Instagram Photoshoot Spots in New York City

hey, so my sister, and I recently took a trip down to New York City, and we thought while we’re there. We should do like an impromptu photo Shoot and We thought why not film it and give tips the people who might want it before we just started if you have anything to say at any time feel free to leave a comment like this video subscribe and Let’s go to Pin you on Hey guys, I love my sister for taking pictures So right now. We’re at the corner of Downing and food groceries, and there’s like this cute little parks that we’re sitting at if you wanted to sit down But it’s also a few place to take pictures So we went to black hollywood. Just probably the most an instagram whole place for food right now, so these conveniences Buy clothes by far the most I’ve seen on Instagram so V1 here of course and this bed okay, so that’s it for this video if You again like this video a thumbs up subscribe let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to any loose locations, or if you’ve ever seen anything like this And if you want us to do a more in depth video next time even more very glad we do that, so until then you you

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