Instagram vs Real Life | Hacks For Taking Perfect Photos | #Teenagers #Ideas #Fashion #Anaysa
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Instagram vs Real Life | Hacks For Taking Perfect Photos | #Teenagers #Ideas #Fashion #Anaysa

did you clicked the picture?? Yes Hey!! you are here.. Are you too wish to post perfect Pictures on Instagram like others??? so we are bringing for you Instagram Hacks to make you a Insta Star Not only this We’ll also tell you the Instagram – Expectations Vs Reality like what actually happens behind the camera hit 1,00,000 LIKES to this fun filled video Take your bag and return mine you had asked to clean it & what are you doing with it?? and would you go like this in train!! No I’ll shut off all the buttons & also will keep the T-shirt down and what about you I’ll wear a Shirt over it ok Go fast don’t know what’s she’ll do keeping this Suitcase have we got the perfect picture We are in Goa here I wish if I might to see Shark or Dolphin here oh my God its too windy my cap is blowing away Oho.. I’m bringing my cap back Have you seen this Palm tree behind me its so beautiful and have a look to this Beach have you ever seen so clean Beach like this but don’t know Anishka has gone to which Beach I am willing to play in these waves so catch you later why are entering in my Screen then give me another screen ok.. will you please change the screen Which one you want lets make together in this Wow!! Guys what a view from our room will meet you later till then Bye… now I’ll not make your videos Let me see so you’ve done now I too will do the same wearing My Fathers’s shirt and my Mom’s accessories in another hand & I too done with ok done with pictures Let’s put Hashtags bring that Samosa I already have it Now its my turn hey did you get the boomrang yes done worked so hard see you’ve got 5,000 views on your story now get up see she has slept with her eyes open Hey give my flowers back I’ve come to take flowers for Prayers but no fragrance in it I ain’t getting it how different flowers are grown on a single bush Oho I’ve done all these for Instagram picture all these are fake flowers fix them like this and click pictures like this and take them back with you Have you clicked it see this empty coffee mug and how I blow air with this and what an awesome picture we’ll get lets upload it now on Instagram done with party sitting at home I’ve made wine using fabric colours and have clicked that party’s photo sitting at home Let’s go fast… before Anaya could see her’s toy car before she come here you hit 1,00,000 LIKES to this video have you seen that Red Subscribe button there so do SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you are new to our channel also turn on that notification bell too to see amazing videos like this

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  2. Anishka Itni Sundar Hai Itni Itni Sundar photo to Aaegi na Agar ham log itne sundar ho tum abhi tak photo Nahin khinch Leti

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