Instagram vs Reality 2019 | Kylie Jenner Kim K Sommer Ray and more
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Instagram vs Reality 2019 | Kylie Jenner Kim K Sommer Ray and more

Okay, so today we are going to be doing
Instagram versus reality pictures. Now I love this type of thing because
it really puts into perspective what you’re looking at online versus
what is true, what is reality. I know a lot of you guys have told me
you guys struggle with self esteem and confidence and body image issues, so we’re going to be going over a lot of
very popular influencers and I’m going to show you guys the pictures
that they post on social media, on their Instagram
versus the real pictures. Now in this video I’m going to have
a very special treat for you guys. At the end I’m going to be showing you
guys a person that you’re not expecting to see. I can guarantee you that, and I will also be showing you that
even people as amazing as our beloved Kylie Jenner edits her body to make it
look slimmer and rounder in the way that she wants it to look for you guys. So if
you’re interested and seeing all that, just stick around Good morning, my lovelies,
my beauties, my friends. My name is Christina and welcome
to my channel if you’re new here. Thank you so much for
clicking on this video. I really hope that you will
subscribe, stick around, take a chance on hearing some things
that I have to say and if you are a returning subscriber, y’all already know y’all are my
babies. So good morning, good morning, good morning. How is everyone doing? I hope you guys are having
an amazing week so far. I’m super duper excited about
this video and expose a video. No, but seriously, this video is not meant to body shame
anybody or put anybody else down. It is only meant to show you guys that
the people that you were comparing yourself online with are not real. Okay? These are not real candid
photos that you guys are seeing. These are very edited,
retouched, smoothed out, filter filled photos
that you guys are seeing. So we’re not going to be
comparing ourselves to
anybody else after this video. Okay? Because today I’m
spilling the tea, tea, tea, tea about guys and girls. Yes guys do it too on social media.
So let’s get into it. All right, so the first photo that I’m going to pop
up here is the very infamous Instagram versus reality picture. I just wanted to add this in here because
I think this is kind of where it all stemmed from and started from this
whole Instagram versus reality thing and yeah, I’m trying to tell you guys the one
where she’s hunched over with that facial expression. That is me on a daily basis. I love this and I love that she did
this and I honestly think she looks beautiful in both pictures, but let’s just keep it moving
and move onto the next one. The next one is Iggy Azalea and
this is posted by IG famous bodies. I do follow them on Instagram. I’m going to be leaving all of the direct
links to these Instagram pages in the description box so y’all
can check them out too. I think it’s really good for your mental
health to keep things into perspective and pages like these work really
hard to show us the truth, which is fine and dandy and I don’t think
it’s meant to shade or hurt anybody. All right, so let’s look at Iggy. I’m trying to tell you guys a picture on
the right that is my butt all day long, honey. I got all kinds of cellulite
and everything like that
and there’s nothing wrong with it. So many women in
America have cellulite, but we forget about it because
we’re constantly looking
at women and men online. That’s photos have been so retouched that
we’re looking at ourself in the mirror and thinking that there’s something
wrong with us. But as you can see it, he’s got lumps, bumps and curves
just like the rest of us. All right, next person, I don’t
know this girl’s name, she is a modeling girl or chick or
woman from so many different Instagram clothing accounts. But as you can see,
the picture of her here in the pink, she’s very posed and ready for
her picture in the right lighting. And then you’ve got her over here in the
blue where she’s just walking around. Now, how many times have you seen a woman like
this in the pink on Instagram and you think like, dang, like I
want to look like that. But then you look at the picture of her
on the blue and she’s beautiful as well, but she just likes it looks like a regular
woman that would be out at the beach, you know a regular body, a,
you know a beautiful body. You know what I’m saying? All right,
let’s move on to the next one. Here is our adorable little Tana
who I just think is so cute. I just literally, she is
me 15 years ago for sure, but as you can see the picture
of her with the glasses on, she is ready for this picture
baby. She got her booty poked out. with some stomach sucked in just like
I do in every picture that I post on Instagram. And then you got the picture over here
of her with a fan or a friend and she’s letting it loose. Honey, she is just
being relaxed and having a good time. She looks great in both
pictures, but a guys, I just want you to keep into perspective
what you’re looking at when you see these pictures of her, like the one with the glasses on
and then you see the other picture. If you were to actually run
into her at the beach somewhere, she’s just a normal person. Guys,
a normal person with a normal body. Let’s move on to the next one already. And this is the beautiful Mila from the
70s show and this picture right here with her in the hoodie.
