Instagram Hashtags: How To Find And Use Them | Secret Strategies From An Instagram Pro
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Instagram Hashtags: How To Find And Use Them | Secret Strategies From An Instagram Pro

Hi everyone, how’s it hanging? Today we’re
going to be talking about hashtags and also trying to ignore that terrible joke
I just made. I literally get requests to do this video every single day and most
of them come from my other Instagram video, which is called “25 Tips On How To
Increase Your Engagement On Instagram”. And if that’s something you’re looking
to do, you should definitely check it out. It’s linked in the description below
and it’s quite long. It’s got a lot of information and it’s gotten like 85,000
views at this point and it just keeps growing every day. So I think people are
finding it really useful which I’m super stoked about! So hashtags,
huh? Love them or hate them, they are one of
the best ways to grow on Instagram. Today I’m going to be telling you all
about what they are, but also teaching you how to find the best ones
possible for your account. Because that obviously varies from niche to niche and
from person to person. But what is a hashtag really? Well at
the heart of it a hashtag is a tool that enables other users to find your images.
And the way it works – let’s say you’ve taken a beautiful picture of your vegan
lunch and you use #veganfood. Well, everybody else
searching for hashtag vegan food will find your picture… but will they really?
The sad truth is no, they will not. Because hashtag vegan food is a huge
hashtag with over 8 million entries so you would have to have a really huge
account to actually show up. If you have an average sized account you will just
literally get buried alive by the other entries. That is a terrifying way of
thinking about it, but it is the truth. So what are you supposed to do? Well, you are
supposed to look for hashtags that are the appropriate size for you. That will
enable you to show up in the top posts. And this is really important because
that is where a lot of the discovering happens. But how do you find those
hashtags? Well let me move to the side I will pull up a screen and we will get to
the bottom of it! So today we’re looking at a beautiful picture of me in
Istanbul on these rainbow steps which I just loved and this picture has actually
done really well. It’s gotten four thousand likes, which I’m absolutely
thrilled about. When you look at this picture what do you see? Well you see
rainbow steps, you see a female traveler and you see the country that it’s taken in
which is Turkey and more specifically Istanbul. So these are already three fields
in which you should be searching for hashtags. Other options could also
include things like colourful photos or colourful life, things like that, that
revolve around the fact that this picture is very vibrant. So first of all
let’s look at the hashtags I ended up using. I didn’t do it in a very
pretty way this time, I kind of divided them into two because I forgot to
include the Istanbul hashtags. But personally I’m not too fussy about
hiding hashtags. I think they’re a great strategy, I’m not ashamed of it. Some
people prefer to put three dots at the top so when you post your hashtags
they’re hidden. That’s just personal preference and it really doesn’t matter,
it doesn’t influence your photos’ performance in any way, shape or form. So
it’s completely up to you. So the hashtags we have here start with a lot
of colour stuff so #ihavethisthingwithcolor, #colorventures, #dscolor. And
these obviously revolve around the fact like we mentioned before that the
picture is super vibrant, super colourful. So great hashtags to use. After that we get
into slightly different territory with #ladiesgoneglobal, #travellushes,
#sheisnotlost and these are all hashtags that are focusing on solo
female travel. Alright, show of hands. Who knows how many hashtags you’re
allowed to use per photo? I know, I know! It’s 30. There are certain tricks
floating around the internet that teach you how to use up to 60 hashtags. But you
do not want to do that because if you do it will render every single one of your
hashtags invalid. So that’s a huge waste of your time. So don’t do that
use 30 though. As I mentioned in my 25 tips on how to increase your engagement
video, if you were handed 30 lottery tickets how many would you use? Hmm,
let me think… 30! So use every single one of your hashtags, because each hashtag is
a chance to get discovered and gain a new follower which is really exciting
and that’s what we’re striving for! Well, we just had a look at the hashtags I
used but these will not necessarily be relevant to you. In fact they most likely
won’t be because they’re very specific and that’s exactly what you want. You
want specific hashtags that aren’t too big. If you have a relatively small
account and you use a hashtag that has millions and millions of entries you
will never ever show up, because you just don’t have the kind of engagement that
would enable that. Personally I am able to get away with using relatively big
