Instagram Marketing Tips For 2019: 5 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly
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Instagram Marketing Tips For 2019: 5 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly

Today we’re talking about
Instagram marketing, and my top five tips that I
have for you today and a bonus tip if you wait to the end on
how to do Instagram marketing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everybody. Kubby, here. Hope you’re having a great day. The Kubby community
has been growing. We’re growing
subscribers all the time, so I’m so glad that you’re
here to watch this video. If this is the first
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marketing videos on the reg. Now, I talked yesterday about
how Instagram and Snapchat are kind of competing
with each other, and how the great new
features of Instagram are really putting
Snapchat into a tough spot. So go check out that
video if you have time. Sammy, link up that
video here, somewhere. Right here. You want to grow your
Instagram account. I understand that. Instagram is a great
tool for marketing. It’s really come into its own. It added stories
earlier this year, which is a great
addition, but I got to say, now that Instagram
stories are here, we’re seeing lower engagement in
the traditional Instagram feed. So please take that into account
and use both effectively. I’ve grown my Instagram account
to about 35,000 followers now. That’s been really hard
work, every day posting to bring it up to that level. But you can do the same. One of the number one
tips I have for you today is go take a
look at my profile. You can see that I’ve actually
changed my name to Entrepreneur Marketing Tips. Why this is important
is because most people won’t be searching
[? Kris ?] Kubby, unless they know who I am. And then, of course, I show
up as well because my user name is [INAUDIBLE]. But most people are going to be
searching things like marketing tips– that’s my industry– or
entrepreneur marketing tips, or personal branding tips. Or if you’re a
shoe manufacturer, then they’re looking for shoes,
or shoe products, or shoes, or high heels. Or monkeys for sale, if you
sell monkeys, which I’m assuming a lot of people do these days. So monkeys for sale
if you sell monkeys. If you sell cars
then you have cars international, or foreign cars,
or amazing cars, or retro cars. Whatever the hell it is
that you sell, change your name to that,
because that’s what people are searching for. This will help you
gain more exposure and get you in front
of your customers. If you go to my
profile, you’ll also see that I’ve got
some lines in there about what I do and
an emoji next to it. You can set this
up by going to Edit Your Profile in the
settings in Instagram, and add those lines in. So, for example, if you’re
a shoe manufacturer, or you’re a shoe brand,
you can add in high quality or high luxury shoes, running
shoe manufacturer, running gear– whatever it is that
you do, put those lines in. It will give people context
to what you’re doing. You might want to also
spice it up and do something interesting in
there to give people a laugh or something that’s
sort of special and interesting to your brand. You’ll also notice that you
have a link in there, which will lead me to my next
tip about using links to grow your Instagram account. My number two tip for
you is to use the link in your bio to direct
people to content, or to campaigns,
or to promotions that you’re running outside
of the Instagram platform. I use it, for example, when
we’re running the Kubby Show to actually drop
a link in, and you’ll notice if you go to
my bio on Instagram that I’ve actually written
some text above the link that gives context to the link. You should do the same. So you can say like
40% off our latest x, and put the link in below. This will give people context. Now when you’re
running a promotion, I recommend that you do a
post about it, an Instagram post, and also an
Instagram story about it. In the comments section
or in your first caption for your Instagram post, you
can actually add an at mention. So you could say, like, for
me, I can add at ChrisKubby and then it will
direct people– when people click on that
link, the at mention link, it will actually take
them again to my profile. Which is– you have to
understand the psychology is that maybe people are seeing
your stuff in the feed, but not necessarily
seeing it on your profile, or they’re seeing it in the
explore tab in Instagram. So you’ve got to remember that. So when provide them
with at mention link, they can quickly click on that,
they can see in the bio, hey, this is the offer that
they were talking about, click on that link,
and go outwards. Now I recommend
you use bitly links or use a link that you
can actually track. I don’t do that all the time,
but if I want to track it and I want to see if there
is results coming from this, then I would do it in a bitly
or another URL shortener where I can actually
track what’s going on. Do the same in
Instagram stories. We now have the ability
to add at mentions within our Instagram
story, so if you’re doing an Instagram
story about, hey, we’ve got this new thing going on. Or hey, I just shot
this video, say– add your at mention so
people can click on it and get that link easily. Because we all know we can’t
add links in the comments below, which is a little stupid. Why hasn’t Instagram fixed that? They should allow that. Tip number three. Now there’s some Instagram
purists out there that say you shouldn’t add text
on top of a photo on Instagram, and it should only be photos. This is bullshit, honestly. If you look at the stats
of what works in Instagram, well, it’s mostly tits and
ass that works in Instagram. But if you’re not
doing tits and ass, I recommend you don’t– maybe
you don’t have a tits and ass store. I mean, it’s really hard
to set up a tits and ass store these days,
so I can understand why you don’t have that. But if you are
posting tits and ass, and you are posting something
about your business– maybe it’s your shoes,
maybe it’s your dresses, maybe you’re selling– I don’t
know what the hell you’re selling, but if you’re only
