again these are only geotagged, a lot of people don’t geotag their stuff, don’t have geotagged accounts. So, potentially, the tweets that you might be looking for from an
investigator standpoint, or a social media intelligence standpoint, might not necessarily be there. But still, this is super easy. So what do you think? Is this something you’re gonna now use? I bet you will. If you have not used
TweetDeck in a long time, like I haven’t used in a long time, you’re gonna be quite surprised at how efficient this is, how quick it is. Connect it to Twitter, the Firehose, everything is right
here, displayed for you. It’s just awesome. This is what I have up on my
second monitor at all times. With Cyph and TweetDeck, I’m all set. So let me know what you
think about TweetDeck. Have you tried it? When was the last time you tried it? Are you gonna try it now
that I’ve mentioned it, and brought up all the
awesomeness that it has? Let me know in the comments below. If you like the content, and you like what I’m talking about, give it a thumbs up. And don’t forget to subscribe
if you’re new to the channel. If you wanna know more about
me, go to, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

16 thoughts on “Introduction to TweetDeck

  1. TweetDeck is probably one of the most used media tools I use to manage my Twitter social media. I maintain a directory for bloggers and business owners ( and twitter is pretty much the only social media network I use for it (as of this comment anyway because I just favor it for it's straight forward simplicity over other networks). TweetDeck has made it very easy to keep up with not just the accounts I follow, but it gives you the ability to stream searches for keywords or hashtags and it will automatically pull in tweets from across the network pertaining to your search (handy for monitoring competitors, or automatically searching out reference material). I have a column just for members that are listed in my directory (handy for keeping up with them so that I can give them a retweet when they post something, or even keep up with how active they are on their social media). I have a column set up that shows me my newest followers, and it's just great watching all these streams coming across the screen on my second monitor. I refer to it as "NASA control for Twitter" whenever I tell people about it. It works great in Station too ( which is another awesome media tool if you don't know about it which pulls together all your things such as TweetDeck, Google Drive/Sheets, Gmail, Google Keep, Trello, and the list goes on.

  2. Hi Larry, Thanks for the great tutorial. I had a question.

    I am using commune it for twitter and whenever i try to send promotional message to people it keeps locking my account. I had to unlock that every day.

    I want to switch to some other software could you please recommend me best one?

  3. Any chance this is also good for Facebook and/or LinkedIn? Or is this strictly for Twitter? I'm comparing TweetDeck and Hootsuite right now!

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