hashtags because I get between two to four thousand likes per image on average. And that is already a level at which you are able to target some of the biggest
hashtags. Which is really exciting for me but might not necessarily be the case
for you. So using my rainbow step image as an example, let’s look at some of the
hashtags that YOU might be able to use. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go
into search and we’re gonna type in Istanbul. There we go. And then we’re
gonna click tags at the top and see what comes up. So you can already see some of
the most popular hashtags related to the word Istanbul. So the first one obviously
is just #Istanbul with 49 million posts. If we look at that and go through the
top posts you will see that despite having a lot of entries – and this is
important to keep in mind – despite having a lot of entries this hashtag is
actually not that competitive in terms of showing up in the top posts. And that’s
really what you want. So some videos I’ve watched here on YouTube tell you that
you should just look at the size of the hashtag and how many entries it has and
that’s all. That is absolutely not true! What you need to be looking at is
whether you’re able to show up in top posts or not and that’s really the only
thing that matters. So in this case you would need around 400 likes I would say
to be able to show up here. So that’s already more manageable but may again
not necessarily be that manageable for most of you. Our mission today is
to find hashtags that are accessible to everyone or almost everyone so we are
going to keep scrolling and here we have #Istanbullife and that has about half a
million entries, so that already sounds more promising. And if we look through
the images here we have 200 likes, 230, 203, ok 1500, but most of them hover
around 200. And some have as few as 48 likes which already sounds quite
manageable. So if you’re able to get as few as let’s say
200 if we’re being generous then you would definitely show up in this hashtag.
We’re obviously not gonna be looking for 30 hashtags today because ain’t nobody
got time for that! And honestly you do not want to watch my
face for like two hours just frantically scrolling through Instagram. But there is
one thing I should say – my hashtag research takes me in ages.
It takes me up to an hour if I’m really going for it or if I’m looking for
hashtags I hadn’t looked for previously. So it is quite an undertaking but
honestly it is the way I was able to grow my account to 85,000 followers
in two years. I mean it’s really really really helped me step up my game. So I
would highly recommend this strategy and as with pretty much everything in life
you get what you put in. So if you put in the time I can promise you that it will
really skyrocket your account’s growth. So without further ado let’s keep searching. So when it comes to location specific hashtags, there are two really great ways
of finding them. You can look for IG and then insert destination or Igers and
then insert destination. Most big cities and even most smaller cities tend to
have those accounts and they don’t necessarily need to have those accounts
for them to have the hashtag. So that is a really good one to search for. Similarly love and then insert destination name tends to work really
well. Now, I understand not all of you have accounts in the travel space. But
this is just an example of a great way to look for hashtags wherever you go.
So let’s look now at #igersistanbul. We have it right here, when it loads. And
here is another great tip – look at all the hashtags that show up at the top as
related hashtags because these are the kinds of hashtags that tend to be used
very often and tend to be quite high quality hashtags. And here is what I mean
by high quality hashtags. Let me give you two examples of a hashtag that is
absolutely rubbish and not high quality at all. One of them is #follow4follow
and the other is #like4like. So it might be tempting to use those hashtags
because you think, well, I am at least gonna get a follower out of it. Well
spoiler alert – a) you are not because people aren’t as nice as you may think
they are and they’re not going to do it but b) if you do get a follower out of it
I am 99.9% sure that they will be a spammer and they will not be relevant
to whatever it is you’re doing. Being spammy and just playing some dodgy games
is never going to benefit you in the long run. So just absolutely forget about
it, forget about it. So #igersistanbul by looking through
the hashtag, you will need around 150 likes to show up. Which again might be
quite manageable for most of you so that’s really exciting and then if we
look through the results at the top you’ve got #igersturkey, #ig_turkey, #allshotsurkey. These are all really high quality, really great
hashtags. And the best kind of hashtag is one that is linked to an account that
features other people’s images. So for example I think #allshotsturkey is
linked to on such account. I’m not a hundred percent sure but that is really
the best kind of hashtag. Which brings me to the second category that I used in my
personal photo, which is female travel hashtags. There are so many incredible
repost accounts – I’m gonna give one of them a shout-out.
