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I’m a huge fan of Instagram Stories. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know
that I’m out to run Instagram Stories almost every single day. Well, pretty much every single day. And I’ve learned a lot of little secrets and
tricks to make your Instagram Stories more engaging, more interesting, and also to help
you get more reach across the entire Instagram platform so you can grow, I’m going
to share a lot of these secret little tricks and tips in this story. In this story? I’m going to share a lot of these secrets
and hacks in this video. The first thing that I want to dive into is
your text. These are just some fun ways to spice them
up, make them look more interesting, so let’s dive in. The first thing is shadow text. This one’s really simple, but I do love the
way that it looks. Let’s write YouTube. Right, that’s good. So, you’re going to just type it in, copy
it. And then you basically just go to the [inaudible]
again, and then paste it again. So, now you have two versions of YouTube. You’re going to make one of them black, and
then you’re just going to layer them on top of each other so it becomes this shadow text. Or, you can go reverse, you can go like that
and it becomes shadow text. So, that’s a really simple little trick just
to add a little bit more. The next thing is called gradient text. So, you can highlight the whole word, this
takes a little bit of finessing with your hands, especially if you have long nails,
but go to one of the colors on the color scheme down here, color wheel down here, and really
carefully only tap on the bar on the outside of this letter once it’s all highlighted. And then you grab this, there you go, you
get rainbow, or gradient colors on your text. Next you can highlight certain words as well. So, let’s say I post something like YouTube
is the best, and I change the font. You can do this with any kind of font, but
just to show you guys. If I just wanted to highlight one word, you
can just highlight it, select it, and then just change the color with the color wheel
down here. Now, if you want to do handwriting on your
stories, it’s really easy. All you need to do is click on the drawing
tool, and this slider on the right hand side will make your art thinner or thicker I guess. So, you want to bring it all the way down
to the finesse option, and then I will do it in white just to show you guys. And then you can do a signature, or you can
write an entire word like that. The next thing is your post, how do you use
Instagram Stories to drive more engagement to your posts and how can you best set up
your post on your Instagram Stories? And some secrets for how you can actually
add multiple images to one story. And then the next thing that you can do is
you can do just straight text stories. So, sometimes I’ll do this if I really want
to emphasize a point. So, I will go like that, and then if you click
on that same drawing tool and you click on let’s say white, and you just hold down, it
turns the entire thing white. And then you can do something like, “I went
to the mall today.” And I’ll make that black, or blue. Black. And then I want to make this as a whole story. What I’ll do is I will save it, I won’t share
it. I’ll exit out, discard. Then I’ll upload it again. And then I’ll add another piece of text. So, “And it was fun.” Done, I’ll move that text down. And you can just keep doing this. So, I’ll save it. And then I would just keep sharing it with
each one that I did. So, as you look through them, you would see
one line by one line by one line of text. If you want people to go to an image that
you recently posted, you can go here and go add post to story, and this will be added
into your story. Now, if you watched another video of mine
called How I Post to Instagram, you’ll see my whole tricks and tactics of how I get a
ton of engagement for my posts from my story. But just a couple of things here. So, this is a clickable link, and when you
click on it, it comes up with two different formats for how you want to share it. I usually do it like that. And what you can do is you can add a little
sticker, so if you go into the GIF’s, go tap here. Tap here. And you put it over the top. Then when people click on this from your story
they’re going to go right to the post, which will drive more engagement. Now, what can you do if you want to have this
be full screen? There’s a couple of things that you can do. You can actually just go like that, make it
full screen, and do the same thing. So, you can go tap here, and same thing, it’s
still going to drive to your story if someone clicks on it. If someone taps this, it’s going to go directly
to your post. Now, a really cool thing that I just recently
learned is you can actually add multiple images to one story. So, let’s say I want to make the background
white, which I just showed you how to do, and I want to add an image to the story. What I’ll do is I’ll go into my images, and
let’s just say I want to share a bunch of testimonials. So, I will share this guy. And I’m going to click here and I’m going
to go copy. So, I’ll go copy at the bottom. And then you open up Instagram, and it’ll
pop up right here, and you can add it as a sticker. So, I can play around with it, make it bigger,
smaller. And I can just keep doing that same thing. So, say you want to add a bunch of pictures,
I want to add this one. Let’s go copy, and I want to open up Instagram. Same thing, I can add this as a sticker. So, you could do a whole collage, or if you’re
sharing testimonials, you could add a bunch of them to one story, which makes your life
a lot easier. So, you can just keep doing this until you’ve
run out of things to share basically. Let’s say I wanted to do this picture too,
again, copy and open. And you can do the same thing with that. So, that’s how you add multiple images to
one story. Good. Another cool thing you can do is let’s say
I want to make the background all orange, and I want to do some text on it, and the
handwriting that I showed you guys. Something that you can do that’s kind of interesting
is you can actually use the eraser, so that’s this on the top right, and you can make this
thinner or thicker, like I showed you guys earlier. And I’m going to make it kind of thick. And that actually shows me what’s behind,
so it basically erases. And then you can see my face over here. So, it’s a cool way to do a different style
of writing on the screen, and it’s just using the eraser feature. This is one of my favorite things is if you
want to add music to your story, I use Spotify generally when I’m adding music to my story. I know that you can do it directly through
the app, but I just like this better. So, oftentimes I will play it, as long as
your phone is not on silent, make sure that it’s off silent. And you’ve played on here, I don’t want to
get copyrighted, but then you’ll record as it’s playing, and it’ll pick up the music
in the background, and the music will be on your story. So, let’s say I want to add a video to my
story, this was a video. And you can always resize your videos or your
clips at any time. So, you can just shrink it and make it a different
