Introduction to Communication and Media Studies Department
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Introduction to Communication and Media Studies Department

Hi I’m professor Bob Mann, Chair of the
Department of Communication and Media Studies at Caldwell University. Our New
Jersey campus is just 20 miles from New York City, the media capital of the world.
It’s the mission of our department to educate and train competitive and
skilled media professionals. This radio console right here has been used for a
major national talk show produced by the University. It’s also the board which is
used by our students in their classwork and extracurricular activities. This Emmy
Award one of the highest honors in all of television was won by one of our
alumni. He donated it to the department. Take a look at the course descriptions
and the faculty BIOS on these pages. Hopefully, you’ll agree that the
Communication and Media Studies department at Caldwell University could
be your key to a successful career in mass media.

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