Instagram VS. Reality | 🚨 Google Pixel Giveaway 🚨 | Rickshawali

So guys as you have read in the title that there is an amazing giveaway in this video. And that giveaway is And In the end of the video I will give few Instructions. which you guys need to follow to win this amazing phone. I have worked hard for this. What will happen when mr. bajaj will intervene into prerna and parth’s relationship. Ok now posted. Let’s go to sleep now. Who goes to gym at this time? What all things we need to do for Instagram. Life has become fake. Thank you for helping. How stingy this aunty is. She couldn’t even give sme money. I have Forgot Something. Take this Hajmola from my side. This Cloth was not fitting in. It was too big. I want to Return this. It was all worth it for Instagram. Anisha… Why it’s so dark here. Carrot cutter Hai Daiyya Me and morty were sitting quietly here. Morty has never sat on my lap like this before. Which I have put in different different places. And you have to comment the codes with right time stamps. Watch this video again carefully. And if you will subscribe. Then morty what will we say….. Everything will be fine

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