I’m trying to tell y’all, this is me anytime I go
to Target or Walmart. So if you see me in Target or Walmart, just keep it moving and
act like you don’t see me. And then the other picture is her with
the lighting and she’s ready for the camera. The picture of her with the hoodie, she does not look like
she’s ready for a camera. She’s actually looking at the paparazzi
like you better not take my picture, but you guys see the
difference. See, Alrighty. Stop looking at yourself in the mirror
and comparing. This is beautiful. Bella Hadid. If you see her
in the black and white hat, she is posed and ready. She’s
got her booty poked out. She’s giving that look. She is just working up camera and then
the picture of her with the little white hat. She’s just chilling, relaxed, probably enjoying the sun and the day and
this would be what she would look like if you saw her on the beach somewhere. So when you’re putting on your bikini and
getting ready to go to the pool or the beach and you’re looking at your body
and you’re wondering why your butt does not look like Nicki Minaj,
honey, you’re beautiful. This next picture is going to
be an Allan and Alex Stokes. Now this is by beauty false. I love
following them on Instagram as well, but I want you guys to look at
where the red circles are at first. If you didn’t know what you was looking
for, you would not think anything. This is just a great picture
of two guys out in the rain. Two brothers that are out in the rain, you know with their white tee shirts
and their six packs underneath. Well, if you look closely, these abs are the exact same. Even the water is the exact same that’s
falling from the sky and the water spots on their shirts where there’s air
bubbles underneath. You want to know why? I did a little research Come to find out only one of
these brothers actually has abs. So what they did was they photo-shopped
the one brother’s abs onto the other brothers abs. Okay, let’s
move to the next picture. And as you can see here he is right here
with just a regular stomach with not a bunch of visible abs and this is
just kind of showing you that Hey, he photo-shopped his abs on. All right, so the next picture is
Courtney Kardashian. As you can see the picture of her with
the sunglasses with the rhinestone, she is in good lighting.
She’s got her highlighter on, she’s got a little bit of light contour, eye shadow looking ready for the picture. And then the other photo
with the black sunshades on, there’s a little bit more shadow
on her face, which is catching, you know where her little cheeks are
and a couple of wrinkles on her neck. You know, it’s just, she’s beautiful in both pictures
but do not look at a picture of Courtney Kardashian like the one with
the rhinestones on our glasses and then compare yourself and wonder why
your skin doesn’t look like that. The other photo, as you can
see, she, she’s a normal, beautiful woman and this is a picture
of her in her bikini and she looks great in both photos, but as you can see, the one where she’s
standing and looking down, that is a normal person that you
guys would see at the beach. Okay. If you were laying out at the beach, this is what you would look like and
that is completely fine. You know, how many times are we looking at ourselves
with bikinis on in the mirror and we’re pinching at our fat rolls. See where she’s got a couple
of little back fat rolls, which like I’m saying over and over
again is completely normal and beautiful, but look at her arm. She’s got a little
bit of thickness on her arm too. Okay. Look at her belly. Yes. Okay.
Normal stuff, guys. Normal stuff. Let’s keep going. All right. I wanted to show you guys
this picture of Nicki Minaj. Now the picture of her on the red
shirt to me, I don’t really know, but she looks like she’s young.
