Instagram for Etsy Sellers (Free Etsy Shop Marketing Tips)
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Instagram for Etsy Sellers (Free Etsy Shop Marketing Tips)

Instagram can bring you tons of extra sales to your Etsy shop. So let’s talk about what’s up Etsy sellers my name is Dave and welcome back to my channel if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing and do new videos all the time on Etsy success so in this video I want to talk about Etsy using Instagram to bring more sales to your Etsy shop and go over some basics as a Instagram user as well as a Etsy shop owner so first I want to explain how the Etsy or the Instagram algorithm works because a lot of people you know have seen a lot of engagement drop recently the beginning of the year and continuing throughout the year Instagram recently changed their algorithm to weight it more towards engagement so back in the day Instagram used to show you posts in a chronological order which was great or it could be bad depending on how you look at it but now it’s showing you posts based on the most engaged posts so that’s why you may see a post from like two days ago show up number one at yourfeet it’s because tons of people are engaging with it and a lot of people are commenting and liking on it so how it works is when you post a photo Instagram shows that post to a percentage of your followers and based off of the engagement on that one post it will be shown to another percentage of your followers so let’s say you make a post and it’s a really great photo and you prompt people to comment on it and like it or even tagged some friends tons of people are liking tons of people are commenting and Instagram sees that all of that engagement and then shows it to even more of your following then it happens again and it snowballs that’s how big posts turn to big posts if you post just like a photo of your product sitting on your kitchen table bad lighting bad everything bad caption barely any hashtags right this isn’t gonna get a lot of engagement people aren’t gonna see that and be like that is so awesome on your kitchen table looks great you know that’s not that’s not going to get a lot of engagement and therefore won’t be shown to a lot of your followers so this is how the Instagram algorithm works nowadays it’s all based off of engagement so that’s why you see a lot of people prompting to get someone to comment on their posts or tag friends etc same goes for Facebook so that’s why you see that tactic across all platforms tag a friend etc so the main thing to keep in mind here is to post really captivating photos the highest quality you can really good lighting if you’re posting photos of your products or if your reposting you know make sure it’s something that’s been engaged with on whatever page your poultry posting it from and that’s how you can get more likes and comments on the post to be shown to more of your followers right so the next thing I want to talk about when it comes to using Instagram for your Etsy shop is keeping in mind that it’s a social media website in the past I used to think that it was just another opportunity to push my products on everyone who follows me so we post product after product after product after product nothing but products and we would just be pushing and pushing it so hard it wasn’t until we realized that Instagram is a social media platform so you need to be social on it you need to engage with your community you don’t post photos of your products non-stop for example some brands out there like the biggest brands we all know of some of their Instagram accounts don’t post a single product which is mind-blowing to most of us but they’re just there to have a presence on Instagram you know about the the brand already so they’re just there to have a social presence so keep this in mind don’t non-stop post your photos and push your photos because your followers will get sick of that you want to create a wide variety so I always use handmade soap as a huge example so let’s say you sell handmade so you have an Instagram for handmade soap right you’re not gonna post a photo of yourself every single day and just say hey go by myself hey go hey go by myself people will definitely get sick of that you get unfollowed you probably won’t get many followers to begin with so what you can do is post cool photos of like fields of the herbs that are in your soap rate a really captivating post maybe a repost from another page that has a really cool photo of some lavender or something really cool lavender fields and stuff if you have lavender soap so you can post things that are within your niche that get a lot of engagement to make people like your product more like wow wow that’s lavender lavender is so beautiful I know the smell of it is also good oh yeah these people sell lavender soap great I’m gonna go buy some so you get the point keep it a social presence rather than a marketing and well it’s all marketing but rather than like a sour I like to call a sour approach you know if you’re just always posting your products so those are my first two tips in this video series this is part one there will be a few after this so be sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications also check the link in the description below for my Instagram Etsy on steroids playbook everything I’ve used myself to you know leverage my Etsy shop to sell way more things within Etsy and bring more people from outside of Etsy the book is in the description if you sign up for my email list you get a coupon code immediately so be sure to check the description and watch out for the next video have a beautiful day everybody peace out you

13 thoughts on “Instagram for Etsy Sellers (Free Etsy Shop Marketing Tips)

  1. I started an instagram for my etsy a couple of months ago and I have had a few sales (that I know of) I recently got to 1000 followers and I'm stuck around there, I'm working to push it forward from there but ultimately I enjoy seeing other people's work as well.

  2. Good info but I was having a problem with low audio. Other Youtube videos I tried played fine. I ended up using closed caption to follow along.

  3. I see where people have their Etsy link in their stories.. how do you do that? I have it in my bio but would love to know how to do it directly from story or post to my shop if possible ~ Thanks

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