size within your story, but you have to upload it in order to resize it. And you can upload full videos to your story. Let me just turn the music off of that. And it will just separate it into three clips
for you, so you don’t even really need to do anything with them. But what you can do is like, “Hello,” on this
one, and then dance class. So, each one can have something different
on it. And it will split it up for you. So, if you upload a video that’s not vertical
and it’s horizontal, it’ll still work on Instagram, it’ll just format it like this instead. The next piece is reposting. How do you repost from other people’s stories? How do you post something when someone mentions
you in their story? And how do you post from someone’s feed to
your story? All that right now. How do I repost people’s stories on to my
stories? Okay, let’s go onto general requests. So, if I go into this and this person has
mentioned me in their story. So, what I can do is tap on add this to your
story, and that allows me to repost. Or, what you can do is you can just click
on this full screen, screen shot it, and then upload it to your story like that. And you can resize if you need. And then what if I really want to share someone
else’s post to my story? So, say I wanted to share this, same thing
that you do with your own post, you just go add to story and it allows you to add the
clickable post from someone else’s account to your own story. Okay, I’d love to know, is this helpful so
far? If it is, put yes in the comments below. The next thing is questions. How do you post multiple to one story? Let’s do this. Say you want to answer questions, and you
want to answer multiple at one time, what you can do is you can go share response, so
you click on the question. And to see the responses that people have
to your questions, you just go … you swipe up, and you’ll be able to see it when you
click on the number of people that have watched. So, by going meditating, I go share response,
I can just share it onto like the black screen, or I can share it onto an image of me. So, let’s do that. And what I can do is I can share multiple
answers at one time. So, I’ll just save that. Discard. And then I will keep adding basically new
responses to each one. So, [inaudible] began, let’s add … let’s
get some weird responses in here. Let’s go share response. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to upload
the photo that I’ve just saved. So, I can add a bunch of different responses
in here at one time instead of answering each one individually. That makes it a lot easier. For polls and questions, let’s say I wanted
to do a poll of some kind. Do that again, super flattering. Let’s just say it’s like a heck yes, [inaudible]
here. No, no. And the title that you have on this is you
can just change it within the poll, but what I like to do to add more emphasis to it is
actually add extra text. So, what do you think? And that allows you to create a new. There we go, that’s such a flattering shot
of me, my god. Final thing I wanted to share with you are
some bonus apps, because everything that I’ve just mentioned you can do directly in Instagram,
but there are some bonus apps I wanted to tell you about that will really add another
level to your Instagram Stories. A couple of other bonus apps that I love to
really up your game on your story is Word Swag. You can use this to just add more interesting
text and graphics onto your story. Word Swag is amazing because it has a bunch
of really cool templates that you can use, and you can add in all different kinds of
text. And sort of create your own graphic design
within here, so you can change it to whatever text you want. So, I use this a lot of the time if I want
to make my stories really stand out. So, Word Swag’s a great app. And then the other one I was going to show
you is a very popular one, with is Unfold. And it makes these really beautiful, simplistic
stories. So, you can change the title, change the text,
and save it in story format. You can also add videos in here as well. And then the last one, which is really just
more fun than anything is KiraKira, and if you’ve ever seen bloggers use this app, you’ll
see it makes everything look a little more sparkly and shiny. You can see that on my ring. No, it’s not an engagement ring, don’t get
too excited. But you can see that it does that to pretty
much everything, and makes it look shiny, sparkly and just more exciting. Those are my three bonus apps. I hope these tips were helpful for you. Let me know in the comments below, I love
reading them and shout out to our comment of the week, I absolutely so appreciate that
you guys take the time to watch the videos, and most importantly that you take the time
to actually leave feedback below. I do read all your comments, so thank you,
thank you, thank you. Also, if you want to share with me on Instagram
what you thought of this video, you know the drill, take a second to take a screenshot,
post if on your Instagram Story, or on Instagram, and tag me and let me know what you thought
of the video, and what the most valuable tip was. And I can’t wait to see what you think, those
screenshots give me life, I love seeing them. So, thank you so much for those. And if you want even more ninja tricks for
Instagram, make sure you check out my video on how I post to Instagram, because it’s a
lot more complex than just writing the caption and throwing a photo up on the platform. And when you do the tricks in that video,
you’re going to see a crazy increase in your engagement like I did. Thank you so much for being here, make sure
hit that subscribe button and hit the bell to get notified every single time we post
a new video. And hit that like button if you enjoyed this,
if it was helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching, I’ll see you
in the next video.


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    – Handwrite Text
    2. Post
    – text post in story only and its buildup
    – add post to story (add tap here sticker in story to take you to post)
    – Collaging from Photos via copy function to story post
    – using eraser feature on pictures in stories etc

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    1. Spice up your text
    • Shadow text
    • Gradient text
    • Highlight a certain word by using another colour to emphasise OR write the word you want to emphasise
    • Text, use couple of different screenshots – like story telling
    • Post new post on ig story, use stickers to ‘advertise’ your new post
    • Copy image from gallery, paste it in your story, so you can collage your pictures without using screenshot method
    • Use eraser feature to show picture behind your text
    • record music in your story
    • go ahead and upload your full video on ig story
    • repost other’s ig story or post on your own ig story
    • Add a bunch of polls and question response on the same page (screenshot method)
    • Bonus Apps! : Word Swag (Pretty texts), Unfold (Pretty format and fonts on your ig story), Kira Kira (Sparkly effect for your videos)

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  17. I just tried the site and it works. they're real professionals. give them a try. Best hacking site now you can DM them VIA IG

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