Instagram Tutorial 2019
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Instagram Tutorial 2019

– I’m glad you’re looking
for an Instagram tutorial because the platform is huge, and today we’re gonna run through it. And even if you’re
already using Instagram, you might pick up a few quick tips and best practices as we go, all right? Let’s get into it! (uplifting music) What’s up busy people? Welcome to Five Minute Social Media. If you have been struggling
with your social media, you feel like you’re putting
all this time into it and not getting anything
back, you’re in a great place. Every week, we put out a quick video to help you with a different piece of your social media marketing strategy and save you time. That sounds like something you could use, go ahead and click subscribe, click that bell
(bell dinging) and that way, you’ll be notified each week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter, and
by the end of this video, you’ll know how to post to Instagram for your brand or business. We’re gonna do a big overview on how to post to the Instagram feed. But if you’re hoping to learn
more about Instagram Stories, I’ve got a video about
that, you can get that there and in the description of this video. Now I’m assuming at this point, you’ve already downloaded
the Instagram app and created your account. If not, hit pause really
quick, and do that first. So for just about any
screen within Instagram, to post to your feed, you’re
gonna wanna click the plus sign at the bottom there, right in the middle. So I click that. And immediately it will
bring up my camera roll. I’m doing this on an iPhone, so it might be slightly
different on Android, but it should be pretty much the same. And so here are all of my
pictures that I’ve taken that are on my camera roll that I can add up there, if I want to. So for example, if I click on this, this was a slide I actually
made for Instagram Stories. Once the photo is in there,
you can move it around, you can pinch to zoom it, and make it exactly the way
that you want it to show up. If it’s taller than a square, you can tap these little
arrows here on the lower left, then it’ll zoom out on your picture so that you can see a little
bit better on how it will show. Instagram has traditionally been about square images, 1080 by 1080, but I’ve actually found that
taller images work better, because they take up
more space in your feed. And I’ll show you that on
a widescreen image here, in just a second. Once you have your picture there and that’s the way you want
it, you would hit next. And then you will go
into some of the filters. But before we do that, I wanna show you a widescreen image here. So here’s an image that
is a widescreen image, meaning it’s wider than it is tall. So if this goes up the way it is, it actually won’t take up
much space in the feed, when somebody is scrolling
through as fast as they can. I think the more space you take up, the more likely you are to
get somebody’s attention. So I’m gonna pinch and zoom this to make it at least a square, like that. That’s how I think it should show up. You can, of course, do whatever you want with your own creative. So that’s just a tip that I like to use. You can also post a video to your feed. So if I was gonna do a video, and here, this is just a four
second video that I have, that I was using in an Instagram Story, but now I have a video there instead. You cannot pinch and zoom on that but you can move it up and down for which part you want
to show in the feed. Up here at the top, you can also tap camera
roll with the down arrow, and you can choose from different folders. So there might be something
somewhere else on your phone that’s easier to find. And if you wanna post more than one photo, that’s called a carousel post, and that’s where you
kind of swipe to the left to scroll through that, you’re gonna click this little
button on the lower right. It sort of looks like a picture
stacked on top of a picture. Tap that. Now, I can go through and I can choose up to 10 photos and videos to have in a single post. Now let’s say you haven’t taken the photo or the video that you wanna use. You can actually do that
right here, in Instagram. So instead of using the library
on the lower left there, that’s where we’ve been this whole time, I can click on photo, and as you can see, that brings up a camera. So then I can just take a
picture if I want, in the moment. Or if you wanna do video,
I can click video there, and now this brings up the video camera. To record a video, I’m
gonna hold that button down. So I hold it down like this,
and it starts recording and it’s like, hey, I’m making a video on how to record video, it’s very meta, on Instagram (chuckling). You can go up to 60 seconds for a video on the Instagram feed and if I let go with my
thumb, it stops recording. Now if you look on the screen there, you’ll see a black line at the bottom, and it’s not all the way across, that means I could record more. So I could change the way my scene looks or move to a different
