Instagram Music Stories – How to Enable?
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Instagram Music Stories – How to Enable?

Hey guys this is Rupak. Welcome back to another video of techno Parichay youtube channel. So friends, Instagram has recently launched a new feature, that is Instagram Music Stories. That means, now you can add Background Music to any Photo or Video that you upload in your Insta Stories. But at this moment, this feature is not available for everyone. So if you want to use this feature in your Instagram app, then watch the entire video. See, normally while uploading stories in the Instagram app, we won’t get any option to add music. So, as I said this feature is currently not available for everyone. This feature hasn’t come to India yet. And this works only in Instagram version 51.0 or higher. So if you also want to use this feature, then first of all you have to update the Instagram app. And then you have to go to the United States. Just Kidding :p You can do this using VPN also. But only using VPN won’t get the job done. There’s a small trick that you have to apply. First of all you uninstall the Instagram app from your phone. Now go to Play Store and download any VPN app you like (see comment section for suggestion). I’m using Turbo VPN app here. Because this VPN app allows you to chose the server according to your preference. After installing the VPN app, you connect to the server of US, UK or Australia. After connecting the VPN you reinstall the Instagram app from Play Store without disconnecting the VPN. Make sure that the version of Instagram app is 51.0+ The one I’m using here is 52.0+ It’ll be better if you join the Beta testing program of the Instagram app. Because then you’ll get the latest available app of Instagram. Now if you try to upload Stories in Instagram, you’ll see that the Music option is present now. You can chose the song or music you like. As of now Indian songs are not available in the list because the feature hasn’t come to India yet. But you can chose your favourite Western Music from the list. After choosing the song, you can select the part of the song that you want to play as background music of your story. And then tap on “done” to upload the story along with the music. The sticker you’re seeing here, shows the name of the artist of the song. Tapping on this sticker, you can get more info about the artist. Now if you open the story, you’ll see the story being shown with a background music. So that’s it for this video. Hope you liked the video. Do like and share this video and do subscribe our channel. And also follow us on Instagram. Link is given in video description. Thanks for watching. Have a great day. See you in our next video. Bye.

68 thoughts on “Instagram Music Stories – How to Enable?

  1. Important Update: The main trick here is uninstalling the Instagram app and then reinstalling it with some VPN app having the server set to the USA. And then you have to launch the Instagram app without disconnecting the VPN.
    Some people are complaining that the method shown in the video is not working on their phones and are disliking this video. Guys, when I made this video back in June, the method I showed was working pretty fine and you can see the proof in the video. Now for some reason, Turbo VPN isn't probably working on some devices, while on some other devices it works (see the comment section). So all you need to do is to find and download the correct VPN app from the play store and then use the trick mentioned above. I'm damn sure it'll work.
    Update 2: The Music Story feature is now officially available in India. Watch this video to know how to use it:

  2. hey! Is it for fixed time ?? Like when I disconnected my VPN then that MUSIC sticker disappeared….😢

  3. Every time I connect to vpn my YouTube tells me to switch to YouTube prime due to which I cannot download offline videos please hellppp!!!!!!!!!

  4. That app chooses the server for you and doesn't let you pick an American server unless you pay or sign up for a trial

  5. Turbo ko jab hum download tho kiya hai e sab hone k bad kia hum turbo ko Delete kar sakte hai… i mean music story bhi delete tho nahi hoga na ????

  6. Үнді акценті тыңдасам Ағылшын тілін үйренгің келмей қалад😂

  7. Ohh wait, how to make it permanent? It worked yesterday but today it reverted to the previous version with no music option..

  8. What if we turn off the vpn after downloading the Instagram app…will the music feature work or not?

  9. If i have many accounts and only the one account had the availability to music story what can I do?
    Sorry for my eng.

  10. I installed Turbo VPN, activated it then wanted to install Instagram but the app was not downloading so… not working

  11. Bhai, Maine ye same Kiya but as soon as Maine VPN waala app close Kiya everything came back to normal and I didn't have Instagram music option in my story

  12. I use hola vpn (you need both vpn and gps of it to make it work at first, then you only need vpn. But I didn't delete it dunno if it works that way) and it works perfectly fine thank you! I can add music but it gives me the same error when I try to listen other people's ones. How do I fix that?
    Btw vpn must stay open until you go offline if ya wanna make it work.
    Edit: I think it doesn't work for everyone but I tried turbo vpn and it works perfectly fine! Thank you!!

  13. It really works! But after you turn off data the VPN stops working then I have to again connect it what's with that please recommended a solution

  14. Please admin help me..
    I can't get the music feature on Instagram.. I have done all tricks that you say.. . Please help me out

  15. With the help of Marshall_dark_hacker on ig. Who helped me fixed missing features on ig. Now I have limited access to instagram features

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