Introduction to Hootsuite Impact
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Introduction to Hootsuite Impact

Think of your social-media contributions
as a cake sure it may look and taste good but that information alone wouldn’t
be enough to recreate the dessert at your next dinner party what you need is
a step by step recipe showing the amount of each ingredient and the steps taken
to bake it hootsuite impact is the ultimate tool for measuring the value of
your social efforts while providing the recipe behind your existing social
marketing successes it achieves this by showing the impact of your contributions
at a post by post level as well as your overall page performance impact
showcases how your social efforts are affecting your business including
tracking social posts all the way through to a sale and leads generated
from a post this takes you beyond vanity metrics such as likes and retweets and
into a deeper level of analysis there are five main benefits of using
HootSuite impact first impact collects rich data from all your native platforms
and add accounts connecting posts and campaigns directly with business goals
because it integrates with Google Analytics Adobe Analytics and many types
of ads accounts you’re able to see customer journeys in their entirety from
viewing an initial post to a later engagement and website visit and
ultimately a conversion HootSuite impact also provides a holistic view of all
your organic and paid data side by side this means you don’t need to bounce from
platform to platform to cobble together reports we also work with you to create
and define a custom ROI formula specifically for your business this
formula is used to measure the impact of paid owned and earned content on your
organization’s overall goals impact also includes tools for analyzing campaigns
your data can be filtered by timeframe or by campaign this means you can
compare a holiday campaign from this year versus last year looking at
granular details like e-commerce revenue customer acquisition average reach per
post ad spend and more and last but not least the impact provides
actionable insights in the form of recommendations and competitive
benchmarking this supports campaign and content strategy optimization the
granular data and recommendations provided by HootSuite impact help you
narrow in on activities that are most likely to perform well on social media
and frees up time to do more of what works you you

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