Instagram’s “Funniest” Comedian (Supreme Patty)
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Instagram’s “Funniest” Comedian (Supreme Patty)

Now, I would like to say… *inhales sharply* …As a YouTuber. I don’t like a lot of people, but one type of people that I-I really dislike… *gun making noises*
I don’t like a lot of people, but one type of person that I-I really dislike… I don’t like a lot of people, but one type of person that I-I really dislike… …are hype beasts. Guy: “I wanna get overpriced clothing that show that I…” “*trying to not laugh* make a lot of money.” Reporter: “What do you do?” Um… Pyro: They are probably the worst kind of person imaginable… They’re really, just kinda like, the grime you get on the bottom of your shoe, every time you walk. *gun making noises*
the grime you get on the bottom of your shoe, every time you walk the dog. So I wanted to spend this video having a look at one of my most favorite hype beasts, who is ALSO… …an Instagram comedian! Also, if you could take a second to subscribe to the channel, that would be TRULY EPIC! I’m talking EPIC! Also YouTube, the gun’s fake. I-I don’t think the US military allows guns with chainsaws on the end of them, alright? Hey, remember when special editions were cool and you got stuff like this. *More gun noises* Instead of just like a crappy statue. Yeah. *weird stuttering* “Only 90s kids will remember.” Now this individual, who were looking at today Supreme Patty. He’s (pausing in pain) he’s such a beautiful specimen because he documents all aspects of his life. Him
being an outstanding comedian: SP: “Last night was so crazy I got so drunk, I think I lost
my girlfriend.” DLN: “I think I fucked her last night at the party.” And also one of my most favorite aspects
about him, is that he documents his spot treatment. Because that’s EXACTLY what
you want when you go into a comedy page, to see someone get spot treatment and
getting all their zits popped on their *disgusted*. It- It, *dies inside* You can tell that Supreme Patty is quite an extraordinary gentleman, because he wears the Supreme headband on his head
24/7. The amount of grease and sweat wrapped around that thing, you…you could
probably fill up a deep fat fryer. Supreme: “Hollywood Park, I got three Donkers,
20 dollar bill, some lotion, some condoms. Come find it.” Pyro: *Wheeze laugh* Mad lad: “BIG KAHOONY.” *peak male performance* Pyro: And then they found out the little Latino
man was underage, and they all went to jail. What I love though, is he’s got a
Supreme headband, a Gucci jacket he’s just got a Patrick Star necklace. *laughs*.
Some believe that Supreme Patty is an actual Krabby Patty from Spongebob, that
escaped his spatula. Now I do like Supreme Patty,
he’s actually taking things to the next level. Instead of having you know the
generic Instagram thud sound effect, *Sanity depletion levels space bound* There’s a mod that replaces every gun
sound with the ‘Instagram comedian thud’ sound effect, can you imagine? *Rapid gunfire* (??) I’m reloading. *THUD* I’m reloading. *More gunfire* *THUD* *THUD* *THUDx3* *Continuous ‘THUDS’* “Right put the gun down, you’ve got a YouTube video to make.” So instead of the thud sound effect
being used for comedy, Patty will… squeeze lemon and limes into his eyes. I don’t really get it, it’s not much of a punch line. Like so random, it’s funny. It’s like
me starting a joke, and then ending it by filing out my taxes. *idk what he’s saying here* Ok. I got some – I got this bad boy right here, bro. *they’re talking about it and I’m too lazy to subtitle 2 people talking at the same time* How much is that? This one is 60 grand, bro. 60, shit. Well um… I’ll give you 70 if you.. if you
put these in your eyes. Just some limes. 10 more K just to put some lemon in my eyes? Yeah. Let’s do it. Fuck it. *the noises you make when you put lime juice into your eyes* *comedy in 2018 XDDDDDDD* HEY! Security! What the fuck? He was asleep, yeah. Wait what were the comm–
wait hang on, go back. There’s the same copy pasted comment like over and over. Oh yeah. Hang on. Wait no, the o– the one where he’s throwing. Imagine begging to be.. to collab with
Supreme Patty. Patty also likes to collab with other individuals. For example, a certain gentleman with quite a wide neck. AHHH AHHH (echoing) Now I came to the starting realization a couple nights ago that… Supreme Patty is not funny. Funny cause he broke it. That’s funny. Ah, he broke the thing, yeah. Go download TikTok! (no please don’t) Fortnite, the first– It’s this dope new app! (no it’s not) You can match videos together to make one 𝙻𝙸𝚃 video. Everyone go follow me on TikTok right now. He’s got 0 followers! I’m gonna be posting 𝓛𝓘𝓣 videos on there all