Maybe a teenager here. Like I said, I’m not quite sure, but as you can see
the picture of her in the one piece, she’s had her butt done by this time. She’s had her breasts done and
whatever else. I’m not quite sure, but a lot of the times when we’re
comparing ourselves to people online, we don’t know what all
procedures they have had. Okay. Nikki Minaj is quite famous
for her beautiful round bump, but we all know that, you
know, she’s had surgery. She’s had the surgery done there, which there’s no shame and having
some surgery, you know, none at all, do what makes you happy, but don’t compare your flat butt to
somebody like her that has a big round. But when you know she paid for that,
butt you know it wasn’t natural. No shame in it, but no need to compare. All right. The next person we’re
going to talk about is very, very famous on social media. Summer Ray. She is also known and
famous for her butts. I have definitely been guilty of going
down the rabbit hole of her photos and staring at her butt because
she’s got such a nice butt, but as you can see the picture
where she’s looking back, you know her hips are very wide
compared to her waist. You know, her hip to waist ratio is quite different. And then the photo where she’s just
standing there, you know, she’s, she just looks average. She
looks beautiful but average. So let’s move on to the
next photo of hers. Now, IG famous bodies said that
she accidentally posted
the unedited photo and then quickly took it down. But not
before people got screenshots. You guys know how the internet is and
then she re uploaded the photo that had been edited where you know she
shrunk her arms a little bit, shrunk her waist a little bit and
made her butt bigger. So yeah, she edits her photos too. Let’s
move on to the next one of her. If you see her leaning up against the
table there where you can see the full body, look at her butt to waist ratio, then look at it at the picture
that she actually posted. Okay. Quite a bit of difference.
Let’s move on to the next one, who is now
Kylie Jenner’s new BFF I think they’d been friends
for many, many years. But you know Jordan used to be in all
the pictures with her and now it’s Stasi. So if you’ve been seeing, you know
the blonde haired little waist, big booty girl and all of Kylie’s
photos lately, this is her. You see the picture of her and the one
piece bikini where you see the full body looks quite different from the one where
she’s in front of the flowers. Okay. The photo has been edited.
It has been edited. Okay. Next we have the beautiful
Kendall Jenner. As you can see, the one where she is laying on the couch, her waist looks very small and her hips
look quite round and then you see the photo of her just
walking. Okay. She looks, you know she’s still got a smaller
waist and bigger hips though. Dress I think is kind of hiding
it. But as you guys can see, if you are looking at this picture
of her laying on the couch and you’re thinking, wow, she’s so curvy and I’m not, well this is what she looks like when
she’s walking. Next is Kim Kardashians. As you can see, the photo where she is
posing with the long sleeve shirt on, her waist looks very small, no rolls,
everything looks nice and smooth. Round booty and then you see the one
of her leaning over on the couch. She looks like I do when
I’m sitting like that. You know she’s got a little back
fat and little fat in the front. Her waist looks much bigger. You know nothing’s wrong
with her in either picture. She looks beautiful in both, but that’s just the huge difference
versus reality and Instagram. Now we’re going to get onto Kylie Jenner. As you can see in this picture here
of her in front of a white wall. She is Instagram ready.
She’s doing the look down. She’s got her legs posed and everything. Then you see the photo of her
over in front of the red wall. She looks just relaxed and
like an average person. She’s got a little wrinkles
on her knees just like I do. You know she’s got her a little Pudge
there on her tummy just like I do. She looks like an average normal
woman wearing that outfit. Now we’re going to move onto this photo. Now I know that she was 17 in this picture
versus now 22 but I want you guys to really pay attention to
her face. As you can see, she’s had quite a bit of
filler in the age 22 picture, which is why you don’t see those lines
by her nose like she did when she was 17 also look at her eyes guys at 22 you
see how you can really see that almond shaped eye and then you can
see the eyelid really good. I believe she’s had something done to
her eyes because if you see the age 17 photo, you know she’s got that little
fat part that hangs over her. I actually just like, I do see that
right there. When I open up my eye, you can see it right there. I think she had that part removed or
something. I don’t know how that works, but that’s what it looks like. But yeah, really pay attention to like her eyes
and you can see that good almond shape on the age 22 and that at age
17 you can’t really see it. And of course we know the
lips, we’ve already known that. And then the different shape
in her chin and her jawline. I don’t know if she actually had surgery
on that or maybe if it’s just face tune, but yes, quite a bit of difference.
Let me bring you guys back to me. I remember a while, I can’t
even remember how long ago now, I would see these paparazzi photos of the
Kardashians and the Jenners and all of their paparazzi photos
always looked amazing. They didn’t look crazy like you would
see a paparazzi photo or you would see on there like gossip magazines that are in
the store where you would see like these really crazy looking pictures where they
snap a photo when you’re in the middle of eating you’re like….
