Instagram Star Reveals The Truth Behind Her Photos
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Instagram Star Reveals The Truth Behind Her Photos

– And then here, at nearly 19
with all of these followers, I don’t even know what is real and what is not because
I’ve let myself be defined by something that is so not real. (“Palm Reader Instrumental”) To a lot of people, I made it. I had half a million people interested in me on social media. (“Palm Reader Instrumental”) I was surrounded by all this wealth, and all this fame, and all this power, and yet, they were all miserable, and I had never been more miserable. I let myself be defined by numbers. The only time I felt better about myself really was the more
followers, the more likes, and the more views I got online. I didn’t know myself without social media and without my physical appearance. I was Googling models, like centimeters of their waists and their thighs, and then measuring my own to compare. There are so many things I could have done with my time ’cause I was
just living in a screen, wishing that people would value me. And that’s all that I thought I should do, and it’s not real. (“Palm Reader Instrumental”) I’m not against social sharing, I’m against the current
status of social media. I was miserable. I had it all, and I was miserable ’cause when you let yourself
be defined by numbers, you let yourself be defined by something that is not pure, that is not real, and that is not love. (“Palm Reader Instrumental”)

100 thoughts on “Instagram Star Reveals The Truth Behind Her Photos

  1. I felt like this was no honest and I felt her pain with her…truly. She's a lovely girl. But she is also beautiful in a way that can't be seen with a picture. She's beautiful in a ways the eyes will never see. She is Brave. And for that I applaud her.

  2. Sorry I have no sympathy for someone crying over insecurities from the number of likes & comments on social media… This message just doesn't hold any weight… it's as if Bill Gates said, "I hate how much money I have, one shouldn't be defined by money" or Michael Jordan said, "I hate being great at basketball, there's more to life than basketball." As a "famous" instagram model, you know perfectly well there are as many (if not more) benefits as there are detriments. If you hated wasting your life as a model on social media, then stop wasting your life as a model on social media.

  3. "When you let yourself get defined by numbers, you're letting yourself get defined by something that is not pure, that is not real"


  4. i wanna know how she is doing now but she doesnt have social media rip. i remembered when this happened it was such a big thing lol

  5. After this video I deleted Facebook and Snapchat. I'm only going to post things on Instagram that I like i.e. things that don't 'impress' other people or for likes

  6. Im now only realising such things are happening on social media. I don't follow many people on instagram, just want to document my food. And luckily I don't have to dress nice or wear makeup to work. Means that I can wake up 15 mins before leaving for work.

  7. i used to love her but i lost a lot of respect for her after this debacle. she was outed by all her friends as being a liar and a terrible friend as she abruptly cut a lot of people off who genuinely cared for her after her outburst. the father of those vegan twins who she was super close to and stayed with in LA proved that she was lying about how this one photo was apparently taken by a pro photographer and took loads of times to get this one shot then was "edited to no end" when actually her friend took it whilst they were joking around on the beach and essena herself literally changed the contrast on the photo a little bit. she also fucked over her fans completely, setting up this website to "spread the message" or whatever and literally asking people for money (!!!!) to help her with her new cause, and after getting a good sum of donations she deleted the website and completely dropped off the map

  8. 1:10 Honey, only you needs to approve of yourself not others, you're beautiful, I love Australian accents and it's not real, you don't need to look good to be good.

  9. And then here we are a bunch of girls feeling myserable about not having a perfect shape.. how ironic !!

  10. She's very brave and she is wise being aware of what was going on. She inspired me so much. Let us liberated from any obsession, judgement, comments, thumbs, and whatsoever. They don't define me. The more we are obsessed in it, the more confusion we get.

  11. Telling someone that they shouldn't be sad because there are other people are in worse situations than them is like telling people they can't be happy because there are others in better situations than them.

  12. Damn, I rarely comment but I felt the genuine seriousness and sincerity of this video so much that I was in awe. Thanks to this beautiful person for sharing because many, especially young girls need to understand this message.

  13. proud of you girl,we millenials all need some healing from being addicted to other people's approval. we are unique for we are not for what we pretend to be.

  14. Honestly, in this generation, social media addictions ARE a real issue. They may not seem as important as other issues such as pollution, but social media addictions have resulted in depression, anxiety and suicides. For the people who are saying that "it's for attention" or "just get new hobbies" or "Just quit social media", an addiction is an addiction, you can't just act like something isn't there, when it clearly is. You can try and avoid the truth by joking it off or just using the 'triggered' comment as self-defense, but it's just unfortunately apart of modern society and the need to fit in.

  15. This girl set up a camera and start complaining about how hard her life is. It must be hard living in a perfect environment in a good country. I feel so bad for her.

  16. look at #halfthestory online! they have a great presentation they just gave to our school, it’s really interesting and eye opening!

  17. Stop whining and go back to school and have a proper career to contribute to society than taking pictures of yourself, idiot!

  18. OMG i actually cried… let me give you a hug now pls!!!!
    YOu have never been more right and thank you so much, i was feeling so bad about myself because of social media and feeling like i look bad every day… and it's hard when perfection is all you see. this was such a wake up call to me and i think to everyone out there…. because maybe in the end… we need to appreciate personality beauty not physical…

  19. You are an amazing human. I want you to feel comfortable with who you are, and how you look. Don't forget what's real and what's fake. Be yourself♡

  20. Hahaha, it's really laughable video compilation.i just like it… I am your big fan…you always my inspiration.plz keep upload this type of video every day…plz also support my channel for future inspiration.and also suggest me how I improve my video quality..if you recommend my channel your large subscriber family it will be really big honored for me.stay cool…have a good day.

  21. Wow, how beautiful… Beautiful girl, beautiful heart, but it all ruined her!! What a sweetie!! It IS dangerous

  22. Not sure why girls are so extreme at everything, relax, chill, i meant u got a good amount of follower, its fun to take selfies and i like it too. U have good bodies good talent that many people dont. Why so depress? Many people dont even have food to eat everyday. Appreciate what you have and find happiness from within, otherwise you will be forever miserable

  23. I wish she had kept the ig with the truthful behind the scenes captions. was brutally honest and reminding that not everything u see is as perfect as ppl wanna make us believe. i wish her well

  24. I can't believe the fact that there are so many twisted people here. Just see it without any prejudice. Then you will finally see something you've never been able to. She made me think a couple of things and I thank her. She's just overwhelmed with hard feelings not overeacting. It's not faking, which to me she is desperately calling it out.

  25. None of social media is nor celebrities or models or anyone that sit on a pedestal solely by looks. Inside they have deep feelings dark fears and always want to be perfect. No one on this earth is perfect . They can try with their plastic surgery their breast augmentations,their lip fillers ,etc etc etc no one body is perfect because true flaws lay inside the mind,inside the soul and inside the spirit.

  26. What really needs to change is what women are doing to themselves to look exactly like everyone else thinking that is most beautiful. I believe in loving your true self. God made you for a reason

  27. huh so having it all makes you miserable. Having nothing makes you miserable… there's just no winning. 🙁

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