location, or anything like that, and then hit record again. And as you can see, it
starts recording again and I can say, hey, I’m over here now, hi! And that way, you can sort of
edit your own video together as you record it, if you want to. I’ve never heard of
anybody using this feature but I think it’s really
cool that it even exists. So that’s how you shoot video for the feed, right there, in Instagram. Now I’m back in library, there’s that dumb selfie I just took. We might as well use the
dumb selfie, why not? So once you have what
you’re gonna use here, whether it’s a series
of pictures, or videos, or one or the other, then you hit next, in the upper right-and corner. Now this is where you can add filters. So maybe you don’t like the way you look. I like this second filter
here, called Crema, so I use that a lot. By the way, your filters
might be in a different order, but you can swipe through,
and you can test out all of these different filters. And different filters will look different on different photos, not surprisingly, depending on how bright or dim they are. If you double tap on a filter, you can actually adjust the intensity of how much that filter has been applied. And then also down here,
on the lower right, you can click edit. And that’ll actually
allow you to go through and play with all sorts
of different settings for the way that your photo looks. Personally, I try and stand in good light, facing a window, whatever it might be, to just take a good photo the first time, but some people love to come in here and tool around afterwards, with all of these different options. So now I’m gonna hit next. Now this is where I’m
gonna post to Instagram. I can go ahead and write my caption. This is not a real
thing, but let’s pretend, that SillySelfieSunday is a thing. Oh, never mind, it is! 4,000 people have posted
with SillySelfieSunday. Look at that! Whatever your caption
is, you can add it here. You can add in emojis, punctuation. I’ll show you one trick
a lotta people will do, ’cause it’s really hard to have any kind of
page breaks within here. ‘Cause you’ll notice there’s
no return or enter key here. But if you go to Notes,
or another program, you can actually type your caption there, with spaces between paragraphs, copy it, and then just paste it here. I strongly suggest using hashtags if you want people to see it because that’s how people
discover things on Instagram. You can have up to 30 hashtags. I sometimes put ’em in the caption but sometimes I also put
’em in the first comment. Instagram has been rumored
to be changing this, but as of now, if you put the
hashtags in the first comment just to kinda keep the caption clean they will still help your
post in search, on Instagram. Once you’ve got the caption the way you want it, hit OK. You can tag people, if you want. So if you had somebody that
you wanted to tag in there, you could do that. You can add a location. I strongly recommend adding locations. This will also get your post
seen by a lot more people, because people will
simply browse a location. Like I’m there in Seattle and so I could just tag it as, in Seattle. Down below that, these are switches where you can auto-share the post to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Facebook, if you’re trying to kill two birds with one
stone, you can do that. Personally, I like to change
the caption for Facebook, because I think people use
Facebook in a different way. Twitter, do not use this tool on Twitter because what it will do, is it’ll put your caption on Titter, and then it’ll have a link to the photo, and it won’t actually show the photo. I found an awesome free app, that will automatically
take your Instagram photo and share it to Twitter. The actual photo, instead
of a link to the photo. I got a tutorial on how to do that and that’s in the
description of this video. So once you’re all done,
hit share, it’ll upload, and there it is, SillySelfieSunday. One of the hassles of Instagram is it’s pretty much a mobile platform. And so if I’m gonna tell a longer story with multiple paragraphs and a caption, it’s a lotta thumb typing. I know there are some amazing
thumb-typers out there, I am not one of them, I’m okay. But there are some
amazing software programs that will allow you to type your captions and upload your photos to a computer, and then it’ll automatically upload the image and the caption to Instagram, at the time you want. All three of my favorites
have free options and if you wanna learn how to do that, I’ve got a tutorial on how
to do that, right here. You can watch it right now. Or I will put it in the
description of this video, if you wanna come back
and check it out later. Hey, if this was helpful,
click like, hit subscribe. Thank you for supporting
Five Minute Social Media. You’re not only helping me, but also my two tiny superheroes at home.

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