It’s called @dametraveler. So we’ll go to people, @dametraveler. It’s got 400,000
followers, it’s a huge account and if we just look through the images you’ve got
eight thousand, nine thousand, twelve almost thirteen thousand on their images. And if you get featured by them that is going to be hugely hugely benefit your
account. Obviously the most important thing here is high quality images. If you
don’t have high quality images nobody in the world is going to repost you. So it
always comes back to your content and its quality. But these hashtags can
really really help you skyrocket your growth if you’re already producing
really high quality content. So we’ve already found some really good hashtags
but we’ve only really used one strategy which is looking through tags. And this
is probably the best and most commonly used strategy but it’s not the only one. The
second one is a little sneaky but I don’t think it’s really a
problem. Let’s open up my account again because I have nothing to hide and let’s
look at my latest picture, which is a beautiful beautiful Street in Manchester
which I visited recently. So here we have all the hashtags that I used and you can
see there about 30 of them and they are related to the UK to Manchester and to
female travel as per usual. That is the kind of hashtag that I use on most of my
images. So if you go through them and you’re in a similar niche, you can
already begin taking notes and trying to figure out which of the hashtags I use
would be relevant to you. You don’t just blindly want to copy all of them because
a) that would be a little bit sneaky but b) more importantly they will not all be
relevant to you. What you do want to do is go through them one by one. Again, it
takes a lot of time but you want to go through them one by one and figure out
which ones might apply to your pictures. And what you want to be focusing on
again it’s the top posts. Belgium? Sorry, I’m getting a call. I literally just got
the best news and the news is that I am gonna be spending five freaking months
in Africa next year. Oh my god! Okay, let me compose myself. Hashtags, hashtags!
Obviously these are not the only ways in which you can search for hashtags. You
can also just simply Google them or you can use dedicated websites. But in my
experience the websites I’ve seen just tend to list the biggest hashtags. So for
example they will use like #love or #planet. Nobody uses #planet I
don’t know where I came up with that. But you get the gist, right?
They list really big hashtags that are not gonna be attainable for you or for
me or for most people, aside from like Kim Kardashian. Kim, if you’re watching
this you keep doing you. So yeah these are really the top ways that I use to
look for my hashtags. But there’s one more thing you should definitely pay
attention to and that is geotagging. Geotagging is really underestimated in its
power to get you to a new audience. I think it’s a really great way not only if you’re travel bloggers like me, but if you’re literally
anyone. Because most people still take their pictures outside of their home and
they showcase places somewhere in their city or just anywhere. Restaurants if
you’re a food blogger, you know things like that. Geotagging your location is
really important. I’m sorry, I am literally so excited about this Africa
news that I am finding it so difficult to stay focused. But that’s
fine, we’ll get to, we’ll get to the end of this video I think. Once you’ve
used 30 hashtags and geotagged your image all you can do is wait. And then
try and go back to every single one of your hashtags and see if you ended up in
the top post. So this is something that again requires a lot of time, yada yada. I
know it’s annoying, but it really works! Over time you will develop this arsenal
of hashtags that really really work for you and keep bringing you new followers.
That is something I’ve done and that is something you should do if you’re
serious about growing your account. Alright ladies and gents. That is kind of
it from me today. I really hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you did,
again, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more
Instagram advice. I normally do travel videos but you guys have been really
enjoying these Instagram ones so I will keep putting them out as long as you
guys keep watching them. If you have a video that you’d like to see, like how I
edit my pictures or anything of the sort, comment below and let me know. And I
promise that I will eventually get to it. Thank you for watching, for putting up
with my obnoxious excitement and I hope to see you again next Friday which is
when I put out new videos!

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