You know what I mean? Well, according to these
Instagram pages, allegedly, I don’t know for sure the Kardashians pay
paparazzi to take their photos and then when the paparazzi takes their photos, they edit them and then they get them
approved by the Kardashians and the Jenners to release. You can
actually go on to liar tings. I’m going to leave them all linked down
description box and read these articles of actual paparazzi people admitting
and saying that they work for the Kardashians and the Jenners. So when you’re looking at these pictures
of them and you think like, wow, like you know, they’re all,
when they’re walking in, they’re always just like looking
and then they’re like touching their hair and they’re like looking down and
it’s like totally caught off guard. It’s not really caught off guard. Okay. These people are paid to take these
photos of them and only release the ones that they approve of. So let’s
get back to this photo here. So the picture of Kylie with
the pants on is not paid, paparazzi and then the picture of
her just casually looking down, you know in the perfect pose is by a
paid Paparazzi. And here’s the next one. And this is by exposing celebs surgery, real paparazzi versus paid paparazzi. And here’s another photo of
Kylie on the exact same day guys, she’s got the exact same little
Fanny pack, the exact same dress. One side is a regular paparazzi and
the other side is a paid paparazzi. Quite a bit of difference,
right? Yes. Now, here’s a picture of Kylie sitting if
you saw this on her Instagram page, but if you can see here,
if you look closely, the pillow lines are supposed
to go straight up and down. They are curved around her waist because
this photo has been edited to make her waist look smaller. Okay? See here, here’s the photo, right? Okay,
you see, see those lines? I’m going to zoom it in for you guys. You can really see that
those lines have been curved. Now there’s nothing wrong with it. I have definitely been guilty of
editing my pictures too. Okay? The point of this video
is not to shame them. I’m not trying to expose any of
these people in a negative way. My concern is for you guys, for you guys to realize that you should
not be comparing yourself to these people. So for the special treat, I’m going to be showing you
guys a few pictures of myself. It would only be fair of
Instagram versus reality. So let’s pop the first two
up. Alrighty. Here we go. As you can see in one picture, I have a filter on and the
other picture I do not. Same exact day swimsuit sitting
in the car and everything. As you guys can see in the unedited photo,
I have a lot of melasma and freckles. I have, you know, little
bags under my eyes. I’ve got hairy eyebrows. I needed
my brows done so bad, right? You know I’ve got
little wrinkles on my face, everything and then the other photo of
my face looks a lot smoother, a lot, lot less melasma, a lot less freckles and then you guys I don’t even
want to show you this next one. Let’s do it. All right.
Instagram versus reality. This is a picture I posted on Instagram. Obviously caught off guard just
sitting there on that chair, had no idea somebody was going to take
my picture. And then the other picture, which happens to be me actually sitting
on the couch playing on my phone as you guys can see my face. Let me zoom in on that and let you guys
see what my face looks like as a mom after a long day. Yes, it looks like two totally
different people yet even I do it. So I hope that you guys
enjoyed this video. Let me know what you guys think down
in the comments section down below. You guys go over and check
out those Instagram pages, especially if you’re struggling with
comparing yourself to other influencers, bigger influencers. The first thing
I would do is if it’s really, really, really bothering your mental health
and making you feel bad about yourself, just unfollow them. Like
don’t even follow them. But if you’re struggling with anything
having to do with like your body image or self esteem or loving yourself, you know, and it’s because of comparing yourself. Go and follow these pages
and pay attention and really
get into your mind how much what you’re looking at
online. It’s not reality. I mean even me right now I’m sitting
under a ring light. Let me turn it off. So I mean even me sitting here under
the ring light is blowing out, you know, wrinkles. I have absolutely no makeup on today
and I’m missing half of my lashes and my eyebrows are crazy. But I felt like
it was appropriate for this video. But yeah. So let me turn this back
on. I don’t want to scare you guys away. Let me know if you liked this style video. If you want me to do more of these type
of things. And other than that, please don’t forget to like this video. It’s a
free way that you can help you girl out. And until next time, I love
you guys so, so, so very much. And I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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