Instagram: How To Delete Posts [UPDATED 2019]
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Instagram: How To Delete Posts [UPDATED 2019]

Welcome to a foxy tech tips tutorial on deleting
posts from Instagram. Start by going on to instagram, going to your
profile page and opening the photo that you would like to delete. Now you want to tap the settings button for
that photo, which is three vertical dots at the top of the post. Here you can tap delete, and tap delete again
to confirm it. Now i’ve refreshed the page you can see the
post has been removed from my profile. It’s also possible to remove a post from
your profile but instead of permanently deleting it, you can add it to your archive, which
will allow you to still privately look at, and you can also restore it back to your profile
at a later date. And that draws an end to this tutorial. Please like the video if it helped you, and
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