Instagram Makeup Challenge – Merrell Twins
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Instagram Makeup Challenge – Merrell Twins

Hey guys! I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa and today we are going to be doing the Instagram makeup challenge And so what this Instagram makeup challenge is,is we found some makeup looks that are really [like] from Instagram And we’re going to try to recreate them on each other but these are makeup looks that are like So glam that we never really do, we never do those looks, it’ll be fun because we’ve never done each other’s makeup like Actually try because we did the makeup Blindfold makeup challenge, but that what that doesn’t really count But we’ll see how well we do on each other, and you guys at the end will decide who did the better makeup? And who’s the better makeup artist So the makeup look that I’m going to be doing on Nessa is from makeupbyalinna On Instagram, this is her look and page, so shout out to her, yeah shout out to her ’cause I used her one of her looks too for you yeah, so we’re going to try imitating her looks.Alright, and she’s really good at doing her makeup, so….. We’ll see how that’ll go. Are you ready? Do you want me to go first? Rock, paper, scissors Rock paper scissors. I get to do your makeup first! Alright, so this is the makeup look I’m going to be doing on Roni And I chose this because she never does any type of dark makeup It’s how you usually do it. No, because I’m putting, using your sponge for you. I’m not going to put on a brush. I Don’t like using the sponge can I use the brush? No! That’s for powder! Guess, I’ll use the sponge It’s dabbing, you dab so hard on my nose you’re literally going DIGDIGDIGDIGDIG well, it doesn’t work! I feel like – look it looks like I barely put anything on her maybe I need more I can’t see that side of the cheek. I feel like its a different color than my neck! No, it’s not! If I do a double chin, do you see a difference? No! It tickles! It tickles! Stop it! IT TICKLES! Since we’re doing glam we need to do the professional way of doing stuff. We’re going to contour – yeah, you need you need this to contour. oh I do.There is powder all over it! Maybe I’ll powder ill just Put some powder on Stop scrunching your nose! Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. This is a disaster! No its not! Okay. Okay, so now i’m going to contour, because i’m pretty sure she contoured in her look. Oh yeah, for sure! Look okay so she has like a… What are you doing? I’m contouring your nose. I can like kind of see it. Okay now go like Hmmhmm Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Some right here and there Really it feels like you’re like a little kid drawing on my face and KGGYEHYEH sorry, and then we need to like the ow! Why did you say ow? Because my hair got caught in the pallet! Turn to… okay, just don’t smile. Stop smiling. Okay then we go like this… WHATAREYOUDOING!!! What are you doing? That tickled! What are you doing? I am doing your makeup. Are you putting dark stuff? Yes, this is how you bring out the cheekbone. This is my jawline. Thats what I meant! The jawline! The other way wait. I can’t see it I don’t know. I can’t see a thing. [are] you really think is your line? Here is me doing this Okay, so rough it won’t let [be] can you [wrap] it on there too long move? Don’t forget to blend my cheekbones What did you make him? Yes? [music] the Cheekbone ow How like a pencil I’m sorry okay? This isn’t really gonna. Leave my neck and cheek looking like two different colors. No, it’s not when I do a double chin kind of back watch My that’s a nice shit my face next do not matter where we will nobody wanted me. [we’ll] see I do this I Need a picture no no hopper to my own it. Just never was not good. Oh I think you’re nailing it done into my skin when they’re going to do me. What are you having? Orange will happen Okay, looking better looking better. All right now. We’re going to go for the eye shadow ah [so] I’m trying to blend it. You should have had what I? Should make a party I think you what I did you went you were okay? Close your eyes I’m lending Look at me. Give me. Hey. What was that good? Okay, blink other eye Why is it so bad? What [do] you mean? I mean so good? I’m such a great makeup artist Goes up what? No, it’s not it shows you how much he trusts you see I know Yay looks good It looks good. I do something you for one then let me fill it in huh I need to fill it in more make it more critic All right now. We’re gonna put on full on fake lashes on Run [while] I put it on correctly Or when you should do your eyebrows like her [oh], no You know I need to fill in your eyebrow no, but but what I like my eyebrows Okay [alright] now we use a lid if she has on this coat. Yeah like a dark dark red. Oh I’m seeing my reflection. Yeah My nose is here. We did it here’s my final Product and here. I think the picture yeah, honestly it looks nothing like the picture to be on it like [a] [pussy], I don’t Look like that. Oh guys What? would [wait], I just might use for myself looking like this. I look like a complete different person [I] Don’t know how to feel I don’t do I even look like This doesn’t look like me. [I] like yeah. No. It doesn’t yeah, Sarah ones like me, but would makeup on Now that [I’m] like a cartoon version of myself. I am going to do nash’s makeup and Attempt this look that you are seeing now so we’re going to give her some Black lip between I don’t really know how to do that I’m going to do more like a coppery ish tone to it. Let me smooth be has more like a copper shine gotta know Black I know I look awful at least I make you somewhat good I know, I’m so sorry [Messa] okay, so first we’re going to start off with your foundation, right? Do you do you do? I can do dododo [Dododo]. [did] [you] do? Here’s my eyeballs right. This is my eye hole this is Ronnie I’m side on two of my eye Okay, so now that [we] have done that we are going to gone to work because that squishy did come back That way and I kind of it ain’t good. I look at it. Yes Are you doing it like a nerd yes? I’m the exact Are you [blinking] it or washing my thing? Click amin that was great You want I forgot to do I recommend I need to do that yes. Yes I do Do you not like how close [is] [online]? [I] [ahsha’s] sticking to my eyelid No Maybe like they are doing Can you please turn your head [open] [up]? no, no, I’m just Do it oh? Okay, I got it. I got it on like ready to go, okay Yeah, breathe on me. I’m not [lying]. You can jump. I am cape on something’s that something bad have happened. Oh Wait you were breathing on me vitamin come on breath in hey. No you really like what? [did] my breath stink you didn’t breathe on me lately her mouth Yeah, how do you put my keys, okay? Councilís? This is really good for Sparkle, right? I just breathe give me your brush. I’m sorry. I’m trying to breathe Just don’t get some clothes [none], [so] this is how close you were to my face do it you’re closer. No, I’m not Oh, I’m so sorry You’re pulling on my hair. Sorry. Hey, Ronnie. It’s just hard on yourself Rob. I started and that’s up [there] breathing in my ear like that Look this hair. Oh, you felt right okay? So now we do Oh, this is where it’s gonna get meadow. You’re bad at eyeliner is so bad at eyeliner It just doesn’t look that good. We’ll try making it. Look good. I am Placing my head into my body. What are you trying to do [Joe] make a lower belly? Yeah, that’s pretty good Okay, okay. No you listen. Oh Man, this is [Gonna] win it oh Hello Are you yeah here you what am I doing what? we could All right, so we don’t have another pair of what see mood ceasing so she come do individual question individual pop Freezing, I mean Was I never dition? Do I look awful now crying you’re so fat if it can we come on? next Right me here What’s happening you I can leave it at 285 that’s [our] side. This is such a stupid [I] feel like you can open them. Can you look at me please I? see [I] [could] see it I Can see the Gap close their eyes? Oh? okay, I’m Telling you he’s Dr.. With it that [fresh] is not. That’s a powder. What you doing while I’m going to get even Here’s the picture and here’s me Okay, so what about it I? Think is better. They got close to the picture. Oh Yeah [crosses] who looks like we have half [the] [eyelashes] missing Well that was instagram makeup challenge. [thank] you guys [I’m] bad at making perfect, honey. Stop. I thought I did good and I thought oh okay anyway thanks for Watching if you liked this give it a thumbs up make [sure] to subscribe to our channel follow us on all of our social Medias [we] do live broadcasts every week Check out some of the other videos – It was me you guys next time bye my love

