Instagram Posts on Tweetdeck: Searching for Weather Reports
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Instagram Posts on Tweetdeck: Searching for Weather Reports

Hello. I’m Andrew Arnold at WFO Detroit.
As a part of this series on social media data mining I’m going to cover searching
for Instagram posts using Tweetdeck. So there’s really no great way to search
for Instagram posts in Tweetdeck, similar to the way that you can look for
periscopes, but there are a couple things you can do and it mainly comes down to
using key search words. Because when people share photos on Twitter from
Instagram it will have an Instagram link associated with it.
So what we can do is type in “” and create a search column based on
that particular keyword search. So this is going to create a column that will
be searching for every tweet that includes a link that has “”
in it. And as you can kind of see here it’s rapidly updating with every new
tweet that has an Instagram link in it. So depending on what it is you want to
search for, you will want to combine this with various keyword searches to help
narrow down what Instagram posts show up in your search column. In this instance
we can try “ AND snow” and see what shows up. You can also combine
it with the “#instagram” search, but you will likely not capture all the
Instagram link posts if you try and search for a tweet containing both of
these. This is where Instagram varies slightly from periscope when searching
for tweets within Tweetdeck. When people share Instagram posts to Twitter it does
not automatically place a “#instagram” on the tweets similar to the
way that sharing periscopes does sometimes. So we’ll just go ahead and get
rid of this for the moment. Remember that periscope has its own search option
within the contents menu that allows you to search for only tweets with
broadcasts. Instagram does not have a feature like this that will help you
search directly for Instagram posts. So just as an example, if you select tweets
with links it’s not going to give you solely tweets with just Instagram links
in them. And will narrow the search and get rid of within this
and just search for snow. So what’s going to happen is it’s going to change the
search column to just looking for tweets with any sort of link in them and
obviously contain the words snow. Well that’s all for this topic on searching
for Instagram posts. Be sure to check out our other data mining lessons in this
series where you can learn to combine other various techniques to help you
sift through TweetDeck looking for Instagram posts.

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