Intervention Trailer | Social Media Addiction Documentary – Kill Your Content [teasers]
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Intervention Trailer | Social Media Addiction Documentary – Kill Your Content [teasers]

People said Sereno fell off. Some of his
shorts were played in movie theaters and he got a big head. Mother lover, I’ve had a big head my whole life. I started out in this game with the idea that people deserve to be entertained. It’s a privilege to create content for other
people. And then I took a step back, and I was like, damn, people kind of suck. Like, maybe people don’t deserve to laugh. Maybe we should just be unhappy for a
while. But then what happened? These little, bonehead, knuckle head,
butthead … punks. Some of them, I’m not saying they’re kids. Some of them are old as heck. Some of them are grandmas. And they shouldn’t be making content on the Internet. I ain’t trying to be a bully but your 15
minutes – all of your 15 minutes – is over. Ready? Damn. He turned his back on us. I didn’t turn my back and anything, player. I had some surgeries. Three to be exact. And a lot of people didn’t know
if I was gonna make it … … to the parties they had the weekends after my surgeries. And I did make it. I did power through. And I did mix my prescription meds with gin and juice. Do you want me to tell you what it’s like to go viral? To have all your friends and family text you in the same 45-minute period? CNN doesn’t ask. CNN will just put your video up and be like, “Wasn’t that cool? You were on CNN.” Going viral? Crap. I’ve been on SportsCenter’s Top-Ten plays. Big deal. Haven’t you? Of course you haven’t. People say Sereno’s washed up. Bish, I ain’t never been wet – once. The Spice Girls put adjectives in front of “Spice,” right? Scary Spice, you know. Baby spice? – Yeah. You just used Derek in front of Spice. You just used your real name. – But I used a Q. So if there’s Sporty, Scary, Ginger, Baby and Sexy Spice, then what is Dereq Spice? What would Dereq Spice be? … It’s Dereq. you

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  1. Thanks for checking out the teasers for our new show. If you have a question about Kill Your Content, ask below. We just finished filming our first episode and it's gonna blow you away.

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