Instagram Stories: 7 Pro Tips & Tricks
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Instagram Stories: 7 Pro Tips & Tricks

Hey guys, what is up! I’m Nandini, Tech2’s resident Internetwaali and today I’m going to share with you 7 pro tips for
Instagram Now you may already know some of these, but in this video I’ll show you some fun ways to use these features. First up
is this new camera button on Instagram stories. Honestly, I hadn’t noticed it
for the longest time, but it’s a very cool way of responding to somebody’s
stories with a photo or video. Now here is this cute little Coco, so I can just send
my reaction, add whatever hashtag I want I can, add as many stickers I want, and it’s like the usual how it works yeah so I can just send it to Coco. Second is this selfie sticker which sits with all other stickers on the menu. It’s
this cam icon, when you tap on it you can take another picture of your face. For
example I take a picture of my nose and eyes it’s creepy as hell, but yeah
it’s a useful feature in the sense that you can highlight a part of your features. So if you’re showing off any product or anything you want highlight
in your story, it’s a good way to do it You can also use it in a very fun way. Look how funny I look. The third is a pin feature, which I have
seen people don’t use enough so for instance I take this sticker and I want it
to stop it right here in the video so I put it here and I press and hold at
the position where I want to put the sticker and you hit unpin. Whenever the
video comes at this point, the sticker pops and then it goes away. I find it really
cute and I think you should use it more often. Now I think this one is my
favorite trick of all. It’s pretty much like magic. So if you go to the color
tool you choose any color, I’ll go for yellow, and you need to tap on your
screen and hold. That turn the entire screen yellow. Now
you can add whatever you want. You can put a sticker around if you wish to. I’ll add this one, and put it here. But the magic comes here. You select the eraser tool and you start erasing where your faces is. Tadaa! So you can add so many effects like this. You can add a GIF in here. And your study looks really cool
different from other people’s. Now we’ve all been using Instagram for quite some time but there’s some inbuilt features none of us know about and one of them is zoom-in and zoom-out in videos. So up till now when I shot an Instagram video, I would just use my other hand to zoom in and zoom out like this, but you can just
simply just tap and hold, and swipe up and down, to zoom in and zoom out. So sometimes text play an important role, in your stories And which is why your
text needs to stand out. So instead of keeping a plain single color text you can
give each alphabet a different color. So just select each alphabet, and give it
a new separate color. It just takes a little patience because you need to select and re-select each alphabet But the result can be quite nice. So that’s how you can add a little color to your plain carrom board picture. The final is a trick so basic that people don’t even think about using it. It’s as simple as going to your keypad and choosing one of the special characters
in your stories. Here it looks really nice. You can use this, turn it orange and;
just like a little art on your image and resize, it you can add maybe this
little circles, turn it pink, make it bigger and it’s here. You can even use these
like a frame to your face. I’m overdoing it in this particular picture
but it’s just a way to show you how this works Tada!!! So these are some of the tips I had to
share with you. If you have anything to add, share with us in the comments below you. If you haven’t already subscribe to Tech2’s YouTube channel, do it right now. And don’t forget to press on the bell icon.

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