100 thoughts on “Instagram Makeup Challenge – Merrell Twins

  1. I love Roni but I feel like she exaggerated and Nessa did an amazing job and made Roni look good but anyways I love nessa too❤️

  2. GUYS I subscribed to all of your channels and turned on the bell notification 🔔 and liked almost all of your vids PLS give me a SHOUT OUT 😢

  3. I found a way to tell them apart without using the way they look!! Roni’s the more funny one and Nessa is the more “talkative” one…..JUST KIDDING!!! THEYRE BOTH AWESOME

  4. Nessa : ( everry one miniute ) Aww… " Awww… " Aw… " Awww you poke me
    Roni : ( everry one miniute ) Sorry…" Sorryy…" Sorryyyy…"

  5. Roni do you have the necklace on that your dad bought for you on that video the one , my dad buys yous outfits. Love yous your bought the best ❤🧡💛💚💙💜😁

  6. You guys are amazing!!!whenever I feel sad or depressed your videos help a lot….I feel like God has sent u angels to get over my depressions…I love u guys so much…

  7. this was actually not fair for roni because she had to do seperate eyelashes and nessa had both eyelashes and nessa was moving so so so much

  8. Nessa did make it a little bit more difficult for Roni to do. They both like great you guys are really beatiful I wish a had a nice sister like that. ❤💕

  9. Omg i think nessa won roni looks more like the picture and roni also looks like a rockstar love you guys

  10. roni : this doesn’t look like me
    nessa : yeah it does
    roni : i look like me but with makeup on


  11. Good hack to remove eyeliner is to rub on it with a q tip which has been dipped in almond or coconut oil

  12. Roni , oh no
    Nessa, yeah I need to fill in your eyebrows like hers
    Roni , but
    Nessa , but what
    Roni, but I like my eyebrows

  13. When Vanessa was putting Veronica the make – up the first time Veronica she was "like look my neck and face colour is different "

  14. Who else thinks Roni looks so cute with dark makeup? 😍❤️

    Edit: I know they have the same face but dark makeup just suits Roni more for some reason. 😐

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