Instagram How To: Add A Link To Instagram Story
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Instagram How To: Add A Link To Instagram Story

hey guys so I’m going to show you how to
do the swipe up feature that you see in Instagram stories or the link in your
Instagram stories but go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and
let’s get into it so for this feature to work you have to switch your personal
account to a business account so once you make that switch this will work just
give it a few minutes because it actually took my account a couple
minutes to actually get the link feature but once you have that go to your story
like you normally would and I’m just going to snap a photo and I’m going to
go ahead and just change my background to a color just for this tutorial you
don’t have to do this so once I have this I’m going to go ahead and select
the link now this will appear again after you switch to a business account
and so you just want to click on those little links and then this page will pop
up so you can go ahead and add whatever link you want into the window and you
can also preview the link which I really like so I’m going to go ahead and
preview it this is a video I uploaded recently on how to start podcasts so
once I have that and it’s going to X out of it and get out of this page and add
whatever you want to the photo or video that you have and once you do have a
link set up that little link icon will appear white alright so that’s it for
this video is really quick and just to the point I would like to do more of
these in the future where I just make a quick social media tips video so
definitely give this video a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more of
these I’d like to do this on Instagram Twitter Facebook snapchat all that stuff
yeah I hope you guys are having an awesome day and I’ll see you guys on the
next one alright bye

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