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  2. I feell like it will bc as a photographer it kills me when I post an amazing pic and dont get enough likes that shows that. Besides I'm also shadow banned so less people see my art on there

  3. Yeah it really depends on what you're spending your time looking at, (if its toxic, you'll feel bad) how much you make social comparisons/base your self worth on likes.

    I personally only use insta to run my cats page. I tried it out for awhile, ultimately not my thing.
    To each their own.
    Thanks for this video, good info

  4. As someone with "social comparison" issues, i realized that this was a problem very early on i think when i was in high school. I was always comparing how many likes i had or if i didn't get enough it caused me a lot of anxiety and made me feel not good enough to an extent (despite how cliché it sounds.) I deleted all of my accounts and i just use insta and twitter to read funny stuff and facebook to keep up with family. I think if you're someone like me not partaking can be really helpful. But that's just me.

  5. I also don't see how removing likes is going to help anyone's mental health when it is clearly the use of photo editing programs like Facetune to create impossible body standards that young social media users are comparing themselves with. Granted, I DO edit out blemishes, but absolutely REFUSE to morph my body shape and bone structure to look like a completely different person.. that would only feed into the unhealthy trend and force my focus onto the areas where I'm "lacking", aka T&A and an impossibly tiny waist, and I wouldn't want to be known as yet another internet 'thot' supporting these unhealthy beauty standards. And I can only hope more style/beauty bloggers follow suit by laying off the editing too..

  6. Personally, I DONT want likes to be hidden. I'm currently ’working’ on my mental health issues & use Instagram a lot (I'm not stooopid – I do lots of ’housekeeping!). I don't care about likes upon MY posts, but if decent posts are positive vibes, well, I exist each day by making others feel good & if that can be simply letting the world see that! 🤷‍♀️🥴

  7. Hey, trying to comment on the blog, but it won’t let me log in. I’ll leave my comment here.

    Personally, I deleted people from my social media that don’t have a positive impact on me. Then I added tons of people, groups, and pages I find inspirational. It changed my timeline drastically! Now when I’m on social media I’m getting inspired or laughing. I cut out as much negative as possible. Social media isn’t the problem. Sometimes it’s just how we use it that’s the issue.

  8. This reminds me of an interview Nabokov gave in the 60's, he was asked if sex on every tv, movie and magazine was a 'threat to mankind', skewing our understanding of love. "The phenomenon is not a transformation but a transference. A transference to another form of expression." He was taking about how there's always been depictions of sex in art but it seems appropriate for this too. We've always compared ourselves to others and sought validation, we just have a new way to do it far more frequently.

  9. Eh, idk about this one Chris. My mental health got a lot better after I deleted Snapchat and my FB app, and it wasn’t because of the social comparison thing. From going back on FB occasionally and seeing when/what about it upsets me, I’ve found that SJWs/far-left people were ruining my mental health. I don’t need people constantly telling me that I’ll be oppressed and be sexually abused and have a terrible life overall because I’m a woman (when I have a rather privileged life), or on the flip side, telling me that I’m inherently a bad person because I’m white and financially well-off.

  10. I think there's a huge correlation is not causation issue going on. I use some to distract me from anxiety and so do a lot of people. So studies so people who use a lot of some are more depressed so therefor some makes you depressed, when it's the depression making real life social interaction harder and internet interaction often easier. Without some I probably would be a whole lot more isolated, maybe not even having any friends.

  11. I came 4 the giveaway but stay co z I love ur advice. I love psychology n studied it in school. I would have gone on 2 pursue but am empathic. So I get 2 enjoy it thru u. Love u keep up the Gr8 work

  12. Many people don't realize that mental illnesses require all the stars to align. This means you and someone else can go through the same experiences, but leave that experience with different feelings and one of you may gain a mental illness while the other doesn't. This also means that there is not just one cause for it. I think this is part of the reason why some people may feel down when using social media, but other people can use the same amount but still be mentally well.
    I also think this society likes to try to blame anything they can easily "fix", such as social media, instead of actually trying to get people the help they need and focusing on that instead.

  13. I think they're removing likes because influencers use the "views" and not the "likes" to show their reach and that's what advertisers care about. I strongly doubt it is truly about mental health. When did they ever care about that. Insecure people spend more so why would they want us to be more secure. That's my personal theory.

  14. A similar study was done with people given drinks that they were told had alcohol in them but really didn’t, and lo and behold guess what- they started acting drunk. HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that alcohol does not make you drunk. It certainly does! You’re trying to manipulate one study to promote your stance. Sugar causes a sugar rush and can certainly make kids feel restless and hyper because it does the same to adults!
    I’m not trying to hate- just calling out misinformation

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