weekend It’s like that bre– that brief pause was like… Fuck, I’m doin’ a Tik-Tok ad. The fuck am I doin’ with my life? WHOLE WEEEKEND (?) It’s not a Tweet *laughing* I understand their comedy’s subjective, but it should have a three-act structure, for example: Context, build up, and then payoff. Supreme Patty has no context, he just begins a skit by
doing something random. There’s no build up whatsoever, things just… happen. And then… reach a conclusion? Tattoos? You doin’ tattoos? Yeah bro you wanna get a tat? That’s fire, how much are they? It’s the dollar store bro, it’s a buck. Let’s do it. You doin’ dollar tats? Yeah bro you want next? Yeah dude lemme get one. Get in here man. Oh shit Dope bro, thanks. Hey bro, if you ever need another dollar tat, you know where to find me. Appreciate it bro. See guys, the joke is… you don’t get a tattoo at a supermarket. One thing I love about Patty which shows he’s just such a humble person, much like the billionaire I talked about last video, he’s privated his Instagram account not because he’s worried about random people getting onto the account, but because he wants it to feel like an event. If you request you’re
waiting now in the roped off VIP line to get into the club and there’s Supreme
Patty with a bottle of champagne Obviously I got in, cause you know… I’ve got contacts. DoPE! I think that was the joke. Now guys, Supreme Patty, he’s not that bad of a guy. I’ve railed on him pretty hard this
video, but he spread his wings, and he’s became a much more generous person (Amen) because he’s giving away 100% free merch. I would… no I wouldn’t, I love money. Yes guys, Supreme Patty’s merch is a
hundred percent free. You can get such things like a golden weed. You can wear a golden weed on your neck, a whole marijuana. It’s so epic! All you have to do is pay for the shipping. But the problem is, the shipping is about fifteen
to twenty dollars for chains that are worth about five dollars. Even though
with the blanked out price they are worth a hundred dollars originally, uh… I’ve
seen a couple videos of people reviewing these chains and products. They’re not
the highest quality, none of them are made out of titanium. Also he’s got a time limit on all of them, pushing you to buy it. I mean, obviously there’s
nothing wrong with timed exclusives I’ve done that myself with merch in the past, but the fact that you’re making it “free” and then you have to pay for shipping, it
looks very obvious that you’re running a drop shipping scam. Where you actually
make a profit by people paying the packaging fees because you probably
bought these chains for about three to five dollars originally. Now I know
influence merch can be really crappy sometimes but I’d much prefer that and
someone who is outright scamming you So this one’s great right, because he’s
doing a bunch of basketball shots and he’s acting like they’re trick shots
doing it in one go right? You notice how it suddenly cuts from day to night in one shot, so he was obviously there all day doing the same shot. Anyways guys, I
hope you enjoyed this video. I feel that the channel’s getting a lot better, the content’s improving, we’ve moved away from bullying children to bullying adults. It’s great and it probably means my channel won’t get shut down for 2019. If
you guys enjoyed, please subscribe to the channel, that would mean a lot. My wife
left me recently, there’s a big hole in my heart and with you clicking the
subscribe button, and pressing that bell it would, it would make the bad thoughts
go away. (Please save this man). *outro* Why the hell would Shrek advertise his exact location no matter how terrifying he thinks he is? *ding*

100 thoughts on “Instagram’s “Funniest” Comedian (Supreme Patty)

  1. the sheer width of wide neck's neck grants him a never ending jack the ripper mode in metal gear rising

  2. Pyro acts like he’s a comedy genius or literally anyone who can judge and forgets he used to make MLG videos witch is the epitome of stupidity. I swear I can’t stand youtubers that get on their high horse and forget they are entertainers and not fucking prophets.

  3. I have a story about Patty:

    So I’m in middle school, right?

    Well we’re all brainlets and a kid fell for the fake merchandise and I had to tell him not to do that smh

  4. I love pyro, I’ve watched him for years, but he has always messed wit ppl, he always been toxic, but he talks about ppl so much, but he’s extremely toxic sometimes, again I don’t hate him, I just don’t like how he always talks about ppl when he is toxic asf

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