INSTAGRAM MARKETING TIPS 2019 : 6 Instagram Marketing Strategies
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INSTAGRAM MARKETING TIPS 2019 : 6 Instagram Marketing Strategies

59 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM MARKETING TIPS 2019 : 6 Instagram Marketing Strategies

  1. Epic content yet again dude and loving the collab with the boys, nice work! 👌

    Of course I’ll leave my Insta handle ‘@anthonygmurphy’ and how good is CutStory!!!

  2. This was a killer video Paul – really enjoyed this and will be taking these tips on board! More of this!

  3. Hey Paul, big fan! Reaching out because you might have heard of the Gary Vee $1.80 Instagram strategy. We've built a bit of software to help manage this and I was hoping you could review it. Check it out

  4. Hey fam, thanks so much for watching! Reply to this comment with your Instagram handle so I can follow you and see you implement these 6 Instagram Marketing Tips!

    Feel free to DM me on Instagram at any time if you need any help too! You can follow me by clicking here 👉🏻

  5. My Instagram account is @intriguist and I’m having a hard time trying figure out what my niche is since I’ve never seen an account like mine before (I’m not trying to promote). I literally don’t know what my true niche is so if someone can let me know my niche is and which audience to target would be amazing:)

  6. If you're looking for the best Instagram automation tool Then have a look on our channel. We have most complete Instagram automation tool ever. Try it out, it is free for first 5 days… Have a great day

  7. @oyemilu <– insta :::::: BTW your tips are really helpful thanks for putting out such a great content 😊🙏 love from India ❤️

  8. @artistjazz on Ig! Thanks so much! Im going to create some more art videos and try to implement and use them as much as possible. Thanks!

  9. Hey Paul! New to this whole social media marketing thing, but I have a desire to make it work. Thanks for the advice and for the great secret tip at the end! Eeeeek! That is exciting and one of the most intimidating parts for me…
    Here's hoping that I can rock this!
    P.S. Love the idea of a collab with you and the other guys! Great work to you all. 🙂
    @JC_CRTFMLY09 @dreamcometruepr

  10. Ohh I like this! I use Plann app to grow my account, freakn love it! They give your "personal best time to post" (+ competitors best time to post) & points out "what hashtags to use" for extra likes!! I grew my account rather quick, I'll try your tips too 🙂

  11. This video was really useful. I am struggling to grow my account. Really would appreciate any feedback

  12. I agree that growing your following organically is the way to go with Instagram. My Instagram out performs my FB 2 to 1. Ever since I saw that in my Google Analytics I was hooked!

  13. Do you think DMing new followers a welcome/discount code for first purchase is a smart idea? Or do you think It is harmful?

  14. Hello there,

    Nice Video.

    What other types of online business do you do?

    Currently I am looking at other methods

    Thank you

    Have a nice day

  15. Paul, great video my friend! I'm a Director of Marketing with a company and loving seeing videos like this to keep me current and continually learning! Give me a follow – jordankerner_ – Just gave you a follow! Cheers.

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