posting things like that, don’t be afraid to put
text on top of images. This works really well because
you have very little time to grab people’s attention in
Instagram, and any social media platform, for that matter. So hit them over the head. So if you have a 40% off
offer– that’s hard to say. If you have a 40% off offer,
then put that in there. Don’t just say– don’t just
have a picture of the thing and then in the text below,
in the caption below add, get this offer 40%. It’s not going to do as well. You have to hit
people over the head. So use text, and use
it on top of images. The second part of that
tip is use nice images. Use good design. I cannot say this enough. I’ve said it on so many videos. Use nice design, use nice
design, use nice design. Use nice design. I’ve said it over, and
over, and over again, and I’ll say it again. You have to visually
capture people. I’m spitting everywhere. You have to visually capture
people’s attention right away. So strong colors, strong
visuals, high contrast– get their attention. That is going to be critical. My fourth tip for
you is use video. Video is incredibly
powerful, and Instagram opened this up a
little while ago, and they also opened
up the ability to have one minute video. The same rules apply
when it comes to video, when it comes to images–
you need to capture people within the first three seconds. So if you’re doing
a video, you might want to think about adding
text on top of video, or you might want to make
sure that your thumbnail for that video is
really interesting. I can show you how to do that. When you record
something in a video you have the option of
going over to cover, and actually changing the cover. You can scroll through
your entire video and pick something interesting. Now, if you have the ability to
edit video outside of Instagram and import it in, I
really recommend that. We do that all the time. We do videos like this outside
and then we import them in, and we try to put something
interesting at the start so it visually grabs people. Remember those rules. Visually grab people, interest
people from the get go. This is why frigging
boobs and fancy [? cars ?] works on Instagram
because everyone’s like, ooh, I’m
scrolling through, and I see a Bentley
and some boobs. The two b’s, the
two most important b’s in the world–
Bentley’s and boobs. And people are like, oh,
OK, I’ll click on that, I’ll give that a like. Tip number five is hashtags. We all know this. I don’t know why I keep
having to say this, but it’s like my design
rant– everybody needs to use hashtags on Instagram. It’s the only way that people
are going to discover you. So do your hashtag research. If you hit the search
icon in Instagram, you get the explorer
thing and you actually see what’s trending and
what’s doing very well for your interest,
because they actually tailor it to your life. So you can actually see
things that you would probably be interested in and
probably your followers would be interested in, as well. So go to the
explorer tab and see, and tap on some of
those Instagram photos and go and see what
hashtags are they using. Take notes. Use different hashtags to
reach different audiences. I’ve found that if I use the
same hashtags for a long period of time, my engagement
goes down and I don’t reach as many people,
and I don’t grow my followers because I’m hitting the
same people over, and over, and over again. So go and take a look
at different hashtags and mix it up. I put my hashtags in my
keyboard shortcuts options inside of my phone,
so when I type out a certain word or
a certain phrase, that actually automatically puts
in my normally used hashtags. This is a nice way of
automating your processes so you don’t always have to
sit there with your phone and start [? hash ?]
typing out hashtags. Bonus tip time. Are you ready for the bonus tip? The bonus tip is add
video that you’ve already recorded outside of
the Instagram platform inside of Instagram stories. We do that for trailers
for these videos here. Instagram is doing great. They’re killing it. It looks like they’re
going to continue to innovate on the platform,
and do amazing things and I think that they’re
going to take a big chunk out of Snapchat. We do that for rants that I do. I think companies need to
step up to the plate and say, you know what? Future internship
program, here’s what you’re going to learn. You’re going to do this,
you’re going to do that. Here’s the skills we’re
going to give you. We do that for a
number of things. If you have an ability to create
video outside of the platform, this is a super interesting way
of grabbing people’s attention because it’s high-quality,
it’s interesting, and you can engineer it. So this is an advanced tip. If you’re into video
production, or if you’re into really doing great things,
you know, promoting your brand, doing– grabbing a nice shot. You can also take shots with
a camera, a really nice DSLR, and take shots of your
product and get your designer to design stuff,
and then save it to your camera
roll in your phone and then upload it to
Instagram stories this way. You just basically Swipe
down in Instagram stories, and then you have your
last four saved photos, and then you can
add that new one. And then you can also
add an at mention, like I mentioned before. So that’s a super powerful,
cool, new tool that we have. If you have professionally
created materials already, use those in Instagram. That’s the best way to attract
attention and separate you from the rest of the pack. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you apply these
tips to your Instagram, and I hope to see it grow. Please, in the comments
below, put your Instagram and I’d love to
follow you and see what you’re up to
on that platform, and please like and subscribe. Have I already said that? I’ll say it again. Please like and subscribe. I need your
subscriptions because it tells Youtube that this is good
content and promotes my channel so that you guys can get even
more of this great stuff. So thank you so much. Adios, amigos. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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