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[Upbeat music] Hello there! Back at it again with the testing videos I know its been some time I just want to say I apologize and I miss this so much And I promise I’m going to be doing more sit down videos with you guys But I was scrolling through the interwebs the other day, And I was like: That’s weird. Woah, that’s weird. That’s really weird! I came across four (4) really weird makeup products and thought I would put them to the test Now, the really interesting thing about all of these makeup products Is they each have there own individual hack, so it’s also a beauty product and a hack in itself But wait Make sure to subscribe and turn notifications on Literally hit notifications and you will be automatically entered into my MacBook giveaway I’m giving away one macbook to one lucky subscriber Make sure to click the link below for extra entries Make sure to click the link below for extra entries Give this video a thumbs up for more hack videos And I challenge you guys to get this video to 100,000 likes I know that we can do this! So the very first product that I am super excited to test out are these paper makeup So pretty much, this comes in blush and bronzer and foundation form And I believe in highlighter So they have four (4) different ones and they range from fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) dollars And this is by My Couture It’s makeup on a little… think of it like a blotting sheet So basically this hack is for your like everyday gal You’re on the go. Let’s say your outside and you kinda need to touch up Now what I’ve seen online, is a lot of people are misleading this product for it being just a foundation paper Which is not what it claims So, this product claims that it’s like a touch up throughout the day So it’s gonna help with whatever you already have under So fifty (50) shades are in every product And I think this is kinda expensive Like we’re buying paper here for eighteen (18) dollars So taking off the paper I’m gonna use the side that has the foundation on it So what they claim is that you can either pat, you can sweep it, or you can blend it And you’re not going to need a brush Alright… so I’m patting And I do see product So that’s good I’m gonna sweep So this is not my color Huh It removed my foundation Now this usually happens Like my foundation gets all over other.. like my boyfriend’s shirt Fancé now actually fiancé So first things first this is too light for me right Second thing second, it’s removing my foundation And the way that it’s applying onto my skin, it’s kind of clotting my skin I don’t know how to explain that Do you see that? I think you have to be a rich kid who wants to buy this and have already like perfect skin Because honey, this ain’t doin’ nothin’ for you “sad music and crying” So I’m gonna make this bad boy work Okay, I took off the foundation I’m going to apply it naturally Okay Like a translucent powder all over my face And my face is completely dry So there should be no clottiness Right? There’s still hope My overall thoughts on this product is it’s not worth it Unless you really like that minimaless of it And you prefer to carry this as oppose to a press power Which.. I don’t know I think it’s really expensive Fifty (50) sheets for eighteen (18) dollars So this is the very first ever foam foundation Ooo And it just like keeps growing Do you guys see that? Do you see that, do you see this puffiness? This is so fun Ooo Foam Foam Okay So this foundation claims that it is very light weight It’s very like beautiful, youthful, and what not So we are going to see Honey this is not my color This foundation reminds me of like… think about what your grandma or older lady would wear That’s their like really fancy That’s what this smells like Kind of like an old person perfume Alright And now this side I’m lovin’ it It feels like really refreshing on the skin I don’t even know if it’s like the… it’s the bottle that it’s in But it just feels like… it feels neat I think it’s really cool I like it I like it a lot The very next beauty product is this really cool putty So if you’re a makeup lover, you are going to hate this But this is putty basically So it’s “gasp” Oh my god Putty has been all the craze all over Instagram, all over Twitter, all over Facebook People are just like into all these foundations And ah we’re about to test it out and see if it’s worth the hype So this one is by Stila it’s in the color Kitten I feel like the foundation made my face really oily But now it’s time It’s time for the higlights Time for the highlights So I’m just gonna add this onto the brush Let’s apply this on “gasp” Oh girl Oh girl So I’m picking up a denser brush And I’m just looking oily right now Can I just going to apply this with my fingers Cause I’m like what’s the point of it being putty like You know Like that’s fun Yes you can honey I’m going to apply this all over my eye We’re just going to glow out girl Ooo pretty It feels like a really nice buttery consistency, it’s almost relaxing Okay, I’m looking frosty I went a little over board Overall, I think this product is awesome It does what it claims to do And it’s multi-purpose and it’s fun Alright, this product I’ve been so excited to tryout This is a three (3) second brow eyebrow stamp For you lazy girls Or boys It’s supposed to be like a no mess A guaranteed you’re going to get these fleekish brows And in three (3) seconds Hard to believe But, I mean that girl, they got it going on The retail is for twenty (20) dollars It comes with a makeup compact and a mirror and then comes with the two structured arch brows This is more of the arch one And this is more of the natural brow The first step is finding out which of these you are So then you are going to open the compact In a small circular motion, you just gently rub this on to that Until it’s like fully coated As you can see, there is sparseness so we need to fully coat it Bam! A beautiful full brow Okay, so the third step is to align this to the eyebrow You are going to press it on for three (3) seconds And then the harder you press the darker your eyebrows will be I’m nervous Here we go Umm This is arched? It doesn’t looked arched So this is where the spoolie comes in right So for all of that excess like remaining portion You’re just gonna like brush it off So like right here This is not… oh yeah that worked And then I’m just gonna brush these upward and kinda of I feel like two (2) shapes isn’t enough for the whole world I feel like everybody has different shapes of eyebrows So So this has been more than three (3) seconds right Because I’m So I’m going to move on to the other one I’m actually going to try the other shape just to see maybe Maybe I’m more of a soft brow kind of girl And now for this brow Honey One thing is, it gets everywhere Like this is all over my nose, it’s all over my desk Mmm…better I’m gonna press it again Oh snap I missed Okay Overall, I think this product is really innovative I don’t know if it’s gonna work for everyone This one turned out quite all right and then this one I tried to fix I mean it looks decent, but like I wouldn’t feel beautiful If you enjoyed today’s video, make sure you give it a thumbs up And let me know down below in the comments what product you would like me to test out next Which of these would you try out? Rate them from 1-10 I’m curious to see your ratings Stay connected with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter I would love to connect with you guys And don’t forget to live weird or die normal Bye! “music”

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