100 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it on Ep. 13

  1. Moment of the vid for me has to be 11:25 for the look Ben throws James when he tries the rhubarb at the end, and the knowing nod James gives back.

  2. 10:14 how comes they are meant to have only 10 mins each to do the challenge but the timer says 15 mins??

  3. In every circle of friends, you'll have an asshole friend, and in this case it happens to be jamie hahahahahahaha i laughed so hard when he did nothing

  4. My Pass it on suggestion is a « 1 pot meal » challenge. Only a single cooking vessel can be used. It can be a pot, skillet, roasted pan, pressure cooker or whatever but all has to be cooked in that single item.

  5. When autumn and winter come along I think a “comfort food” Pass It On or Ultimate Battle or even both would be good

  6. Order should be let normals and chefs determine the perfect order and at the beginning of cooking flip the chosen order

  7. After seeing what happens when he does do something, I think it was better that Jamie did not do anything😂

  8. I don’t know who the worst was, or what order the rest of the guys would’ve been in, but the Best was definitely Jamie, for not doing or spoiling anything (except for that poached egg that we do not talk about)

  9. Barry had an alright idea, should have used a bigger tray and added more sweet with the savory, plus the cheese was what made james' dish before. Jamie got overwhelmed so i don't blame him too much but he does deserve a 0, mike added a meat which i always mark as an improvement, james tried to salvage it and it worked out, and finally ben contributed color onto the wings.

  10. Pass-it-on: Useless or Not items edition, where each cook must use at least one item from a previous useless or not episode in their turn.

  11. “We might just be able to do this”
    Ben: “Well you’ve seen what my playing skills are like”
    Also Ben: busts out micro-herbs

  12. Theme: Random
    Order: Random, again.
    Label everything on the table with an individual number and have each person, in turn, draw numbers from a hat. They then HAVE to use those ingredients and do something with it. Then you draw the next person from a hat again 🙂

  13. "Barry should of given himself a 7" … Then watch the rest "Barry should of gotten an 8"
    His logic was there

  14. Idea – The person who started the dish should do a further 10 minutes at the end to bring it all together to see if it is what they had envisioned in the first place

  15. Order for next time: Jamie first, everyone else at random. But Jamie has to do the entire thing with everyone else only coming in to give him instructions.

  16. Order for next time, suggestion two: No chefs. Only normies. Normies get to go at it twice each for a total of sixty minutes.

  17. oldest to youngest…. Bachelor food! Oldest starting with what they had as bachelors moving on to youngest adding their own twists….

  18. Order should be picked out of a hat. Also, each person should pick an ingredient out of a hat and have to incorporate it into the final dish.

  19. I just really want to see/hear the first person tell the rest what they’d envisioned then briefly each person tell what they thought was going on and where they saw it going

  20. Do you think you could do one where once they've had their go, they get to sit and watch everyone after them but they can't say anything

  21. For these videos I always wonder who tells them which of the elements has been on so they don’t burn the shit out of themselves or bottoms of non-pot items they put near the stove.

  22. JAMIE! If you don't know what to do, just MAKE A SAUCE! Is it necessary? Not always. Can it be used? Pretty much always.

  23. Comment to Barry: If you haven’t already, check out EyeEm app, it’s for photographers and you can participate in missions such as “The Foodie” “The Traveler” etc. It’s a really good platform for photography.

  24. I say for the next pass it: each person have to use pretentious ingredient. And the order has to be by lightest to heaviest.

  25. Sorted, Thank you so much for this I haven’t laughed so hard in ages, boys you are wonderful but Jamie you are simply gold. The monologue telling the song off and then realizing it was back on almost killed me. I was gasping for air for at least a minute.

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