Introducing Google Analytics for Firebase
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Introducing Google Analytics for Firebase

11 thoughts on “Introducing Google Analytics for Firebase

  1. Hey guys, clear video! I think I really miss a point here : what are the differentiating features between GA for Firebase and the basic Firebase Analytics?

  2. why Firebase don't have "real time" like regular Google Analytics? we need to wait 24 hours to see results?

  3. Hey Guys, for attribution analytics, can I do cross channel attribution for my DBM, DCM, and ad words campaigns?

  4. Hey Todd! I've noticed that it is impossible to create APP properties in Google Analytics unless it's linked to a Firebase account… Is that normal ?

    We use to have a choice between the Firebase property and the Universal Analytics one (useful for cross domain tracking).

  5. Hey guys , I have error message ->>> All libraries must use the exact same version specification (mixing versions can lead to runtime crashes). Found versions 28.0.0, 26.1.0. Examples include `` and ``

    implementation ''

    implementation ''

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